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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. AuditoryCanvas
    Off topic, but I'm about to sell a load of photography gear if anyone is interested. Just sold all the studio lighting, but about to sell the camera (canon 5D mkiv), and a load of lenses (Canon L, and others), as well as a load of accessories. PM me if you're interested.
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  2. Dawgfish
    Actually while I tend to agree with you on GE signal tubes (I do like the GE 5751 Triple Mica Black Plates), The GE 6550 is one of, if not my favorite power tube in the KT88/6550 family. The bass is superb. Bass players who use tube amps go gaga over the GE 6550 and for good reason. They make excellent power tubes for hifi applications though some find the highs to be slightly relaxed. They are perfect to me.

    I've got a LYR 2 on the way to power my Argon MK2s. Fortunately I've got a stash of 6DJ8 tubes (Ediswans 6922s, US Navy Amperex 6922 gold pins, Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8s, Amperex Orange Globe 6922s (large halo getters), Amperex A-Frame 6DJ8s, Mullard Large Halo Getter 6922s, Tungsram 7DJ8s, Tesla Military Gold Pin 6922s, EI Gold Pin 6922s, Matsushita 6DJ8s, etc) since one of my preamps uses these. I also have quite a few 12AX7s (especially Triple Mica Black Plate RCA, Sylvanias, Ratytheon, and GE 5751s which I prefer to use when using a 12AX7 type tube), 12AU7s (including lots of 5814s), and 5670s (including matched pairs of Bendix Red Bank 6385s). Reading these posts about using an adapter to run the 12A*7 family of tubes or 5670s has me very intrigued. For those of y'all who have tried this, do y'all prefer running the 12A*7 family or 5670 family of tubes over the 6dj8 types in the LYR 2?
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  3. mattrudy80
    There are certain 5670s that hold up (for me those are: 1980s GE JAN-5670W, WE 2C51, Tung Sol 2C51, 1965 GE, labelled Motorola 5670), I also have a few 6C8G and 6SL7 that I like, that being said, good 12A*7s just do everything slightly better.
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  4. koover
    I’d recommend like many others in this thread, the older the better. Anything early 60’s and most in the 50’s are what you’d want to go after if funds permit. I haven’t heard a tube yet from the 80’s and later that hold up against anything that’s older.....even GE’s.
    The only exception I’ve found is the current production model Gold Lions.
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  5. TK16
    Found out over the years that 50`s tubes are the way to go, be it 6922, 2C51, 6N3P, 12AT7, 12AU7. They will the vast majority of the time be better than their later year versions of the same tube, most I have and have sold have been 50`s tubes.
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  6. Dawgfish
    i have found the same thing to be true for tubes, usually the older the better. Most of my tubes are from the 60s, but I do have some from the 50s and even a few Hytron 5654s with January 1945 dates on them. They are sweet! That's good to hear about the 12A*7 family being the way to go on the Lyr 2 as they are the signal tubes I have the most of. My usual go to when using a tube form this family are late 50s, early 60s RCA Triple Mica Black Plates with bent square getters. Of course these things are equipment dependent but I usually start with the RCA 5751 TM BP and go from there. Looks like I'll be getting some 6DJ8 to 12A*7 adaptors! LoL!
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  7. TK16
    Just got my second pair of 59 Heerlen D-getter 7316. This pair tests NOS on my tester as is the first pair. Both pair no noise or micro on an LP. He has another pair here still. Just started the burn in.
    Somebody asked if these are bass heavy I think, before full burn in? Not on my equipment which probably matters as much as ears.
    Gumby with a LP with AOF cans with Black dragon cable running full balanced. These tubes have a sweet warmth to them with a detailed high end. Along with being very 3 dimensional, the have depth, big soundstage, very good detail and separation. You would have to go Telefunken or Siemens to beat this tube in detail and separation. Very well worth the money sending an offer at a lower price than the opening bid. IMO of course.
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  8. AuditoryCanvas
    Just be sure to stay within the heater current limits of the Lyr 2 at 415ma. Some 12a*7 variants exceed it when running at 6v.
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  9. bcowen
    You got the one with the hard-to-see diamond from Bangy Bang, right?

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  10. TK16
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
  11. bcowen
    Pot. Kettle. Black.
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  12. Dawgfish
    Looking at the plate structure and other markings on the tube (not the bold Amperex and Bugle Boy Logo), those look like GE or Sylavania US made tubes to me.
  13. TK16
    That was posted as a joke bro, I gave 3 hints to them not being BB tubes, made in the USA, fake looking logo and Bugle Boy printed on the box. Hope nobody here buys them.
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  14. Dawgfish
    10-4 that flew right over my head! LOL! Yeah it was pretty obvious they were not Amperex Holland tubes. Pretty sure they're GEs
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  15. TK16
    Never looked at the construction if they are GE @bcowen will snag these up, he jokes around on the forum that they suck just to steer everybody away from his dirty little secret. Can provide redacted PM's as proof.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
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