Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers
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Well my tubes showed up and I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I should have worried more about what tubes I'm getting because I'm unsatisfied with what I ordered. I'm pretty sure I got the Amperex 6922, JAN Orange label, US and they're no good for the type of music I listen to. Vocals and bass are very muddy but the guitars are so crystal sharp. Oh well, they'll suffice for the time being, I think I might go for the Amperex white PQ, or go back to Orange Globes. 
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  Less than an hour, I should have specified that. Burn in did cross my mind, they are NOS but I wanted to get my initial impression out.  

Big +1 on giving them at least 50 hours.  Just leave the Lyr running.  I'm routinely running mine for days when burning in "new" tubes.
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Unfortunately, the picture is too poor to make out the production code, so you will have to wait until they arrive and you can examine them up close. However, the ad says the code is "D35"  So "D" might equal Hamburg, "3" might equal 1963, and the "5" might actually a letter, A - L, perhaps "G" for the month? 
On the other hand, since the type code for PCC88 = "DJ", perhaps the "J" is smeared and it looks like a "3"?  And the "5" could be the change code? But still, my guess is Hamburg, 1963. When you get them, see if you can make out both lines of the production code and let us know what you see.

My bad, 188's, typo, Delta2E3, Delta2E1. 
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  To remove tubes from the LYR, NO PACKING TAPE, RUBBER GLOVES. PACKING TAPE LEAVES RESIDUE. 1000X SILLY I am done saying the same thing numerous times, Radioking59, got a CLUE???? 

hi there,
i still using stock tube for my lyr, i still cant find rolling tube in my town :) still searching
i was wondering, why dont use rubber gloves?
yes, packing tape leaves residue, but rubber gloves will never leave, right?
just wondering why :)
thank you

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