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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. jb77
    You sure??? I thought you tested the tester not the tubes! You just need to tubes to power the tester! .........
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  2. TK16
    Yeah you might be right, I`d be interested in all those adapter tubes you have that are noisy in the LP Gm reading vs the non noisy like 6N3P 3x for example. From what I have seen in the LP, the noisy tubes were lower testing tubes.
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  3. jb77
    Curious about that as well! Will let know
  4. bcowen

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  5. TK16
    Ha, can't let stuff like that go, though @jb77 is a bud of mine and I'm 67% sure he knew I was kidding.
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  6. billerb1
    I've basically unloaded most of the riff-raff and here's what remained:
    1. Telefunken ECC801S (by a large margin...magic)
    2. GEC A2900 (triple micas)
    3. Telefunken E188CC
    4. Foton 6N3p (triple micas)
    5. Valvo Heerlen 7L4 D-getters
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  7. fotomeow
    Ya, and I took the “scraps” off his hands!!
    Thx man, worked for me. :blush:

    And I also notice you and Auditory Canvas have the GEC A2900 on your top 3.
    That kinda says something .... what do you like about her? :relaxed:
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  8. billerb1
    Haha, I'm certainly not saying the tubes on my list are the best tubes. They just seem to suit my ears and my gear. A lot of the tubes I've sold are on many peoples' HG lists.
    The Tele ECC801S just have everything I'm looking for. A lot of people describe the Teles as being somewhat lean and lacking punch. Just the opposite on my system. Beautifully pure, rich tonality. Crystalline. Incredibly layered soundstage with impeccable separation. Just great stuff to me.
    The GEC A2900's have kind of a legendary status for the 12AT7 variants. Many say nothing comes close in comparison. They come in a earlier vintage triple mica and a later double mica. I had both...sold the double micas to Auditory Canvas. I noticed no difference between the double and triples but the triples are very hard to find and command a big price tag. They are BADASS tubes. Higher gain from what I understand than standard 12AT7's. VERY powerful (bordering on too powerful). Very revealing. To me though their tone was not quite as well-rounded and pulsating as the Teles...but I could see many people preferring them. Reminded me of a souped-up Valvo Hamburg PW 6201 if that gives you a frame of reference.
    Here are a couple things I read about the GEC's before I bought my first pair:

    1. With the Gec A2900s in my VTL, the musical presentation relinquishes all compromises. The entire frequency range is in my opinion, exactly the way it should be heard. With this level of perfection one experiences a more profound insight and a greater emotional connection to the recorded event. The Gec A2900s in my system provide a level of realism I have never experienced before and has given me a whole new perspective with regard to "Enjoy the Music". In addition, this tube's high gain allows you to feel more of the music. The Sound stage is widened in all dimensions and with the heightened detail, provides the most realistic sense of the venue of the recorded event I have ever experienced.

    In conclusion, the Gec A2900s are simply incredible. In my opinion, the Gec A2900s are unequivocally the best 12AT7s in the world. They take total control of your Power tubes ( I'm using Ge 6550a tubes ) which provides you greater headroom and output performance which is why I highly recommend the A2900s in the signal tube driver position of your amp. They demonstrate an unbelievably musical, balanced, dead quiet, smooth, and detailed presentation. They take the highly accurate signal from my E81CC's and impart a musical warmth that is undeniably "MAGICAL". The German Siemens & Halske E81CC's accuracy combined with British Gec A2900's musicality deliver the consummate Resolution I've inexorably been trying to achieve since I've been in high-end audio. Inserting Sound Design Labs' Reference AE Joule Case Power Conditioner in your system is the only way it gets any better than this!!!!

    2. In my ever so humble opinion ;~)) The absolute, hands down, best 12AT7 (nothing even comes close, no 6201, no anything!) is the GEC A2900; or the military version, the CV6091. They come in a few variations, and I've heard them all. Maybe there are differences, but they are so far ahead of whatever is in second place, it really doesn't matter! They come with 2 or 3 micas, blackplates only, regular or 17mm longplates, pan, square, or halo getters. Pre and post 1970's. The only common/consistent thing about them is their performance and their price: both off the charts; with the former being the reason for the latter ;--) I started collecting them when they were about $85/matched pair on eBay. Now they are hard to find (with good measurements) for much less than $250/pair, whether new (1980's) or vintage (pre 1960's.) I wish I could tell you how I originally stumbled upon them, but that story is lost . . . . . One of the most worthwhile spots for these tubes in a piece of audio equipment, is as drivers for high-performance power tubes (KT88's 6550's) I've used them in my McIntosh 275 to drive NOS Gold Lions, EAT's, and (currently) Shuguang Black Treasure series KT88Z's The effect is a bit like adding octane-booster to your gas ;--) Although you won't realize quite as much improvement with lower transconductance KT88's (like the Russian Gold Lion reissues, Pentas, Electro Harmonix, Svetlanas, etc.) These GEC tubes have so much gain, while being absolutely smooth and quiet, that I'm looking for a tube phonoamp that uses them just to have my mind blown! ;--)

    Edit: Maybe AC could weigh in on the GEC A2900's. He is the Ernest Hemingway of tube description.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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  9. fotomeow
    Wow! pretty high praise. High gain AND dead quiet???! On my radar now, dammit.
    Glad they say they also work well in PreAmps (I could try them in my Calypso).
    The details remind me of the Siemens CCa’s that TK sold me, but the a2900s seem to have a touch of warmth that the CCa’s don’t seem to have.

    The reporter also said, “. The German Siemens & Halske E81CC's accuracy combined with British Gec A2900's musicality deliver the consummate Resolution I've inexorably been trying to achieve”.

    Well, I guess I’m 1/2 way there, since I have some Siemens E81CCs being mailed to me right now.
    They are a 3% matched quad (6500-6200mA), triple mica.

    I also want to try the quad in my phono-stage ( Manley Chinook).

  10. jb77

    Think this is almost funny coincidence as I was going to post impressions today, my tubes that arrived yesterday are these I got a pair of the GEC CV6091/A2900, 1964, Black Plates, D Getter, has the original boxes as well! Everything @billerb1 said about theses tubes is true and is what I am hearing as well, they are phenomenal tubes!!! Easily take my number one spot! Have not heard the Telefunken ECC801S yet.

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  11. fotomeow
    Ah, ya bastard! LOL :robot:.:grin:
    Will look forward to a nice fat write up from ya
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  12. jb77
    Lol yea I will do a write up on these after burn in

    Heck I like these so much that I bid on another pair that I found last night

    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  13. AuditoryCanvas
    Awesome, just making sure you didn’t have that disappointing moment when it arrived and you realized it needed adapters, because their site is far from straightforward about explaining it.
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  14. AuditoryCanvas
    They are incredible tubes, I do however still put the PW Valvo triple mica 6201 above them. The 6201 has more separation and dimension to my ears and in my rig, though I appreciate that isn’t for everyone, and some prefer a touch more cohesion - if I’m listening solely to music or studio work then I prefer the 6201, if I’m listening to music while working then I prefer the A2900s.
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  15. jb77
    Thank you I appreciate that! The company was really nice and fast about answering any questions I had, hopefully it was a good purchase and a good tester, I will post impressions on this tester after I receive it.
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