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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. StanD
    So non digital means?
    1. 8 Track Cartridges
    2. Tape Cassettes
    3. Reel to Reel Tape
    4. Vintage Tuners
    5. Vinyl
  2. JohnBal
    In my case, tuner would apply. I often spend a couple hours of my weekend mornings listening to old fashioned, vintage, old geezer type, classic rock radio. Strange I know. Vinyl is also in my future. So yes. That would also qualify as non digital.
  3. StanD

    Few people listen to FM these days, many stations stream over the Internet and the over the air broadcast SQ is not so good. So audiophile quality is not so important.
    Many might argue as to the SQ of Vinyl as opposed to the fun experience that some have which has an individual value.
    So I might conclude digital has a lion's share of users., hence is the driving force for the market. If one wants pure analog, it is still available but not as prevalent and priced as modern digital tech. I'm leaving Class D Amps out of this, so for me Amps are thankfully analog.
  4. JohnBal
    Oh, I absolutely agree that I'm in the minority here. No doubt. But I don't stream. I'm well aware of e prevalence of it, but it's not for me. And yes, the argument for/against the sound quality of vinyl will have to be left at that.
  5. bigro
  6. JoeKickass
    Wow that review was so glowing it makes me want to go out and get into vinyl!
    It's funny, he describes the Mani as being one of the most realistic and live-feeling phono amps of the analog world,
    that's exactly how I would describe one of our multibit DACs for the digital world.
    If I were Mike I would be blowing this up and framing it on my wall:
  7. dmckean44
    I'd like to see some of the other hyped direct sales phono preamps reviewed, like the Lounge Audio LCR III, Hagerman Bugle2, the Parks Audio Budgie and the Tavish Vintage 6SL7.
  8. StanD

    I believe this thread is for Schiit products. At least, in theory.
  9. dmckean44

    Lol, yeah. My point was comparing phono preamps that are sold at tradition retailers and are price protected to a product sold direct isn't exactly fair. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mani cost more to manufacture than what it's being compared to in those videos.
  10. Jason Stoddard

    And the point is? Other manufacturers can make exactly the same choices we do, including foregoing the dated, inefficient, and costly dealer model.
    Also, those preamps are 2.5-4.2X the cost of Mani, or 1.5x the cost and available in a single set gain.
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
  11. bigro
    That Guy Is awesome. I have been watching his videos for the past hour.
  12. belgiangenius
    Stocked up on NOS 6SN7 tubes this weekend.
    ...just need a preamp now.  [​IMG]
  13. JoeKickass
    Tomorrow's the day! Will they ship??   ohnoes.gif
  14. chipwelder
    I want to, very lightly, question the general wisdom espoused here, that spend the most money on the headphone and comparatively less on the rest of the chain. Like the same on the headphone than on the rest of the kit, or twice on the headphone than on the rest of the kit... 
    Now i am predominantly a speaker listener and I agree with this notion... at the entry and even a bit higher than entry level... My experience is that once the transducer is "good enough" the amp and source start making an appreciable, and often more enjoyable difference, is it the best potential value for money you may receive in terms of hifi schitts and giggles - if you had that self same amount of money to design a whole new system? Possibly not, but here's the rub, there are so many "headphone sound signatures" around... that they are a very personal choice... I mean to me most headphones that I have listened to are disasterously coloured devices, more than most speakers I have heard... yes, i haven't heard many higher end headphones... but i have listened to a few good entry - mid level headphones...
    So once you have found a set of headphones you like listening to, I find that improvements in the source and amp give me more of those intangibly musical benefits. The ones that make me forget about the less bass or more treble or mid suck-out... so I have heard inexpensive-ish speakers too, more even, that sound ok following the formula, and then a really good dac or turntable and amp combo make me forget about the things that speaker lacks... I am listening to the music all of a sudden... conventional wisdom would have had me choose a better speaker - which would sound a little more clearer, better bass, more hifi schitts and giggles, but may not have offered me those intangibles...
    In the here and now, i would chose whatever multibit dac I could afford and a no frills, versatile amp, that can drive a varied range of headphones... like the Asgard2 or jotunheim, and then take a careful listen - for my hearing AKG 702's sound somewhat more neutral than most and shure srh840 is good enough to listen to... The soundcard sucks the DAP is OK only once it drives an amp, the phone is so-so regardless what it drives hp or amp... the turntable driving the amp rocks -so does my hifi DAC.... all on the lowly Shures...
    So listen before you leap - investing in a good amp /dac is not the cleverest thing to do in the sea of choices to be made, but for at least a good few people it may well be more satisfying... Especially if you are not being ripped a new one on the source or amp pricing...  
  15. KoshNaranek
    I agree with the above.

    My downstairs stereo is 23 years old. I have not felt the need to change the amp or speakers until the advent of Jason's new designs, but I have been replacing DACs on a fairly regular basis. This is because I have always felt that the DAC was the thing that made the most improvement in sound.

    So, yes. It is the whole chain, but only at the upper end.
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