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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. nedifer
    How to speed the process:
    Step one: Find where Schiit's metal fabricator's production facilities are
    Step two: Infiltrate the plant to find out when the next shipment of Freya (or insert model of choice here) metal will leave the plant for the Schiit Shack
    Step three: Arrange for a road accident leading to superficial damage of a portion of the shipment
    Step four: Wait (likely in a holding cell) for Schiit to decide to go ahead with the damaged casework (of course, in black to cover up the cosmetic damage)
    Step five: Have a relative or friend order one of the black units for you
    Step six: Do your time
    Step seven: Enjoy your black Schiit once released from government supervision/care (If your relative hasn't already succumbed to the temptation of selling it at a premium before you were released...)
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  2. franzdom
    Step seven: Enjoy your black Schiit before and after being released from government supervision/care (If your relative hasn't already succumbed to the temptation of selling it at a premium before you were released...)
  3. belgiangenius
    I prefer black Schiit, but because Yggy was largely only available in silver, I now have a silver Yggy with a black Bryston 3BSST.
    Any chance I can get a striped Freya to put in between them??  [​IMG]
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  4. mattlach

    I wonder how hard it would be to take the chassis pieces off, spray it in black, and reassemble it again.

    Can't be THAT difficult.
  5. franzdom
    Painting instead of anodizing and not being laser inscribed afterwards, it would look like schiit and not in a good way.
  6. belgiangenius
    Yeah.  Unless you are really skilled at spray painting, it would look like ass.
  7. tjl5709
    I came across a post awhile back in another Schiit product thread were someone took theirs apart and had it powder coated black.
    It looked pretty good from the pictures posted. Might want to do some searching.
    The logo's actualy came thru the powder if I remember correctly.
  8. hornytoad
    You like black because you are anal retentive! 
  9. mattlach
    IMHO, this is the way USB should have been designed from the onset.  Admittedly any format change causes disruption, and it's too bad they are first thought of it almost 20 years after the initial USB spec, but it is a clear improvement.
    Who among us has not had to lean down behind a case in a cramped spot where we can't see and tried to insert a USB plug that won't go in.   Then we flip it around and it won't go in that way either???  Then you pull the cable back out.  Look at the direction of the USB plug.   Stick a mirror or a cellphone or something back there and try to take a picture of the port, figure out the correct direction was the first way you tried, and then finally it goes in... 
    It can be a real pain, enough so that Intel actually put a joke about the "USB Superposition" in one of their official slide presentations when they first started supporting the new bidirectional standard:
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  10. Byronb
    Now that is funny!
  11. artur9

    Black electrical tape striping?  Heck, you could even make it look even more [REDACTED] that way!
  12. mattlach

    One word:


    (After covering all the holes with masking tape, of course)
  13. 45longcolt
    As I recall, the first black products (Lyr, Bifrost and one other I think) were explained as mistakes by the metal supplier. The sub had made a few boxes in the wrong finish and rather than scrapping them, Jason apparently decided to build 'em out and sell 'em. Didn't exactly set the internet on fire, IIRC. Not sure I believe that, whole exercise might have been an experiment conducted by the mad doctor Stoddard to get some hard data on the real demand for black. (I passed because I already had both and I wasn't gonna replace 'em just for the hue.)
    Another reason for my skepticism is that there have been subsequent unheralded black products, like both Rag and Ygg which I had bought first day of issue and would really have preferred carbon but had to settle for brushed tinfoil and console myself with great sound. Boo Hoo. If the asphalt boxes really were a mistake first time, you might assume Jason would have had a stern word with the supplier and that would have been that. I mean, Jason's a sterling fellow, but I venture to speculate he's not too tolerant of f***-ups.
    While I learn slowly, I do learn. So I will bide my time until the inevitable midnight Freya peeks out from behind the curtain. Then I will pounce like a starved panther - a black panther of course...
  14. mattlach

    Yep, mostly right. If you read chapter 33 of the book, it's spelled out there.

    One of the lessons learned in that chapter was apparently, that when black isn't a huge seller, it is good for touching up blemishes chassis.

    If I recall the chapter stated that you can't really touch up the stock chassis if it gets nicked, but you can use the black to cover up any damage.

    So, my assumption is that any black models that are sold after than initial mistaken run, are built up from chassis that were originally scratched or otherwise damaged, sent back out for the coating and then built up and sold as "limited edition" black parts.
  15. nedifer

    Here you go...
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