Schiit Lyr 3 Tube rolling thread.....

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  1. ilikepooters
    I'm awaiting the 230v version to drop so wanted to get a heads up on rolling options whilst i wait around for the end of April (Why so looong Schiit?) :frowning2:

    Been a while since i had the original Lyr and rolled tubes. Is this going to be the same journey and rolling multitude of different tubes?

    Most of my rolling knowledge was lost years ago, but looking at the 6SN7 family of tubes there doesn't seem to be a lot of rolling choice out there.

    From previous Lyr 6922 family rolling threads it seemed the more rare and expensive the tube the better it sounded, so i guess the Swedish 33S30 family will be the "holy grail" tubes For the Lyr 3? (tongue firmly in cheek) :)

    Think i read on the Schiit website that 6922 family will work with an adaptor, would the following adaptor work or do we need a special $100 jobby that Schiit will come up with?

    Would be nice to get an expert opinion on which tubes can be fitted by way of adaptor and not run too far out of spec. Also see on ebay sales that ECC32's are sensibly equivalent to 6SN7 etc.

    What tubes are you guys planning to roll? :)
  2. Motocrossman24
    May be worth having a conversation with Andy at

    He has quite an inventory of 6sn7 tubes and takes great care to only sell legit and quality tubes...I personally bought a pair of sylvanias from the 60s on eBay to test out. Along with the stock Tung Sol and lisst to try for now...still waiting on my unit, purchased yesterday and didn’t ship today, prob won’t have it till atleast next week at this point. The 6sn7 seems to be quite a loved tube class with a lot of selection within I wouldn’t worry too much about options. I have no experience with adaptors and tend to be of the mind set of “use what it was designed for” so I’ll be sticking with 6sn7 for the foreseeable future...also worth noting that psvane makes high end new production 6n8s tubes, but they cost a fortune.
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  3. attmci
    The price is very high. You can do many of the things, i.e. tube cleaning, by yourself.
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  4. Motocrossman24
    The price is better then 99% of the dealers selling the same tubes elsewhere. And 3/4 of them don’t match them correctly or have nearly as good of testing equipment. You don’t have to buy the most expensive tube he offers, he’s got rca’s from the 50s for like 30-40$ where you’ll pay 70 at somewhere like tube world for something from the 70-80’s
  5. Wes S
    Currently rolling these three tubes in my Lyr 3 -

    1. Ken-Rad VT231 6SN7GT (black glass and clear glass, both with staggered plates)

    2. RCA VT231 6SN7GT (grey glass 1945, with side micas on top mica)

    3. National Union 6SN7GT (grey glass / military US NAVY 1940's)

    I will report back, after everything is burned in and I have had some more time with each tube. All I can say, at this time, is that I like all three tubes and they each have their strengths. The Lyr 3 is really making my Sony MDR -Z7's sing!
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  6. Zachik
    VERY tempted to replace my Jot with Lyr3... Your last comment regarding Z7 (which I also own) makes me want the Lyr3 even more... :angry:
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  7. winders
    Here are the tubes I will be trying:


    They are, from left to right:

    1. A real 3 hole Sylvania "Bad Boy" tube from 1953
    2. Sylvania JAN CHS 6SN7W
    3. RCA grey glass
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  8. eschell27
    So far my favorite with HD650K and LCD2C is Sylvania 3 hole BB or Raytheon VT-231, and with my HE560 is kenrad VT-231 staggered plates or RCA VT-231 grey glass.

    Let me know how the Sylvania 6sn7w goes, i have yet to hear any of them!
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  9. winders
    Yes, I now kind of regret selling all the Raytheon VT-231 tubes I had. I still have four each of the Bad Boys and 6SN7W tubes so I would guess I am in good shape for a while.
  10. eschell27
    Yeah i wouldn't worry much about it...honestly in the lyr 3 with hd650 i prefer the Sylvania's to the Raytheon... they are great tubes but they mostly pull duty in the gain stage of freya powering jot and my nearfield monitors, that's where i find them to be best.
  11. Motocrossman24
    Just ordered a Sylvania bad boy, rca grey glass from the 50s and a Tung-Sol mouse ear tube to try when the lyr come in. Got my shipping notice yesterday so will most likely see the amp in the middle of next week.
  12. Wildcatsare1
    9C63A9F9-E748-4D88-BE3C-291C4191E00E.jpeg 11EABFC7-9183-4B5E-806F-B0CC9F4E3467.jpeg Here’s my current lineup, waiting for the arrival of my Lyr 3, Tube Slueths (as stated on the Lyr 3 Thread), please chime in on their sonic signatures.
  13. quimbo
    Received a 6SN7gt Ken-Rad Tube *Flat Black Plates*1950* yesterday and prefer it over the Tung-Sol 6SN7. Music is being played while I work and I hope to hear more improvements tonight after 24 hours of use.

    Ordered a USN CHS 6SN7wgta Sylvania Tube*3-Holes per Black Plate*Strong*Mil Spec*#2 this morning to explore next week.

    2 months ago I started an obsession and have purchased 5 pairs of Vintage headphones. That obsession is now replaced by looking for vintage tubes
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  14. Motocrossman24
    Where are you guys buying your tubes from?
  15. quimbo
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