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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Balthazar B
    @Jason Stoddard, your company is the only reason in the universe that I would ever want to live within driving distance of Newhall. :gs1000smile:
  2. Bazile
    For 4800 dollars I will indeed shun Mook.
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  3. Derrick Swart
    thanks for the tip. Great name!
    i like this one:
    Discovered many artists here:
    Moderat, Editors, Cristine and the Queens, Christian Löffler, Agnes Obel, etc
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  4. bcowen
    I've never had an OTL amp, so haven't ever hoarded collected the 6080/6AS7 types that are frequently used. Still have a decent stash of 12AU7 types though. Mullards are good, but on the warmish side so partner best with a neutral or slightly aggressive amp. The French CIFTE's (Mazda) sit on the other side of the fence and go well with an amp that is on the too-warmish side. Have quite a few 7316's, but of course all mine are the short plate versions and everyone says the long plate versions are way much better. Heavy sigh. But in revenge, I have some super secret 12AU7 variants that I won't post publicly or @Ripper2860 will hound me incessantly to send to him. :fearful:
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  5. FLTWS
    I have a pair of the Cifte's and your assessment is spot on.
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  6. bcowen
    I use a weight called the "Brass Tacks" that is simply a heavy piece of solid brass with a big hole in the middle to go around the spindle and some compliant discs on the bottom. LP's sound better with it than without it. IIRC I paid like $60 for it and scoffed at that amount when I bought it, but considered the improvement worth the expenditure. For $4800, the Mook better do more to make me happy than just improve the sound of my LP's. :slight_smile:
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  7. tincanear
    FYI, 'mook' is defined by merriam-webster as a "foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person" :triportsad:

    For $4800, IMHO, a better buy would be a Yggdrasil, Freya+, and two Aegirs.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  8. tincanear
    hopefully the "Brass Tacks" and other record clamps have been rotational-mass-balanced about the spindle and designed to ensure consistent and accurate centering with each use. otherwise, the off-center rotational mass will contribute to infrasonic noise, frequency of ~1/2 Hz for LP's.
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  9. Timster
    Now they were (are still) a fantastic speaker. First heard them driven by some Krell gear back in the mid-80s. Never forget Jennifer Warnes (Joan of Arc from Famous Blue Raincoat) standing in the room with me.
    Still use that track to this day as one of my go to test pieces.
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  10. Timster
    Yup, that's why a lot of recent music sounds so bad. No emotional swings. eg. "quiet" piano and vocal intro, at the same level as the whole band when they join in. Constant barrage of flat sound.
    I don't understand it all, especially when a vinyl release of the same material doesn't have the same problem.... you can't master that hot on vinyl, but even then the dynamic swing is there on vinyl, and not on digital.
    How do artists (most, not all) go along with this?
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  11. Rowethren
    "It's all about the money money money..."

    Just a guess lol.
  12. johnjen
    For $4800 it better make coffee, hot cocco, hot water, and steamed rice, or sumpt'n…
    Oh, wait, scratch the coffee thing, this thread has that covered already… hahahahahahaha

    The record clamp I use(d) was like $39 back in the day and weighs next to nothing.
    I have always wondered, if the suspension in those turntables with one, were ever adjusted to compensate for the added mass that a record weight made.
    Of course this consideration is the entry to a rabbit hole of unimaginable dimensions…

    I always sought to achieve true pistonic action when I was fussing with my LP12's suspension settings when there was a change to the turntables setup of any magnitude.

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  13. FLTWS
    My last TT back in the Pleistocene Epoch was the S.O.T.A. with vacuum platter. I never found any spindle weight that could beat its ability to pull records flat even when warped severely and probably put less drag / stress on the motor than an expensive paperweight.

    My take on real dynamic range; Most popular genres are designed to be listened to in cars and with earbuds used outdoors. Changing ambient noise levels play hell at the bottom of the loudness scale so one is constantly twiddling the volume control to get the sound to the desired level per the listener as sound levels vary from soft to loud. Compressing keeps the sound at a more constant level minimizing the twiddling. Add in the fact that popular music in general, to my ears, generally stays at a pretty constant dynamic level whether that's pounding heavy metal or a solo folk singer. Compressing that relatively steady level really makes a mess of things.

    I suspect the many "cookie cutter" singer celebrities of recent decades have contracts that specified they were to just stand there and sing and focus on their moves for the music videos and leave the engineering to the engineers. I do believe there were many rock oriented groups, especially in earlier decades, with enough clout as performers to have a lot of say in what the end product sounded like and that did care about what the public would hear. Some were notorious for repeated takes to get things right to their way of hearing it.

    But I could be wrong on all counts so...
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  14. Paladin79
    You should let me evaluate your super secret 12AU7's, Finnegan is running out of cat toys and really likes the smaller tubes to bat around the floor. He has learned to leap from the top of my stereo rack with the tube pins beneath his teeth and so far he has not broken a tube that I know of. It is best to send matched pairs, for some reason I have a lot of single tubes now and have no idea where their mates are. They are like socks, somehow one always ends up with single socks with no matches.

    Soon I should be listening to some fairly rare 6sn7's and equivalents but they will not be mine to send out or I would gladly lend them to @bcowen. Building him a 6080 and 6sn7 OTL amp would be easier and less costly, I need to get him started collecting 6080's somehow, Bendix comes to mind. the 6080WB's. :L3000:
  15. yonson
    There are more Classic Multibit stacks in stock on the deals page...

    I'm so tempted to get one...
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