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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. jb77
    Decided to give the Pangera’s a try!
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  2. koover
    With all this hub bub, I’m gonna have to nab a pair of these tellie’s. I gotta join in on the fun.
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  3. OldSkool
    @AC My research is suggesting TFK and Siemens borrowed inventory from each other during material shortages. Is it even feasible to think I may have TFK "innards" inside a seamed S&H glass envelope?

    BTW, still burning in but it sounds very, very close to my other 801's.
  4. OldSkool
    Not your fault, bro. They ARE killer tubes.

    I'm the one that got suspicious and starting throwing rocks at the hornets nest.
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  5. billerb1
    Just havin' fun JC.
    Enjoy. Maybe their "gloriousness" can only be truly heard through a Woo.
    Although Guidostrunk is a big fan...but he switches amps so often I'm not sure exactly what he's using now.
    But I know it's not a Woo Audio.
  6. mattrudy80
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  7. TK16
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  8. mattrudy80
    Lol. BAAAART...
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  9. bcowen
    If you find the wire gauge is a bit too thin, round things out with this. Unfortunately, no Prime shipping. :stuck_out_tongue:


    Actually I prefer to make my own power cords. Some good Furutech connectors and either Neotech NEP or Oyaide Black Mamba bulk cable beat the pants off of most commercial cables you can buy for less than $1k. Added benefit is you can make them the exact length needed so no snake pile of cords tangled around everything.
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  10. TK16
    MJ2 owners who think the Tele ECC801S is an painful listen or to think they are too thin sounding, me included. I dusted off my Lyr2, missing the little feet it's like they had feet and walked away. Although it is a big downgrade in SQ but not awful by any means. Threw these tubes in and they are a pleasure to listen to. In the MJ2 they are unlistenable after about 1/2 hour for me. Going to burn these in in the Lyr2. In the right amp these suckers are very good. Need to do more listening and try different cans tomorrow.
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  11. bcowen
    1) It's an emission-only tester (not gM)
    2) Needs a new power cord
    3) Needs a couple knobs
    4) Very limited information on tube data. Introduced in 1954 it may lack info on more modern tubes like 6922's and such, and settings for those may be hard to find. Check first that you can find settings for all the tubes you may want to test (same goes for any vintage tester).
    5) Limited (possibly no) info on parts or calibration procedures.

    Other than that it's fine.

    (hint: it's cheap for a reason)
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  12. jb77
    Lol it’s a bargain at only $53,200 +$8.94 shipping grab a dozen or so lol :money_mouth:
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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  13. TK16
    Pass unless free shipping.
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  14. jb77
    That sounds really cool for your DIY power cords! Do you have any pictures of them? Interesting thought for yourself, not sure $ involved or time for that matter but I bet you would have people here willing to buy some from you! If you ever decided to do that as a hobby depending on time involved!

    Thought this deserved its own post!
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  15. mattrudy80
    Its testing limitations turn me off. Lol. No issue fixing or rebuilding, if I can find a deal...

    Anyone selling a tester in this forum?
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