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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rensek
    Oooo silence on the Mid sized Loki. The fact that I'm hearing nothing makes me believe maybe there is a chance! I'm ok with maybes.

    How about a stand alone Nexus power amp to pair with all of your existing pre amps.

    I read elsewhere that you think Ragnarok is your best sounding amp.
  2. yonson
    Thanks for the reply Jason.

    What would need to be changed to keep Aegir out of over-current protection in 4 ohm mono (other than the obvious of turning down the volume)...
  3. Rensek
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  4. 33na3rd
    I was hoping for a little clarification on your bias (pun intended) against GE tubes.

    Do you dislike all GE tubes, or just certain models?

    The GE 6FQ7 is one of my favorites from the 6FQ7/6CG7 family, but I've never tried GE's anywhere else.
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  5. dieslemat
    Loki Maxi!
  6. Alexnova
    You guys are asking for the wrong stuff!

    A Nexus Continuity 200W monster Class A amp in 2020!

    I can dream...or maybe I need to beg more? Lol.

    It's crazy how many Schiit products came out this year. Curious if we will see any new DAC products or refreshes next year. And the Gadget!
  7. Jason Stoddard
    If we can't do it better, we won't do it.

    The market doesn't need more me-too products.

    Edit: also might be significant design effort. FCC for the board is not FCC for the unit. We don't assume the board's certification protects us.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  8. Rensek
    Hey Jason, have you ever thought about making a digital converter? Something that allows USB/Coaxial/optical input to be turned into USB/Coaxial/Optical output?

    Yes a super Eitr (with unison).

    Most of my home electronics only have toslink output. My coaxial inputs on my schiit gear, generally go unused.

    There has been rumor put out a time or two on other threads about a digital preamp. Could a function like this be built into that hypothetical box? There are options out there for converting coaxial to toslink and vice versa, but I feel Schiit could probably do it better.

    Too much of a niche item for you?
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  9. Derrick Swart
    jaja indeed
    exactly what i wanted to post


    Still with amp adapter/interface ... a Raal kit with Jotunheim R is what we want
    But with this offer it means that 2.5K for phones alone is possible this with the Jotunheim R is an amazing deal IMO (unless, beforehand, I hear them and the sound sucks)
  10. wout31
    What would be nice is to be able to order a Unison USB™ board for Xmas and unwrap under the tree.:santa:
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  11. ntbm3
    I would also love a super eitr, more so just unison with SPDIF, COAX and AES output :)

    Currently going to get a raspberry pi to do this, but would love to stick with my Schiit and have a easy plug and plan solution.

    Also Freya S is an amazing pre amp!! Incredibly transparent and allows proper conversion of XLR to SE or other way around. Makes comparing gear super easy and using the 'best' xlr output on my DAC and feeding my SE input only tubes amp.

    Sad to hear it is going to die, but maybe I have a rare piece of audio equipment.
  12. PioBeer
    Yes the gadget! Need this to materialize soon...
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  13. leonthebumme
    Any change that Yggdrasil with Unison will also come with a remote?
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  14. moopster
    Haha silly man I'm not waiting!
    *whips out wallet*

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  15. earnmyturns
    What I'd like is an anti-Freya: single XLR input (from Yggdrasil for me), multiple XLR and RCA outputs to my various solid-state and tube amps. Instead, I'm using a Goldpoint SA2X-O but that does not give me balanced to single-ended conversion to feed the single-ended amp...
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