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Schiit Jotunheim Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 26, 2016.
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  1. Tex Irie
    Thank you @commtrd and @the finisher for the input.
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  2. theveterans
    Transparent DAC to a neutral bright amp = bright but very resolving/quick sound. I'd always pair a warmer DAC to Jot to balance the sound. Yggdrasil might do but it won't be as warm as say Denafrips Terminator or Metrum Pavane
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  3. commtrd
    I once thought the chain must be brutally accurate to not embellish the output in any way, but now I kind of like a little added warmth to enhance the overall listening pleasure and reduce fatigue also.
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  4. PhalanxInferna
    I am having a hard time making a choice between the Jot with a DAC module vs the AAA 789 and an external dac (enog pro 2 or smsl su-8). The Jot is appealing to me being an all in one and saving on desk space and cabling.
    Although posts in this thread have also made me consider getting the amp only Jot and buying a Modi Multi.
  5. Tex Irie
    It's a pretty power Amplifier for the price and it doesn't add color to the DAC of your choice. I use it with a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital and tried it with a Schiit Bifrost Multibit. Also pairs lovely with Planar Magnetic Headphones.
  6. aisalen
    Based on my experience, internal dac for Jot is not good so I am using smsl m8 with a very good result. Upgraditis kicks-in so I sold the m8 and replace it smsl su-8, based on the result I got from the m8 I am sure that I will not be disappointed.
  7. davesa
    So I have read through this thread a bunch over break... and I have seemed to pick up some conflicting info - some threads say the multibit DAC ( or DAC cards in general ) are powered by USB. Others imply they are powered by the Jot, and you should leave it on for best performance, so the DAC is more at equilibrium.

    Which is it? Is the DAC powered by the USB connection or from the Jot?

    Thanks! My new Jot arrived today and so far I am enjoying it. Taking it to work tomorrow to show it off with a few headphones for some of the guys at work but enjoying fun audition time tonight
  8. Byronb
    According to correspondents I have had with Schiit their DAC modules do not need to be left on all the time.
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  9. rkw
    The USB interface portion of the card is powered by the USB. The DAC portion is powered by the Jot.
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  10. Hysth
    Glad to hear that, as I just ordered a Jotunheim to use with my HifiMan Arya. Should be a pretty good combo. I did get it without the DAC though, as I've read it doesn't measure too well. Can't wait to test drive it later this week!
  11. m usicguy
    I just ordered my Jotunheim. I have an Asgard 2. Which gets hot. So i stand it on its side. Does The Jotunheim benefit from standing on it side also? How Hot does it get?

  12. Cruxiaer
    Never tried standing mine on its side. Mine has a built in DAC. The case gets to around 40C with the internals around 46C. Room temperature is 27C.
  13. tempwave
    I have a jot with the balanced dac on the way today... Weather permitting. I'm a pretty big newb to the headphone game but I also have a smsl su 8. When I use the Jot at work I plan to use the internal dac. Should I use the smsl Su-8 when I use it at home? Will there be considerable difference?
  14. rkw
    The short answer is that you're in an ideal position to compare while using your own source and headphones, and decide which you like better. They use different DAC chips and it may turn out to be a matter of preference rather than one sounding obviously better than the other.
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  15. Mizicke5273
    I have a Topping D50, which some say sounds exactly like the SMSL SU-8, and the Jot w/multibit DAC. I know it is not an exact apples to apples, but I cannot honestly hear any difference between the two DACs. But that is me with my gear.
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