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Schiit Lyr/Woo Audio 3 with DT880/600

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by wynton5364, Dec 28, 2011.
  1. wynton5364
    Hi everyone, 
    I am looking for an amp for my DT880/600ohm.
    I've been searching forums for answer for days and even tried these amps out.
    But I still don't have a solid answer.

    Lyr has a clearer sound for orchestral works. The treble, mid and bass seem lined-up well.
    I don't hear particularly any range. Different instruments sound separated.
    However the sound quality is not totally pleasant, it's a bit sharp, not so smooth.
    They change the RCA cables for me, and that worked.
    Apparently Lyr's sound can be changed easily. 
    Lyr is very powerful, drives the 600ohm cans easily.
    (In addition the salesclerk kindly let me try out Audio Value RKV MK2 headphone amp, it totally blew me away. It's phenomenal, and so is the price.)

    The WA3 sounds good as well, especially with guitar solo. It has much fuller and warmer sound.
    The tone quality is much better. Sound stage is not as good as expected. It sounds hollow when listening to
    orchestral works. Perhaps it's emphasized in any frequency range? I don't know. WA3 is not nearly powerful as Lyr.
    I have to turn the knob more than 3/4 of its range to sound loud. I had listened to WA3 for 5 minutes. I am not sure if I have mistaken WA3's capacity for orchestral works and clarity and power.
    (In addition I tried WA6Se. It does not sound good with my cans.)

    Both amps are good. I just can't make up my mind, so I start this thread, see if I can get further suggestion. 
  2. hodgjy
    I ran the Woo 3 with DT880s for some time.  The paring was nice, but I liked how the DT990s sounded better.  But, I did think the 880s sounded very good for what they are on the Woo 3.  I think the Woo 3 brought out the best in the 880s (but in the end, I just didn't like the 880s as much as the 990s).  The Woo 3 gave the mid tones some nice bloom and made the trebles lean to the sweet side.  It was a nice pairing.  The DT880s and DT990s love tubes.
  3. wynton5364
    Thanks for reply, 

    Do you use dt880/600ohm?
    I owned a dt990/250ohm, it certainly had a superior sound.
    I am considering dt990/600ohm after I purchase an amp.
  4. hodgjy
    I had the 880 250 ohm and I currently have the 990 600 ohm.  The 990s are the much better headphone for my preferences.  The 880 was very neutral to my ears, but also had a tendency to be dry and suck some of the life out of my music (mainly rock).  The 990s put more meat on the bones and the songs come more to life.
  5. wynton5364
    Thanks for reply,
    This is very helpful.
  6. Dubstep Girl
    my dt 990s pair really well with the WA6SE. i have the sophia rectifier upgrade and use raytheon 6ew7s which have a smooth high end to them.
    gives the dt 990s the warmth they need to sound their best. love it.
  7. Dubstep Girl
    ive had my eyess on the lyr for quite some time now, but i have more than enough right now lol. 
  8. Chris J
    Have you tried out any solid state amps?
    My DT880s sound good with a Matrix M Stage.
    Or are you only looking at tube amps?
  9. wynton5364
    Thanks, Dubstep Girl and Chris J
    WA6SE with DT880/600ohm did not sound good at least to my ears. The combination sounds rigid, not so lively. WA3 sounds more soft and bouncing with my cans. And WA6SE is absolutely not within my budget...
    Unfortunately Matrix M Stage is not available from local shops, I wound have to order one without audition. Solid state amp is fine. It's just that I only found these two possible solution within the price range. 
  10. hodgjy
    Yep, my 880 250 ohms came to life on my WA3.  It's not that the 880s are bad cans, in fact, they are great cans.  They just didn't fit my listening preference very well, which the 990s do a much better job at satisfying.  In the end, if you're an 880 lover, then you can't do much better than the WA3 in the $500 range.

  11. Dubstep Girl


    perhaps because the high impedance works better with the WA3 since it is an OTL amp.
    waiting to get my dt 990 back myself to try with my WA2. 
  12. wynton5364
    Thanks again, hodgjy and Dubstep Girl
    Well I have the answer now since Woo Audio is getting so much credit and it does sound good to me too.
    And now I want to get 990s again.
  13. cifani090

    And the WA6...[​IMG]
  14. hodgjy
    That's on my long-term wish list as well, although I do dread the thought of rolling $150+ rectifier tubes!


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