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No worries. I don't have a problem with discussion. This thread isn't moderated (yes, I know, huge shock) very much, but links to other sites, especially with links that look suspicious from an SEO perspective, and stuff that looks like ads for equipment that isn't ours is gonna go bye-bye. You don't go into Bob's Bar and put up an ad for Dan's Pub, right?
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When I briefly worked in radio in the 1980's before DAWs took over the industry we used actual live DJs spinning vinyl, cart tapes and CDs. At two different radio stations the CD players were always Teac pro models. On those, the cue and index functions were essential so the DJ could make sure the proper track was played. We sometimes used the pitch control as well to make a track fit into a predetermined time slot in the schedule. Woe be to any DJ who dared touch the output level controls or even look at the VU meter, that was for the engineer...

As a home user I never wanted such fiddly-ness. I wanted to put the CD into the machine and press play. My last CD transport was a top-loader with only basic stop, play, and track skip controls. I was happy. It was all I ever needed and I applaud the simplicity of the Urd's design.

Today I don't own a CD player except for the drive in my music server that rips CDs to the hard drives. As Cat Stevens sang, "I am old but I'm happy."
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Will the multibit board 2 fit the original Jot? I once asked this for the later DAC board on info at schiit and never got a reply.
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I've been going through a Terminator retrospective and I thought I'd better check. But I think we're all safe for now guys.

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Great news, indeed! :D

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