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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. Astral Abyss
    Yeah, USB Type C is the future.  I have it on my phone and it's just so much better.  It's the way USB should have been from the start.
  2. mattlach
    Yeah, I'm not really familiar with Colorware's process.  Details on their site are surprisingly light, but using some assumptions based on what they do state, I have gathered the following.
    1.) Simpler modifications are just skins/decals (albeit good professional ones) and thus don't require any disassembly of the product.
    2.) More complex modifications actually involve removing parts and replacing them with Colorware parts, in which case the original manufacturers warranty is voided, so they replace it with their own.
    In the case of #2 this seems like it might amount to rather expensive coach-building, especially since they do it to Apple products, like Macbook pro's.   Taking on the warranty liability for a $3,000 laptop can't be cheap, so I am guessing that they charge a premium for their services, for those who just have to have a custom look.
    I'm more of a function over form kind of guy, so the whole thing sounds kind of silly to me, but who am I to say anything about what other people spend their money on?  :p
  3. Fr8dog
    I'm good with mine too. When I opened the packaging, at first glance I wasn't sure what it was. I only have two remotes in my room. One for Saga and one for the SBT. The Harmony looks like a cool product, but would be overkill in my situation. 
  4. valiant66
    The hub uses Wifi, I believe, to pair with the remote. The hub then sends out IR commands via a blaster in the hub and a plugin cable to control anything in a cabinet.
    I have gone through dozens of remotes, and "universal" remotes in my life, and this is the closest thing I have ever found to being able to put everything but it away in a drawer.
    There is also a clunky but functional iPhone app that communicates with the hub and lets you control things from, say, the bathtub if you feel so inclined. But it's a poster child for why a dedicated remote is a far superior solution than an iOS app in most physical situations.
    The remote has a great feel in the hand, is a great size, and in my opinion is pretty much perfect with one exception: it's no longer available in white.
    I WAY prefer white remotes because you're in a blacked out room watching your home theater stuff. But a black remote on a black side table next to your black couch in the black becomes something you have to feel around for, possibly knocking your beer off said side table in the process. White remotes just show up against the black, especially in our peripheral vision, and are much more useable for it. I think everyone wants a black remote at first because they haven't thought it through, and once they're set up it's too late. Long live the white remote! Ahem. [/rant]
    Oh, yeah, to summarize: program the Schiit remote into the Harmony remote and put that Schiit into a drawer. Pull out the battery first, because it could sit in there for years before you need to use it again and you don't want it growing green fuzz and experiencing acid reflux.
  5. valiant66
    Understandable. But in mine, I have a projector, a mechanised screen, a bluray player, a cd player, an Apple TV, a Kodi box, a Plex box and a home theatre pre/pro with separate power amp. I measure my quantity of remotes in kilos, not units... :) The Harmony is a staunch replacement for them all. I have reached the limit of six devices, but they make a more expensive model that handles more items for those that need it.
  6. dmckean44

    It's no wonder there's no picture on the website.
  7. dmckean44
    My hope is the Ragnarok 2 or some future higher end pre-amp will use a bigger, better remote that will be compatible with the Saga and Freya.
  8. franzdom
    It's there, just so small you can't see it [​IMG]
  9. goozy
    I still try to push my parallel plugs in down side up, and serial plugs are terrible! RCA And PL259's are the way of the future!
  10. Smithington
    Does anyone know / could anyone tell me why schiit.eu only offer the Jotunheim with one card option - the phono stage? I'd prefer the balanced dac as an option, personally.
  11. Jason Stoddard

    Most likely because that's what they have in stock. It's best to contact them, our distributors are autonomous—as in, they decide what to carry, how to price it, how to support it, etc. They do a great job of local support, and they will certainly have no problem stocking what sells best.
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
  12. Smithington

    Thanks for taking the time to reply Jason, I appreciate it. I'll do just that.
  13. Pandahead
    Attaching the remote to a small piece of wood works just fine. I used a scrap piece of oak because it's a little heavier in your hand than pine or spruce.

    I purchased a Mjolnir 2 in August 2015 and tried it in my "2channel" set up in place of my Krell 280P. I never took it out. Krell went bye bye and fashioned a 7 foot long aluminum rod to control the volume!:joy: The Saga is just as good sonically and proper as a pre. (So is the Jotty, plus balanced but no remote and can't roll tubes) This is serious good stuff. Can't wait for Freya! Have another piece of oak all ready for that remote!

    I started with an original Lyr almost 4 years ago, learned how much fun tubes are and each piece of Schiit as it's been released has been an upgrade to the gear from other companies. Thanku Jason and Mike!
    Turdski likes this.
  14. mattlach

    Sort of like a gas station bathroom key? :p
  15. watchnerd
    When I get my Freya, I'm just going to throw the remote in a drawer as soon as I'm done using it to program my Ray:
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