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Schiit Lyr or Qinpu A-6000mkll dilemma

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ying, Apr 14, 2013.
  1. ying
    Hey guys 
    I been interested in upgrading my amp from a solid state to tube amp. I am currently running an e7+e9 combo with a pair of shure 1440. I been doing research and finally listed came down to two final items, the schiit lyr and qinpu a-6000mkll. Does anyone have any suggestions, something that would suit the 1440? i know the lyr is a hybrid and the qinpu isn't? anyone have any experience with the qinpu on six moons they did a review on it, seems pretty damn good for the pricing. 
  2. hodgjy
    For those headphones, I wouldn't recommend either amp.  If you want the Schiit line, consider the Asgard 2.  
  3. ying
    You mean a tube amp won't match up with the shure 1440? 
  4. hodgjy
    The Lyr is overkill for those headphones, and the Qinpu is a speaker amp that had the ability to drive headphones, which is also overkill.
  5. ying
    but by overkill you mean it won't sound as good? because i am planning to use these amps for other headphones in the future which would require more power to drive.
  6. hodgjy
    By overkill, I mean the Shure headphones are easy to drive and are not as influenced by amps as much as other headphones.  But, if you want to get more power hungry headphones in the future, then that's another story.  

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