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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. bcowen
    Bummer. Didn't mean to make light of your misfortune -- always a downer to get a new toy in and have to send it back. I'm sure they'll get it back you quickly though.
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  2. axle11
    I got a HEL for my gamer son for XMAS. Hope it’ll be a happy one.
  3. bcowen
    There are two types of GE's: those that were actually made by GE, and those that were made by someone else and labeled as GE's. Some of the latter can be diamonds in the rough. The former are meh-ville at best, or can be like Philips ECG's that are bright, screechy, and instantly fatiguing. Most tubes that were actually made by GE have little dots etched into the glass underneath the etched tube designation:


    While I can't say with any certainty that every tube actually manufactured by GE has the dots, I think it *is* safe to say that if there are dots etched in, it was actually made by GE. Hopefully that makes sense to someone besides me. :relaxed:

    I don't hate all GE tubes. I had some GE-made 211's with some previous amps that were a significant step up from the Chinese tubes they replaced. Then I spent nearly 2x of what I paid for the GE's on some RCA's. The RCA's were a bit better, but the GE's acquitted themselves quite nicely for the money. So I guess you could say the only GE tubes I really don't like are those that 1) were actually made by GE, and 2) have 8 pins or 9 pins. :relaxed: And of course this is just my opinion. To each his own. I obviously haven't heard every GE tube type made, and as we all know there are particular synergies between tubes, components, and ears. But at the same time take a look on Ebay for any tube number you can think of. Why are the GE's always much less expensive than *all* the others?

    And this just FWIW: see if your 6FQ7's have the etched dots. If not, there's a good chance they were made by RCA (who produced bazillions of that tube type) and just OEM'd for GE. If they do have the dots, try some clear-top (side getter) RCA's (not the chrome domes). They're still relatively inexpensive, and you might be surprised...
  4. yonson
    Schiit happens...
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  5. bcowen
    LOL! Yeah, but it's always better when it happens to someone else. :smile:
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  6. valiant66
    I am a big fan of passive pres. I have an Adcom SLC-505...
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  7. ScubaMan2017
    ...my students would call you... savage. Savage troll. :ksc75smile:
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  8. Paladin79
    Lol Bill does an amazing job with his testing and tube handling procedures so he will get the irony.:ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  9. yonson
    Meh, yeah it sucks, but luckily I don't need it right this second, which is why I ordered it early...
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  10. valiant66
    Especially considering they do numerous D/S DACs...
  11. 33na3rd
    Thank you for the detailed reply!

    I will have to check my GE 6FQ7's and see if they have the dots.

    I do have a quartet of the RCA clear top 6FQ7's, and they are nice indeed!
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  12. Tim van der Leeuw
    Yeah, I'm aware of that of course, but doing a D/S DAC was listed by Jason in his recent post as one of points of "heresy".
    Reading the start of the story, about the inclusion of USB, even adding USB was a heresy for Mike at the beginning. But now we've got Unison USB and it sounds great. :)
  13. ev666il
    To be fair, right now they're only doing Modi 3 as a D/S DAC that I know of?

    Perhaps also Gungnir D/S, though IIRC Jason mentioned that version's not selling very well and may be discontinued. That would really leave just the Modi 3 as the only D/S DAC in Schiit's offering, which is consistent with Mike's philosophy that D/S has a place in cheaper, simpler designs.

    EDIT: No, wait. Hel and Fulla.

    Still cheaper and simpler, but "numerous" doesn't seem off anymore.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
  14. GearMe
    Not sure if the DAC that Baldr mentions below is D/S but would be interested in his one if it gets to production! :)

  15. JohnnyCanuck
    +1 on the RCA clear tops. I use these in my Van Alstine preamp and they are the best examples of this type that I've found so far.

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