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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. AuditoryCanvas
    Even more important because it's AC not DC, it's always cycling from the wall, through the equipment, and back to the wall.
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  2. fotomeow
    Word (is that still a slang term these days? :wink:

    If I live in a big city on the 11th floor, my electricity is dirty as helk. As AC pointed out, and what many don't know is that dirty electricity is put BACK into the grid by everyone connected to it. That is what we are up against boys.
    If I live in a single family home in the subarbs, I have cleaner AC, though Im still not off the hook.

    Thats why PS Audio has been making power conditioners for 20 years ,and also DC regenerators the last 10-15 years or so. eg. the P5 takes the AC and completely regenerates it into DC so you have perfect sine waves.

    Even a simple plug in conditioner is useful: Shunyata and others. Just plug into the same wall receptacle as your power strip, and its effects work on all the cords plugged into that power strip. Power strip, hhhmmm. Sounds like the nickname for a "dancing girl" lol. Or at least the one I would hire :sweat_smile:
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  3. fotomeow
    Well put bc, its basic plumbing, no? Crap in = Crap out.
    Love the carbon edition! for the stock-car driver in your family! (or the Fonz) :laughing:

    Better yet, all these things; power cords, conditioners, audiophile re-crap-ticles, are available for 50-70% of msrp on Agon, USAudiomart, etc.
    Ive never paid full price for any of the above products. Why pay full price? PCs/power cords don't wear out.
    If I buy a used $200 PC for 1/2 price, Im essentially getting twice the product at that price.

    And then when I sell the PC for the same amount that I paid for it?
    Ive lost nuttin'.
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  4. bcowen
    "Lovingly Pre-Owned" is definitely the way to go on power conditioners and cords. Or hand-me-downs. The Schiit stack is suffering with a pair of antiquated Hydra 2's (one for the DAC / EITR and the other for the Lyr / Loki that were donated by the big rig when it got a Shunyata Venom. I have to keep the two systems separated or all I hear is a bunch of schiit about the other system being dad's favorite. Spoiled audio gear.... . :unamused:

    Hydra Stack.jpg
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  5. TK16
    Been listening to 2 hours of vintage Rush with the fraudulent Indian Tele ECC801S in the Lyr2 and some D-getter 6CC41 Tesla in my dac. The Tele`s are quite engaging with a very full sound. Not thin sounding at all like in the MJ2. Everything else suffers some like, detail, separation, SS etc vs the the MJ2. Vocal are very up front. Got about 82 hours on em now. Do not recommend these for the MJ2, but other amps yeah. Probably around 8th place or so in my top 22 list using a Lyr2, using an MJ2 the don`t make the cut.
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  6. TK16
    Any recommendations on power conditioners? Just upgraded my power cables, please keep it under $80,000 @bcowen !
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  7. jb77
    TK is right I forgot to specify for the Blackburn’s get the ECC82’s these:

    Mullard Blackburn ECC82 long plate square getter UK B- factory code
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  8. bcowen
    Under $80k? Oh, that's easy. Here you go:


    Seriously, I've always been partial to Shunyata's stuff after the first Hydra hit my system many years ago. But there are many (many) other offerings out there that are excellent as well (PS Audio, Synergistic Research, etc etc). It all comes down to two things: 1) how much you want to spend, and 2) whether youre looking for a true conditioner or just a good, high quality outlet strip or box to plug multiple components into.

    Something like this with a Venom Defender plugged in get you a long way down the path without spending a fortune. I'm sure others will chime in with equally effective solutions too....



    Venom Defender (retail...lots cheaper used if you can find one):

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  9. jb77
    Think you mean Lost Wages from people buying his shiit! Lol
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  10. jb77
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  11. fotomeow
    these little jobbies from ifi are great bang for buck. they also have conditioners for desktop/laptop systems.

    And Schiit of course: the Schiit Eitr! yeeaahhh!:poop:

    I like Blue Circle products, I've never owned these, but have seen at others home and trade shoes.

