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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. listen2themusic
    I use Gizmo (mainly on my tablet) to control JRiver in my main system from my chair - works awesome! You can also use Gizmo to control wireless streaming to other areas in your house via a tablet or smartphone as well.
  2. Skolar311

    Interesting, I'm going to have to check that one out. I've been looking for alternatives.
  3. AxelDaemon
    The Magni is 115v only?  I'm currently living in the Philippines and found out about this amp.  I looked around and came across this answer on Schiit's Magni FAQ page.
    "Only that this amp is designed exclusively for direct sale in the US market. We don’t have 230V-compatible wall warts on tap for all the different plug types around the world. We only sell a 115V version for the USA."
    I'm not sure if amps fall as electrically "sensitive" equipment.  But has anyone ordered this amp from outside the US and used it with an adapter to change the output voltage to 110+V and it worked without any problems even long term?
  4. Mahdi8

    As far as i know A step down down transformer should work fine. Alternatively you could always get a 230v to 16vac adaptor from your local electrical shop
  5. peter123
    I've used mine here in Norway, with a cheap step down transformer, since early January without any problem.
  6. Entreri
    Received my MM stack this morning! They sound incredible, been listening to them for a few hours. It's my first amp/DAC, so I don't really have anything to compare them to, besides using the HD650 unamped. The difference is remarkable. So much more body behind the sound, everything is improved. Bass is fuller, vocals are brought forward with elegance and loving the tiny details that I'm hearing for the first time.
    Just wanted to quickly say, Mark at Electromod (UK authorised supplier of Schiit) was incredibly helpful. He answered all my questions promptly and everything went seamlessly. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy Schiit from the UK, and I'll definitely look to them again if I were to upgrade in the future (hopefully not too soon!).
    Also, thanks to everyone on Head-Fi who answered my nooby questions, and even the ones that indirectly helped me! The forums are so comprehensive and full of friendly members willing to help, I could find most of my answers through just reading other people's threads.
    SO HAPPS. Peace out [​IMG]
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  7. Byronb
    Awesome Entreri, hope you enjoy many hours of happiness with the stack, I know I have!!!
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  8. Tuco1965
    Congrats and enjoy the music!  [​IMG]
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  9. AxelDaemon
    Sweet, thanks for the clarification guys.  Few weeks from now gonna order this. [​IMG]
  10. grandmike
    Hi guys ,
    Apart from what is quoted I also saw some others that have this question as well including myself. For me I would prefer the 230V to 16Vac but 1 thing I am not sure is the male plug size that is going into the amp . do they have specific size ?
    Anyone mind to chip in here ? give some examples maybe? I have tried to contact schiit but they are not much help by saying they are not in the position to advice .... which is disappointing [​IMG]
    I do not prefer step down as they are kind of like an additional equipment and can be quite annoying .
  11. ReNnxz
    If you get the stack from your Local Schiit distributors, they should have provided you with a step-down transformer. 
    I'm based in Singapore, Got the Stack with a free transformer from my local distributor some times back.
  12. grandmike


    Thanks for the info, mind telling me where to get and how much are they going for in SG ?
  13. ReNnxz
    You can find the distributor in schiit's webpage. They are $320 sgd.
  14. willmax

    Amazing headphone+amp/dac combo right there [​IMG]
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  15. tdockweiler
    I don't know how or why, but this amp does sound kind of thin and bright, but only slightly. I have no clue how it could be kind of bright since it measures flat and is supposedly just as transparent as the O2 (or so they say).
    I haven't listened to this thing in weeks. The last thing I used it with was 2-3 different full sized CD players. I was listening to some Jpop with the 65th Anniversary and Magni and wanted to rip them off and fling them due to really harsh recordings.
    I switched to the Headroom Micro and it was so smooth and just perfect. Both measuring flat and both transparent, so I don't know what's going on. All the harsh tracks on the Micro were still harsh/bad but a lot more bearable to listen to.
    So I think I'd prefer the Magni with something like an HD-650 or a warmer sounding headphone. The 65th is kind of warm, but not as much as the HD-650 etc. It doesn't sound that warm on the Magni really. This is weird since the Micro I have isn't warm at all. The Fiio E9 is actually warmer.
    Maybe the Magni (or sources) are just ultra revealing of crap recordings and all their nasty peaks, but highly unlikely. The Micro is certainly not colored.
    Nobody finds the Magni fatiguing with the SR-325is or a DT-990? I did try to make sure to try many different sources. I made sure none of them were too warm or colored.
    Hmm, maybe it's just not so good with the K702 65th Anniversary. Bad synergy maybe. It's not that bad really, but I prefer the Fiio E9 for the Q701/65th.
    I think overall I still prefer the E9 despite not being as transparent.
    I bet the Magni would be best with a slightly warm sounding source. I like how it sounds with my old Sony S380 Blu-Ray player. Uses an AKM DAC chipset, but doesn't really sound much like the Modi. It sounds pretty warm somehow.
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