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Schiit Lyr mk1 with 4 tubes [SOLD]

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  1. eugenius
    For Sale or Trade
    I recently got a Lyr to see if it's for me and it isn't. My headphones don't need warmth and I also don't have any orthodynamic headphones that need the power.
    It comes with 4 tubes (jj e88cc and a pair of russian 6h1n-bn tubes). The JJ's have more midrange emphasis and looser bass, the russian tubes have tight bass and more clarity, I like them better with my headphones.
    It's in good shape physically, no marks. At my house it had a very small amount of transformer hum (probably DC in the mains power since I had this problem with a speaker power amplifier as well and it was intermittent then too). I have an all fanless computer / desk setup and I'm very anal about noise, I don't know if you would even perceive it if I didn't tell you about it, and it rarely appears. I don't know if it's a coincidence but I've only heard it with the JJ tubes.
    It's usable with both Grado HF2 and Sennheiser HD600/HD250. It has some noise when you get the pot towards maximum volume but by that time your ears are bleeding, so no perceived background noise during headphone use. I guess that how it goes with tubes and huge power.
    I will trade it for: M&D MH40 gunmetal + 50€,  headroom ultra micro amp without psu +50€, gilmore lite v2 without psu + 100€. I will also trade it with no difference for a Valhalla2 with good input tubes.
    Payment by PayPal, fees and shipping on the buyer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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