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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. artur9
    I think the anti-bling stance promulgated by Schiit is finally starting.  I can only hope to one day be able to say to the high priests of high prices that, When the avalanche starts it is too late for the pebbles to vote.
    This article by Stone is what is giving me hope.  His summary:
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  2. InsanityOne
    It is true, it is all about "perceived customer value". If you buy something that you perceive as a "bargain" which outperforms (or matches the performance of) something that you perceive to be "expensive", then statistically you will continue to purchase products from that company because they offer an incredible price / performance ratio. Then, once you make your first purchase, these companies can begin focusing on things like CLV (consumer life-time value) which I'm sure is very important to a company like Schiit because I would assume that there is a high correlation between consumers that purchase a Bifrost then a Gungnir or a Valhalla then a Mjolnir, etc. All of these factors ensure a happy, healthy, and long-lived customer base which in turn leads to a long-lived company.
    I'm sure companies like Schiit which have a great history of innovation are more likely to be long-lived as well. 
    - InsanityOne [​IMG] 
  3. Oveja Negra
    I feel so inferior reading your stories, I only got electrocuted with 220 V when I was 11 years old. It was Xmas time and I plugged our tree's lights but accidentally touched one of the plug's terminals. I was grabbed by the "friendly" current for about 4 seconds. I still managed to plug the damn lights, so I ended in my back, with a heavy breathing, my heart pumping like crazy and that funny trembling in my whole body (plus my index finger hurting like hell), all of that while watching the lights going on and off.
    It was a trippy experience [​IMG]
  4. watchnerd
    This is one of the reasons why I've been using more pro gear, in addition to value-driven audiophile gear like Schiit.
  5. bigro
    I have been Lured By Jason and Mikes Evil Trap. I Can't believe I was duped this way.I never even saw it coming. Never Again. Well After I get a Freya Then I am Done. Until Maybe the Vidar Gets Released and Really I am done. Oh But the Manhattan Project....
    I believe this Correlation is True. I Guess I can be used as a Case study. I am not allergic to other companies but when I find one that offers that Price/Performance ratio without gimmicks and trickery I will look at those companies offering first when in the market for any new gear.
  6. KoshNaranek

    I have not fallen into the trap because I started with Yggdrasil. It was only then that I went to Lyr.

    Followed by Vali, Modi 2 Uber, Bimby, the Mimby and Valhalla. Saga and Freya to follow.

    You see, when you start at the top, you can stop anytime.
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  7. nedifer
    6 years old, single wire electric fence used to keep cows in their field in Denmark, circa 1969.  Never having encountered such a thing before, I walked up in wet grass and gripped the wire firmly with both hands.  Suddenly was flat on my back looking at scudding clouds in the sky wondering how I got there...
    But the worst was hanging (no safety) from a swinging aluminum light truss 90' in the air, sticking my hand into the back of a 2000 watt can in another truss 3 feet away to try to extract the lamp to figure out why it died in the middle of a Night Ranger / Y&T concert--when it delivered a powerful shock due to a short in the lamp base.  I can remember looking down in a haze to see that I was directly over the drum set and had enough presence of mind to decide that, if I lost my grip, I'd kick out to aim for the lead guitarist to break my fall.  Luckily I didn't fall, as I hate to think what the crowd would have done if I'd ended their concert in that manner...
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  8. 45longcolt

    Applauded wildly, perhaps?
    But what would you have done for an encore?
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  9. nedifer
    I doubt it.  The audience was ~7,000 people dressed for the most part in leather. 
    During the intermission when I'd been up in the trusses fixing another problem, they had led a chant of 'fall, fall, fall...' the whole time I was up there (pleasant bunch).
    As for an encore, if I'd survived, it would have been held in the emergency room.  90 feet is a long way to fall.
  10. bigro
    Ignition Coil from an Old Chevy. A Momentary Blast of a few thousand volts will wake you up. 
  11. FrivolsListener
    Or, y'know, just the opposite.
  12. InsanityOne
    Exactly! And that is how it should be. No one wants to feel "coerced" into buying products from a certain company. They want to feel justified in the purchasing choices that they make on their own terms!
    This reminds me of a quote I heard once "It's not any addiction, I can stop any time I want! I just... Don't want to stop right now!" [​IMG]
    - InsanityOne [​IMG]
  13. valiant66
    I started saving up first year in university to buy a Quad 405. I still have it. Third year I saved up for LS3/5As. I still have them. They were both out of easy reach for me, they were actually really expensive compared to contemporary gear. But at the price I saw them as a bargain, especially when amortized over decades. They've both migrated in and out of my active gear as tastes and space changed, but neither have migrated out of my possession. 
    Price versus value versus budget versus ability is a complicated equation, but I've never regretted waiting and saving to buy something I "couldn't" afford because at first glance it was too pricey. Waiting and saving up really makes you evaluate if you need it. Good quality, actual good quality that is, not personality-driven "bling", pays for itself in the end.
    Schiit's products seem to be somewhat messing with that formula, in a good way. Based on my experience with their products so far, they are a bargain at their price. And I don't have to save up as long to afford them. :wink:
  14. mattlach
    So, wait.   Are Lisa and Rina the same person?
    I am very confused.
  15. Argo Duck
    ^ Yes. As are we.
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