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Schiit Lyr/Bifrost stack with Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88 Gray Shield 1960s tubes

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  1. wakeride74
    For Sale
    ** Sale Pending **
    Up for sale is a fantastic combo of the Schiit Lyr with the coveted Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88 Gray Shield 1960s tubes and the Schiit Bifrost (non-USB). I've been using this combo for about a year with the LCD-2, LCD-3, DT880, and HD800 and it has never failed to impress with any of these headphones with any music I've thrown at it. If purchased together I will toss in some custom IC's and an optical cable for free. Asking $750 for the stack with $20 for shipping CONUS. If I separate the stack the Lyr with the Lorenz tubes will be $450 plus $10 for shipping and the Bifrost will be $300 plus $10 for shipping.
    The Lyr only comes with the Lorenz tubes, the stock tubes were sold when I heard these. If you care to see my comments on them you can take a look at this post. I don't have an hour count for tube use but I have been the only owner and they have been perfect. Both the amp and dac are in perfect condition with no sings of wear.
  2. J Bones
    PM sent!
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