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Schiit Lyr - Mint Condition, Toronto/Canadian buyers preferred

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by k_19, Mar 12, 2013.
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  1. K_19
    For Sale
    Hey all,
    Selling my Schiit Lyr headphone amp in great condition. I'm selling it as I've decided to go a different route when it comes to amping the LCD-2's.
    I ordered these two weeks ago and received it 3 days ago, and other than the fingerprints and bit of a sticker stain on the bottom (which you won't see obviously, and easy to get rid of via goo-gone if you really want it off), the unit is mint. The tubes are stock and have no more than 5 hours of play on them.  I have the original box, packing materials for both the amp and the tubes. Will come with a power cord as well.
    I'm letting this go for $360 shipped within Canada, $340 local here in Toronto. I can easily return this to Schiit and get a refund minus the 5% restocking fee, but after considering the restocking fee and the shipping price (and even then, I'm taking a bit of a hit here due to being dinged with customs), I figured I might as well let it go to someone here in Canada for much cheaper price (saving on duty custom fees and all that).  These retail for near $500 after taxes here for new in Canada and these are close.  I'm not necessarily against shipping it to the States and I can, but after considering the increased shipping fees and possible custom fees and all that, I figure that it's probably not worth the trouble on your end.
    Do PM me for inquiries. Thanks.
  2. funkthumb
    In London Ontario but no money until. . . Damn!
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