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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. Wes S
    Hey all,

    Can anyone share their thoughts on how the Holland E88CC d getter, compare to the Holland ECC88 d getter? TK, I know you have them listed next to each other in your rankings, and I am curious on how they differ.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. TK16
    Both are fantastic. The E88CC d getter is the perfect balance between warmth and detail. The ECC88 is warmer.
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  3. Wes S
    Perfect! That is what I thought and was hoping for. Thanks bro! The ECC88, is just right as far as warmth goes, so I guess I am good, and don't need the E88CC.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
  4. TK16
    Your good with Heerlen tubes, as good as E88CC d getters are, I find the long plate Heerlen 7316, ECC82 bests any other Heerlen D. Getter and PW included.
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  5. Wes S
    Nice! I just took delivery of another 7316 long plate d getter yesterday, as a backup, so I am set.:o2smile: It really is amazing how resolving yet smooth, the 7316 long plate is! The vocals are incredible, and the bass is the best I have heard. I would love to own, a pair of PW's, but just can't shell out $500, for a pair.
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  6. kolkoo
    Nice try bro I'm not even tempted! :triportsad:

    Edit: Saving money for ZMF Verite Closed on my hunt for work headphone nirvana, might release some nice deals on premium tubaz soon, then again might not as it's too much work :frowning2:
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
    TK16 and Wes S like this.
  7. Wes S
    I am interested in some tubes, if you decide to sell any. :o2smile: I too, am trying to save up for a Verite, but can never pass up a deal on good tubes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  8. gimmeheadroom
    I tried to post but when I didn't include links to empty tube boxes on the 'bay some of the guys gave me a talking-to :p

    I won't make *that* mistake again! :D
  9. Wes S
    Good one!
  10. TK16
    If you have a single Hamburg PCC88 PW 1957, I'd be interested in buying. No rush bro take your time.
  11. jb77
    Hi all hope everyone is doing well, I have not posted for quite a while as my health condition has been really bad.
    I did however want to let anyone who might be interested know that Tubemonger is have a 10% off Fall Sale.

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  12. Wes S
    Sorry to hear about your health, brother! I hope you get to feeling better soon!
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  13. jb77
    Thanks Wes, I appreciate that!
    Also to everyone who liked the post.
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  14. bcowen
    Sorry too about the health. Hope you're on the mend?
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  15. TK16
    Even if I liked it and unliked it?

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