Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

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  1. AuditoryCanvas
    Labels look worn, and they state “cosmetic imperfections” in the description. If I was a betting man...

    The batch of 100 NOS I got a few weeks ago had about 20% of them below minimum, which is to be expected given how long these things have sat in storage in unknown conditions.

    Even when they do state a batch is NOS, it’s unlikely they tested all of them, by NOS they can mean that they were from an unused batch from a stock pile, doesn’t mean they’ll necessarilly all test 100%.

    The low ones work in an amp, but sound rough, so anyone that hadn’t heard that type before would possibly just think they were schiit, and stay away from that type of tube.

    Some of them also had shorts, so without a tester, you also risk trashing your amp.
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  2. AuditoryCanvas
    I’d be happy to test tubes for anyone if they want to ship them to me. I’d rather do that than see someone trash an expensive amp with a shorted tube.

    I’d recommend at least having a basic emissions tester just to test for bad, shorted, or gassy tubes if you’re going to buy cheap batches.
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  3. AuditoryCanvas
    The batch I bought stated NOS, and looked fine. So you never really know. They replied saying they weren’t tested and came from a stock pile of NOS. They said they’d sold a lot and never had any problems so we’re surprised that I had so many bad ones.

    That was quite alarming, and suggests that most people buying them don’t have a tester, and just think that because they state NOS, they must be fine.

    If you don’t have a tester, I’d suggest asking the seller if they’re actually tested, even if it’s just for shorts.
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  4. TK16
    Stopped buying 6N23P a long time ago. The ones I had were slightly noisy to very noisy. Was surprised with getting NOS 6N3-P tubes straight pins no grime etc. IMO better and much cheaper than the 6N23P tubes.
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  5. rnros
    Great price. If they sound good, it's a big win. Hard to find good prices on the better 6F8Gs, not to mention the TS round plates.
    Gotta love the Lyr1 for the rolling options!
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  6. AuditoryCanvas
    Yeah, 6n3p generally fare better on ebay, because they're not so common.

    Getting a tester was a revelation for me. I tested all the batches and pairs of tubes I'd bought in the past, and quickly knew what sellers to stay away from, and what ones were hopefully reliable/honest.

    Pairs, generally fared well, and it was rare that any of them were bad, or past minimum. The only time this differed was all the 6n23ps I bought - of 8 pairs I had bought in the past, only one pair was NOS.

    Batches were different - smaller batches that had been stated NOS, mostly were, but even then, there's a lot of variance in the test results, so matching them wasn't as easy as Id have expected. most 6n3p batches were 80-100% good tubes, with a few shorted tubes, and some below minimum. Same for 6n3p, PCC88, and a few other types.

    Again, the only time that varied was with 6n23p batches, of 9 batches, one batch was solid, the rest were a very mixed bag, some of them were outright shocking.
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  7. Phantaminum
    Really cool of you to do this bro. Rock on! :metal:

    I found a replacement for the Amperex 6922 PW tube I broke in my drunken rage. And by rage I mean tepid rolling shenanigans.

    Looks like a pinched waist tube at half life and comes out to $35 for each tube. I'm crossing my fingers that the PW isn't microphonic or transforms me into the hulk when rolling.
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  8. rnros
    I do like the '40s Raytheon VT-231, but paid much more than a hundred. Have to admit, though, wasn't searching long or hard for a great price.
    Nice tube.
  9. Autostart
    Speaking of..... your LM Ericsson 2C51 should arrive tomorrow per tracking. I hope the weather doesn't slow things down for you because everything I've ordered in the past 20 days is being delayed.

    I'm still looking for an amp and would prefer a tube amp but something I had a revelation this past week. I have been a huge fan of Planar magnetic headphones. Audeze is particular. I went the LCD-2 route; wood and alum. I love the sound so much I bought the next LCD up which is the LCD-X a couple months ago and was the best choice I've made. The X really opens up the soundstage and sub bass is unreal. I've been working a lot but have managed to log about 10- 15 hrs on these with no sign of upgratis issues. That was until I saw a nice pair of HD800's for sale. I just don't know what to say. Both are sooooooo very good, but very different in their own ways. The LCD-X, to me anyways, have the same detail retrieval but with a beautiful lush warmth and added sub bass as to where the HD800 are a bit hollow but make up for that in the mid range. Sure, the bass is lighter and doesn't hit or shake your head like the LCD-X but at lower volume is the clear winner for me.

    Now that I have been using the HD800's along side the X's im not sure if my amp requirement are the same. With a Lyr2 / MJ2 do just as well for me? I know my old MJ2 with either TS 2C51 or E88CC Valvo gold pins paired so well and would be hard to beat. The real question is.... will the MJ2 pair well with the HD800 and their delicate nature.

    Right now I'm using Audio - GD R2R - 11 which is no slouch and to be quite honest is doing 85% - 90% of what the MJ2 did. Of course we all know that last 10% - 15% is the most expensive.
  10. koover
    Have you tried the 6N3P-I yet? Pretty good and dirt cheap too. Maybe a bit under the quality of the E, but not much to these ears.
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  11. TK16
    Do not have the HD800 but I do have the HD700 which can be bright with certain tubes, throw WE 396A or Tung-Sol 2C51 or Reflektor 6N3P-E in the MJ2 and sounds really excellent. Bought a pair of LCD2-C couple weeks ago along with a Gumby. The LCD2-C was a bargain at $599.
  12. Autostart
    I haven't had the pleasure to listen to the LCD-2C yet but already know they're great. Audeze house sound is awesome but do yourself a favor and don't pick LCD-X, 3 or 4's. They just keep getting better. When I had my LCD-2 I often thought how it could get any better than that, but it does. I have heard the LCD-X to be the best all around and most natural cans they make.

    I'll sell you my LCD-X so you can hear them yourself! :)
  13. ThurstonX
    I can definitely second this opinion about Raytheon VT-231/6SN7s. I have one pair (mixed branding, identical construction) and was really impressed during their first session (125 hours). I keep a couple on my Watchlist, and they can be had for ~$100.
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  14. rnros
    Yes to everything you and TK are saying with the 6N23Ps. Have to admit I do like them when you have a good, quiet pair. They do have a little more energy in the upper bass/low mids, but that can be appealing with the right gear and headphones, and they do have detail. But the variable quality is the thing. I know some folks have had pairs that seem to sound nothing like the good pairs I have had. With the batches I went through, 30% or more were noisy or microphonic. So while you could do better price-wise buying more than a pair, you do expect tossing at least a third of them.
    Also, the 6N23Ps have been well known as a replacement for the Euro/USA tubes for a good while, so I imagine the original NOS stocks have been depleted or picked over a long time ago. That was what was so astonishing to me with the RFL 6N3P-E, not only did I prefer the SQ over the 6N23P, but they were available in absolute, pristine, NOS condition. Amazing for a tube junkie to see true NOS tubes sealed in the original boxes, never handled by man or monkey since they were made and boxed! LOL
    Another very good Russian tube you can check out is the Reflector 6N26P, also a 9 pin tube but taller than the 6922/6N3P. I have mentioned these in the past, guess more than a year ago, but not often since these have a heater current of 600mA, or a bit more(~620?), so can be used in the Lyr1. Never had any issues using these in any amp that can handle the typical 600mA. These can also be found in true NOS condition, and if you want, in the original sealed boxes like the 6N3P-E. Usually from the '60s. Always paid about $20 each for these, pricing seems a bit lower recently, but not too many available at any given time. These also have a little more at the lower end, but overall a very good tube across the entire FR; will depend on your ear/gear/music. (Same adapter as 6N3P/2C51)
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