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Schiit Lyr with extra tubes

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  1. Timestretch
    For Sale
    Purchased 1 month ago from another head-fi member. As described in this classified: 
    I will post a few photos of my own when I get home For now please see photos in the link above. This Lyr's condition is admirable.  I am selling because I am prioritizing other things with my money and my other amplification is sufficient to handle headphone needs without owning a Lyr. 
    If you buy this, you shall receive all of the following: 
    Schiit Lyr
    power cable
    assortment of Sylvania, RCA and GE tubes  
    short RCA interconnects for attaching to your DAC
    The Lyr is excellent for powering high-end headphones, especially planar magnetic headphones like the Audeze/Hifiman products. 
    $350 USD, I will handle shipping and paypal fee if it's shipped within Continental USA. If you want me to ship out of USA, we can negotiate that.    
  2. seqasim
  3. RootsRockReggae
    Do you get the 15 tubes that were included in the previous sale?
  4. MattTCG
    PM at 8:30 EST...
  5. Timestretch
    Thanks for all PMs, 
    This item is sold. 
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