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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. soundman414

    I always thought it would be a cool idea if Schiit partnered with Colorware and offered to send your newly purchased Schiit to Colorware prior to sending to you. You could pick the color you want for $XX dollars above the regular price, and even do custome schemes for $XXX price and it really wouldn't cost Schiit more and wouldn't increase SKUs
  2. mattlach

    Well, in order to color the chassis, they gave to take them apart, right?

    And there's the whole "no user serviceable parts inside" thing.

    So if they were to do individual custom colors, it would involve disassembling and reassembling the parts before shipping, which partially turns them into a job shop, and completely messes with their entire batch managed production flow.

    It's probably not as easy as it seems on the surface.
  3. TheMadMilkman
    I know it's cost-effective, and that's why they went with the small remote, but man, I will lose that thing within 15 minutes.
  4. 45longcolt
    That thing needs a keychain attachment.
    Also, the first Schiit made in China.
  5. belgiangenius
    Realistically, anyone should just add it to their Logitech Harmony and put it away in a drawer.
  6. franzdom
    Exactly, that remote totally rocks. It has completely replaced perhaps 6 other remotes in my house. 
  7. mattlach
    Except for the wall-warts for Modi/Magni/Vali
  8. mattlach

    I've always liked the Logitech Harmony, but I've always balked at its $150 price tag... It just seems extremely excessive for a remote control.
  9. franzdom

    I sort of agree, I paid $79.99 earlier this year for their minimum one, it came with hub and a nice remote and a blaster. I find it extremely worthwhile for that money. After using it and getting it set up, now that I know what it can do for me, I would not hesitate to pay $150 for it. However, it appears to be still available for a very reasonable $86.28:
  10. mattlach
    Hmm.   With that kind of ringing endorsement I may just check it out at some point.
    Is it IR only, or can it also use some of the less common (these days) remote technologies Jason describes in the Saga/Freya chapter?
  11. franzdom
    It doesn't use IR for communication to it's hub, it's some sort of bluetooth or something radio. It doesn't need line of sight. 
    It operates my new LG TV that also doesn't use IR. The IR blaster for me is for the cable box and the amplifier. And it can control almost every parameter of my Yamaha receiver, it's very amazing! Integrated now with Echo (dot) I can control tons of stuff by voice alone.
    I think what it does is send all commands to the hub then the hub sends out the appropriate commands in sequence. One button to turn on anything, Roku, amp, TV, settings for each etc. One button to turn everything off. When changing from cable box to Roku for example it will turn the cable box off.
  12. mattlach
    Sounds nice.
    I'll definitely look into this.   I could use something that could consolidate remotes in the Livingroom.   I have a HTPC running KODI with a Windows Media Center remote, the TV remote and then the ****ty Samsung soundbar (it came free with a TV I bought, otherwise I never would have picked it up).  Would nice to not always try to find where the tiny little Samsung remote is hiding every time I need a volume change :p
  13. soundman414
    Sennheiser does it with their HD800 and I haven't heard of people having issues due to Colorware's process.
  14. limelake
    I am very happy with the SAGA remote...Thanks Schiit !
  15. valiant66
    Every. Single. Time.
    I hate USB for this. Even the ports on the side of the case require leaning over to look, and it's a minimum 3-try insertion every time. Bad design.
    I don't have anything with the new reversible USB port, but I can't wait until it's the standard and I get to replace all my existing cables with something sensible.
    I survived Apple's transition from the 30-pin connector to the Lightning connector, I'm sure I'll be able to survive this.
    Yes, it will be expensive, but it will be worth it with time saved in the end.
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