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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. AuditoryCanvas
    Toying with the idea of selling my 539c if that’s something that interests you?
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  2. mattrudy80
    Probably a bit out of my price range, I'd like to keep it under $500... Was considering a B&K 747 due to ease of calibration.
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  3. OldSkool
    FWIW, I contacted our seller in India (Sam) and informed him that I received a pair of TFK ECC801S with seams on the top and would like them to be replaced with the correct tubes, as pictured in the eBay auction. I’m hoping he is an honorable guy. Stay tuned.
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  4. TK16
    Tell him he forgot to print 1 tube on pair 19. If he printed these himself, I would not call him an honest dude. TBH the construction matches on mine, but I would not of bought from him knowing all this in advance. They are much sweeter sounding in the Lyr2 vs the MJ2.
  5. kolkoo
    Tube life is behind you then?
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  6. TK16
    I believe so, I got dibs on his Holy Grails at 1/10 the original purchase price.
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  7. OldSkool
    TK, maybe we just need to trade pairs. That way, you would be getting paint on both tubes.

    Say, you don’t mind seeing some seams on top, do ya? :D
  8. TK16
    Sorry got to pass on that, I personally never saw a Tele with 4 seams on top. You might want to hold onto them, they might be 1 of a kind. Though the resale value on our tubes are probably hindered by the no paint on my single and the permanent paint on others. They looked like they been through the dish washer multiple times to wash the tubes. All this would probably lower the resale value. Don`t think it would matter that much imo that they have the same construction. Would like to borrow that stamp to reprint my E188CC as their paint is totally gone now. You might get something worse back bro if sending those back. Maybe a refund or keep what you have if they sound the same as your others?

    Do all your ECC801S light up real well in the dark, almost like the WE 396A`s?

    He has a bunch of lower testing ones in the ad.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
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  9. OldSkool
    Was j/k about the trade. No paint on one tube would bug me also.

    No sure on tube glow, I will make a point to notice tonight.
  10. TK16
    Knew you were kidding bro, if you offered me a pair of the GE A2900 in trade, I would of known you were serious. Wonder if there would be interest here IF an when I decided to sell?
  11. billerb1
    TK my 2 pairs of genuine (apparently kolkoo, AC and me are the only ones on the planet who own them) Telefunken ECC801S's just light up normally...not bright, not dim.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  12. TK16
    Listening to a pair I have not listened to in quite some time. 58 pair of authentic :o2smile: 58 Heerlen 6922 D-getters, some sweet tubes there!
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  13. OldSkool
    I’m trying to join the club, Bill. I have one really good pair and now 2 pairs with issues (missing diamond, seams on top) but if I can find one more good pair as backups...I’m done, man. DONE.
  14. mattrudy80
    These 7316's are legit. Take a 6201 Hamburg, a 6201 Mircham, draw a line down the middle, add depth, width, detail and a teaspoonful of fun, and there you have it. This could've been end-game, but between this, the 7062's, a taste of Mullard squares and curiosity of what's around the corner that isn't the case. Lol. Next up a pair of 6211's from AC.
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  15. TK16
    My second pair of D getter 7316 just shipped out, fantastic tubes!
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