    Fuses are one of the latest crazes in the 2 channel world. When you start shelling out hundreds of dollars for fuses, then we've reached new territory .... and that is exactly where we are

    Panamax, Monster and Furman are fine, but I wouldn't spend my hard earned money on them.
    Others will disagree. Thats cool.

    Solid brand, solid piece: Isotek

    Some of these look good, but now since they are blending power cables/PCs with conditioners, or "filters" in this case, you kind of wonder what you are getting.

    This is actually a pretty good price for an Adept product, who used to trend on the front covers of Audio mags, but really do have some good products.

    Shunyata is a solid brand, pretty much anything of theirs used. Like bc, I have an old Hydra 2 (2 outlets), made a good 10 years ago, but still holds its own. Great for front end cleaning, and feeding your source the juice

    Ive bought a some Triode Wire Labs cables (Indep Owner, PA) with good effect. Pete makes a cable specifically for the front end sources, digital gear, like DACs, CDPs, Network systems, etc. I had a digital etch with my SimAudio CDP, but with his cable, the edge went away. Cables generally portray the ++ aspects of tube audio qualities. eg. huge soundstage, natural timbres and with good PRAT.

    A variety available really:

    I got the Shunyata defender for $100, 1/2 price. The PS Audio Harvsters are supposed to be good, and can use multiples in the room for a cumulative effect.

    Same deal with AudioADvisor. They and MusicDirect always have stuff on clearance/sale. Those Pangrea's are good too the Quattro and the octet

    And all those links and stuff are just a sample. I see the snake oil out there, but when I really DO hear a difference, I don't mind trying the product.
    IMO, there can be a very good cumulative effect from all the cleaners, conditioners, vibe control, etc that help a system along, but only up to a certain price and value point.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  12. bcowen
    Very likely. I have no personal experience with the Tripplite offerings in audio applications. I have one of their UPS units on my main computer, but never tried it in the audio rig. Many of the conditioners designed for computers, TV's, cable boxes, etc. aren't the best choice for audio gear as they can constrict dynamics and dull the sound. Can't say whether this particular unit would or not. My best personal recommendation though would be to look for a unit that was designed specifically for high end audio applications. They can get pricey, but don't have to be in order to do a decent job.

    For just a good power distribution box with some noise filtering this is a really good choice. Doesn't condition at the level of the pricier stuff, but is well made and a good way to get solid connections on whatever you plug into it. Plus you can get one really nice AC cord with a standard IEC termination to plug into it, and everything else plugged in will benefit from that cord.


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  13. jb77
    Thank you for the info! I’ll check those out as well for the Tripp light I actually ordered that yesterday and it should be here tomorrow so I’ll let you know what I think as I have been using “line conditioners” for sever years though not sure if you can call Monster Power centers line conditioners, I have the old school HTS 5000 from when it was new I have the HTS 2500 from new the HTS 1600 from new and a Panamax unit as well for my home theater components!
    But I got the Tripp light for the voltage regulation. Also since I have never had voltage regulators before what are your thoughts on having the HTS 1600 plugged into the Tripp light? Not sure about this as the Tripp light is also a surge protector and iirc your not supposed to plug a surge protector into another surge protector. Thoughts on this?
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  14. bcowen
    ROFL!! I remember reading about the fuses when I ventured back into the land of audio lunacy after a 10-year hiatus. When I took my sabbatical $30k interconnects and $50k speaker cables were all the rage. Guess everybody bought all those up during that 10 years so now it was time for something different (but equally stupid): $100 fuses. What? Fools and their money. But even after all that time I was still me somehow, so a Synergistic Black fuse was soon incoming. Damnit. And in short order all my big rig components had SR Black fuses in them. :smirk: Haven't tried the Blues, and I'll probably not sleep well tonight imagining what I'm missing. LOL!
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  15. bcowen
    Can't really offer anything to help with that question, sorry. I wouldn't do it myself, but can't provide any valid electrical reason why.
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