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Schiit Lyr 2

  1. spiderking31
    24DDFD29-5A0F-431C-9947-B85D131092A0.jpeg 929093EF-798F-4679-88D6-756F236B49F3.jpeg BCF581B6-8D99-4F39-BD0B-87A6E8CD4A1B.jpeg 721506D4-3944-48C3-A44F-3058D026F3CD.jpeg
    amp is for sale, as I have the Woo Audio WA3 and WA6! $180 will cover PayPal fees and shipping!! It will ship USPS ground, as this amp weighs 5 pounds, and it’s not cheap to ship!! TRUST ME!! Will ship with 6J1 driver tubes.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  2. spiderking31
    Sold! Please remove!!!!

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