Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

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  1. TK16
    Think I was, do not remember the specifics, but the specifics will haunt me the rest of my life.
  2. billerb1
    I spoke to our union rep. TK has attained “dead man walking” status.
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  3. Autostart
    I would love to see a picture of youalls Saturday night tube rolling adventures. I know mine starts out nice a neat with only 2 or 3 sets of tubes taken out, but by the end Schiit is just EVERYWHERE!!!! I have a picture but honestly it's quite embarrassing. Lol
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  4. Phantaminum
    That’s what I do on my weekends after a few chores and activities. Pour a glass of whiskey, settle in, and start to tube roll. I just like to hear the differences between tubes.

    The worse part is when I had a bit too much of the good stuff, wake up the next morning, and my desk reminds me of kids leaving their box of legos out. Tubes everywhere.
  5. AuditoryCanvas
    Do you wear a smoking jacket?
  6. Phantaminum
    Only when I’m channeling my inner Hugh Hefner. :wink:
  7. TK16
    Careful with drinking and rolling tubes bro! Oh no need to remind ya, I remember everything!
  8. TK16
    Thanks bro or mate since you said "bloody".
    I will mix and match the 4 tubes, funny you mentioned glow, my favorite pair of WE's has 1 tube that has less glow out of all the tubes I tried. It is a 47 I think, it is used but tested good according to the seller. The 49 I bought new and untested glows like the rest of them WE's. Damn bright.
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  9. Phantaminum
    That poor pinched waist Amperex deserved better. :pensive:
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  10. bcowen
    I have to get through listening to all these first, then I'll clean up. Wait...I don't have a Lyr. What am I doing here? Who are you guys? I know I got off at the Vali stop....:sweat:

  11. AuditoryCanvas
    @Wes S I should note that the plate current readings are usually more reflective of the glow strength rather than gm reading.

    It's definitely not a reliable indicator on it's own, but if you're on the fence about a difference and you have the test results and there's a difference in the glow too, then it might confirm your suspicion of which is which. Bear in mind the glow on both triodes in the tube, not just one of them.

    I have a number of tubes where the glow strength matches the plate current strength on one of my testers, I have one pair where the first triode is strong and the second triode weak, and vice versa on another tube, and the glow on each triode correlate, and similarly I have a good few perfect match tubes across all triodes where the glow is equal, but I do have some random ones where they don't seem to correlate.
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  12. Wes S
    Thanks for the info AuditoryCanvas!
  13. ThurstonX

    I just like the Ei box so prominently displayed. Ajde!! :wink:
  14. TK16
  15. koover

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