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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. TK16
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  2. fotomeow
    Thx buddy, will get to know her real well
  3. fotomeow
    Looks like your tubes lean warm overall?
    Is this for all your amps collectively (Lyr, LP, Mj2, Gustard) )?
    And primarily with your LCD2s? Or mixed use of your HP harem?
  4. fotomeow
    Mamma Mia!! It’s Italian!
    Cool, interesting design, portable
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  5. TK16
    That's not it, posted that as a joke.
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  6. TK16
    I just use 2 amps, MJ2 and LP, Lyr 2 gets no use anymore or the Gustard. Gustard H10 is SS amp. I use all my cans, but the AFO and LCD2C get the most usage. Lot of those tubes are on the warm side.
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  7. mattrudy80
    Top 21

    1. 1963 Amperex 7062 1V3
    2. 1958 Miniwatt ECC81 Mitcham TK1 square getter
    3. Tung Sol 6C8G
    4. 1966 6201 Valvo Hamburg gold pins
    5. 1967 Valvo Mitcham 6201 gold pins
    6. 59/60 Valvo ECC82 angled getter short plate (fantastic for instrumentals)
    7. 1962 ECC82 Telefunken smooth plates
    8. Siemens VF4 12AT7
    9. RCA Meatball 6C8G
    10. 1980s JAN-5670W (Full, musical, and energetic).
    11. 1967 Foton 6n3p (Articulate and energetic. Great all around-er).
    12. 1965 Mullard ECC88
    13. WE 2C51 (A nice musical all around-er).
    14. 1960 Telefunken 12AT7 angled O getter
    15. Tung Sol 2C51 (Sweet and laid back, yet maintain separation. Good for female vocals).
    16. 1965 GE, labelled Motorola 5670 (Sweet and airy. Detailed and punchy).
    17. Philco 6C8G
    18. Zenith 6C8G (Very fun and musical. I find 6c8g to add a bit of depth to the sound stage).
    19. Sylvania 6922 gold pins
    20. Tung Sol 5691
    21. '58 Ken-Rad 6SL7 (A nice and relaxing listen).
    22. RCA clear top 12AU7A

    I have more tubes incoming and will update as I go. Most of the 12A*7 tubes are ranked after initial listen and rankings may change after burn in and familiarization.
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  8. fotomeow
    A joke? Well, keep working on those then ... :yum::black_joker:

    B/c 1) it is Italian! (Mamma Mia! ) :pizza:
    2) it DOES have a cool/interesting design, and focuses only on the 3 big families of ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, which is what many audio ppl use, and to roll,
    3), it’s portable, runs off batteries, no plug ins, so when you are tube hunting, you can test em first instead of gambling.:battery::baggage_claim::slot_machine:
    4) it’s only $200!
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  9. jb77
    Very true, really wanted to try the ZMF Aeolus, however @TK16 is correct a tube tester is very important! So I purchased a tube tester and will wait a while longer for a new set of cans
  10. mattrudy80
    Has there already been tube tester recommendations in this thread at some point?
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  11. jb77
    LMAO! :ksc75smile: Okay okay!!! My new tube tester is the MaxiPreamp II http://www.maximatcher.com/maxipreamp.html
    I was looking for a digital tester of course the Amplitrex at1000 is first to mind however I don’t have nearly $3,000 to spend on a tester so after searching and considering other testers such as the Hitchcock 752 etc. upon further searching I found this tester, its digital 1/3 the cost of the Amplitrex and tests they primarily types of tubes I have 12**7 family w/o adapters and others with adapters, also you can have 4 tubes at the same time 1 tube for testing while the other 3 warm up (obviously let all the tubes warm up before testing) this is what this tester can and can not test. This is a direct quote from there website on the FAQ page:
    The Maxi-Preamp measures Gain, Transconductance, and Noise (dB) in signal tubes. It has LED indicators on the front panel showing whether a tube under test is operating or not, and then also displays on the LCD screen an exact measurement of the currently selected test function. If the LED is lit red instead of green, this indicates a failure or shorted tube. The Maxi-Preamp does not have an emission test - this is often a dangerous test to make on a tube, depending on how it is done, and we don't feel it has that much value. The best test you can make of a tube is for Transconductance, which is a measure of how well the tube amplifies signal, how strong it is and/or gassy it might be. The higher the number, the stronger a tube is generally. You may measure Gain (multiplication factor) correctly, and it may have low noise, but the tube is not very strong, which is what Transconductance is. This is why we suggest measuring for this factor, as it is a dynamic measurement which mimics the way a tube is actually used in amplifier.”

    Will post a review of this tester once I receive it and test it out, hopefully it’s a good tester and I will like it!

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  12. jb77
    Yes there has been recommendations, just trying to remember where in this thread! I copied a small amount of the information(when I was originally reading through the thread) and pasted it to notes, I don’t remember which members posted this information but here is what I copied for my notes, thank you to whichever members posted this information!

    539C overpriced? Depends on what you're comparing it to. It's half the price of an Amplitrex AT-1000. The 539B is more similar to the C than different. I just picked one up in very nice condition for $600 and tuning it up now. The 752 / 752A is a great tester. My favorite because I'm lazy and it tests the 2nd triode of a twin-triode tube with the press of a button. I've had one for 20 years and it's still my main tester. But you'll pay as much as a 539B for one in good condition, and the 539B and C are more robust machines.


    Triplett 3444 (or Weston 981...same machine). Pricier than the 539C, but a very capable machine.

    Heathkit TT1 or TT1-A. Circuitry is a direct copy of the Triplett. Big downside is they were only sold as kits so the construction quality is dependent on the skills of whoever put it together. A poor man's 3444 that go for as little as $325 and most are in very good shape cosmetically. The risk is finding a rat's nest of crap inside after Joe "I have a soldering iron" guy got through with it.

    B&K 747 or 747B -- B&K's tube testing flagship, fully solid state, and usually go in the $400 - $500 price range. Most are in decent shape.”
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  13. jb77
    @mattrudy80 for the above post if I find the pages I’ll let you know
  14. jb77
    @mattrudy80 found some of the recommendations for tube testers starts on Page 1340 post 20093 and goes through the next page.
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  15. mattrudy80

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