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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. valiant66
    Ha! Finally! Some Schiit marketing!
    I'm a previous customer of theirs (direct purchase, not from Amazon or Canadian distributor) so they have my email from that transaction. I must have signed up for emails, and today I got my first one - a MailChimp mailout.
    I'm not going to paste the whole thing here on the assumption I'm not alone in receiving it (unless someone asks), but Schiit has teamed up with 4ourears, Q Acoustics and Rutherford Audio to promote the Modi/Mani stack, Grado GS200E's, Q Acoustic speakers and the Thorens TD 240-2 turntable.
    Cool selection of affordable gear, eh?
    [Edit: just looked at the prices - $198 for the Schiit stack, $250 for the speakers: affordable, check. $1,400 for the speakers headphones not so much. $1,100 for the turntable seems reasonable for a table/arm/cartridge combo.]
  2. FLTWS
    Same here, kinda surprised, branching out.
  3. Mediahound
    Seems like it's normal pricing though, no sale or anything, right?
  4. nedifer
    If that's in keeping with Schiit's policy of passing on all the Black Friday nonsense, I am all for it.
    Better to let everyone enjoy the holiday with their families and friends.
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  5. ScottFree

    Schiit never does sales, that's not the Schiit way.

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  6. Argo Duck
    ^ That's right. IIRC Schiit stuff is produced at its best possible price, permanently!

    But for the true story, I'm pretty sure Jason covers Schiit's view of sales early in this thread and its book.
  7. DeeKay10
    Just saw that Saga went online on the Schiit website and while I don't really have a use for one (I'm in for the sometimes-hilarious FQAs), I couldn't help notice the icon over the Active LED looks like a condom. I know it's suppose to be a tube, but, c'mon, where's the legs?
    Also, the icon over the switch kinda reminds the symbol for Male? So... Probably coincidence, but a pretty good one.
  8. mattlach

    I wish more companies would do this.

    Sales and deals are just stupid marketers tricks to drive buzz. They hurt both the company and the consumer.

    If instead products were at a fixed fair price, everyone benefits.
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  9. JoeKickass
    Yup, and you're lucky if the pain is only figurative!
    But the stores are actually being clever, after seeing what people do to save a few bucks I will gladly pay more!
  10. FLTWS
    Amen to that!
  11. bellahsu
    That's why we call them holy Schiit. Loving it.
  12. MWSVette
    The occasional B-stock finish listings are the only Schiit discounts to be had...
  13. mattlach
    In my personal experience, whenever I have asked rhetorically "how hard could it be?", the answer has more often than not been "a lot harder than you'd think".
  14. bigro
    I don't know folks, On a Certain Auction Site There are Modi 2 Ubers Listed for $250 a Mani for $224 and a Vali 2 for $280. Sounds Like the Deal of the Century to me.
  15. mattlach
    Being in manufacturing myself, I always find myself trying to talk down outraged customers of products (not my own) in forums.   Most people just don't seem to understand how much actually goes into a product, and that even under the best of circumstances, problems are to be expected, especially with a new launch.
    The problem with being in Manufacturing (well, I'm a Quality Assurance Engineer) is that you only get noticed when something goes wrong.   If you have a miraculous stint of a year without any problems,  no one congratulates you, gives you awards or bonuses, but as soon as the unavoidable problems arise, the bean counters in management who know nothing get pissy and start pointing fingers at manufacturing for their lack of perfection.
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