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Schiit Lyr 3 Tube rolling thread.....

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  1. Wildcatsare1
    Thanks, part of the rebuilding of my legs, improved mobility I hope.
  2. mourip
    Has anyone tried a 7N7 with loctal adapter? I am using these in my MicroZotl v2 and they sound much better to me than the other 6SN7 variants that I have tried, including a number of those mentioned above.

    They are also inexpensive. The adapters are easily available on eBay.
  3. Wildcatsare1
    I don’t recall any posts on the 7N7, would love to read about your experience!
  4. mourip
    The 7N7 is the precursor to the 6SN7 and is electrically equivalent although its maximum voltage limitation might be lower than some. It uses a loctal base so it needs an adapter which will mean that you need some headroom. It looks like the Lyr has a nice opening that should accommodate it. I have seen the 7N7 mentioned in other threads here.

    I use it's 12v version(14N7) in my Linear Tube Audio MicroZotl v2 and once I wake up more I will post the other 6SN7 versions that I preferred it over. I also use it in my aging Single Power Extreme which is currently mostly desk art :)

    The most you will pay will probably be $20.

    (Be sure not to get the 7F7 as that is a 6SL7 and has a LOT more gain...)

    Let us know if you try it out!

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  5. chef8489
    Has anyone tried the modern coke bottle 6sn7 or 6ln7 tube?
  6. Motocrossman24
    I haven’t heard anything about them in the lyr but saw some reviews when used with the Freya and most were underwhelming...imo, if your gunna spend 80-100$ on a tube, buy yourself one of the recommended vintage nos tubes...but don’t buy anything till you hear them amp as it comes...while I did tweak the sound sig to my preferences with some nos tubes...if I had heard the amp before I bought tubes I’d be about 400$ richer at the moment...it sounds amazing out of the box.
  7. chef8489
    I have 4 nos octal tubes from my vali 2 i can play with plus the two that will come with the Lyr 3. If i really feel like it i can get a 6f8g adapter.
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  8. mourip
    If you get a 6f8g adapter try to get one with a shielded cap wire. When I used to use a 6f8g and adapter with my SinglePower Extreme it was very susceptible to picking up noise from my desk lamp.

    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  9. Wes S
    I am going to make a prediction based on my findings with my Lyr 3. . .KenRad VT-231 (staggered plates) is going to be the favorite tube of many. This tube does so many things right. The impact of the bass is the first thing of note, and will be the tube for the bassheads (me included). Next is the midrange, that is smooth without being to far back. The top end is extended with just a touch of air. This tube is slightly dark, but still has really good detail and is very euphonic. You can feel the music, and it is very engaging and fun. The soundstage is wide, and the overall imaging and impact is big and powerful, like live music. This is a fun tube and I think it will work well with a bunch of different headphones. My number 2 is the RCA VT-231 (grey glass, mica snubbers, 1940's). This tube has more mid bass, than the KenRad, and almost hits as hard as the KenRad. The midrange on the RCA, is a little further back, than the KenRad, and this really creates a deep, wide holographic soundstage. This tube is warm and smooth, with great impact and weight to the notes. I love a warm signature and this tube is king! The top end of the RCA, is a bit rolled off, and it does not have the air of the KenRad, but it could be the tube for a headphone with a hot top end. These 2 tubes are it for me, and I am buildling up my stock, so I don't have to worry about finding them, in the future. Happy listening!
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  10. MattTCG
    KenRad VT-231 is my favorite. It just does so many things right.
  11. Zachik
    My Lyr3 with stock Tung Sol tube is arriving tomorrow!!
    I am wondering whether the upgrade to KenRad VT-231 is worth it?
    I understand you guys love it, but how much of a difference is it compared to the TS that comes with Lyr3?
    I never bought tubes (Lyr3 gonna be my 2nd hybrid. I got the Massdrop CTH) and I understand that reputable sources are (for KenRad VT-231) expensive!
    People keep saying the stock TS is awesome...

    Just thinking out loud here. Hoping to have some thoughts on that highly praised KenRad VT-231 vs. stock TS...
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  12. ProfFalkin
    After reading the story of a cheap ebay adaptor which had a solder bridge between pins 6 and 7, and which quickly and loudly caused the explosion of dude's headamp... I think I'll pass.

    (Unless I can find a reliably good adapter maker, that is.)
  13. MattTCG
    The stock TS is a very good tube. I would not order anything yet. Spend a month with the TS. See where you are. You may be over the moon with the stock tube. If you like the amp after a month or so, but it doesn't quite fit your preferences, THEN look to tweak the signature with a NOS tube of your choice. IMHO I'm getting approximately a 10-15% improvement with the KR over the TS. It wasn't cheap but it fit my preferences perfectly.
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  14. chef8489
    Pretty excited for my Lyr 3 arriving tomorrow. Here are the tubes I have on hand that I used with the vali 2
    1957 Sylvania 6sn7 GTB
    1958 Foton 6n8s
    1971 Refklektor 6n9s
    1956 Raytheon 6sn7 GTB
    Then I will have both tubes offered by Schiit. Anything else I should need?
  15. ProfFalkin
    Westinghouse 6SN7GTA black plates with top horseshoe getter.
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