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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rowethren
    Well Ragnarok is already the end of the world so it is a fitting name :deadhorse:
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  2. ScubaMan2017
    A Thunderdome-type smack down between Magnis?! Holey Hand-grenades!!! Nothing's sacred. Me gusta, eh.
    [​IMG] {{{{Source: Buffy The Vampire Slayer. TV Series. Season 7}}}}}}
    And yet. And yet. :smile_phones:

    The volume-knobs on both of the little beauties are still too small for me (thus I had to replace them with some 2nd hand, weighted microscope focus-dials). I'm satisfied with my original Magni 3's performance (it'll remain on warm stand-by among my brushed aluminum boxes ready for THAT future pair of headphones). Me? I'm gladder than ever I ordered the Classic Schiit with the KungFu grip (i.e., [Asgard 2] + [Bifrost-MB]). All black? ALLLLLRIGGGGGHHHHHT. :ksc75smile:
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  3. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I'm really not interested in balanced output. I like the simplicity of SE. It just works withg everything I'd ever have. Hell, I prefer dac/amps all in one unit as well.

    I've had more expensive gear than the Lyr and Asgard, but at some point I downgraded because I didn't feel the need to go higher end in terms of amp/dacs. I mainly just want an A3 or Lyr 3 for all the necessary headroom and power I'd need for most headphones I'd review. The Magni 3 does fine, but I could go for just a tad more to be done with it. Had Schiit done an optical input dac module on the Lyr/Asgard 3 chassis, I'd be there already. I do know my use case isn't the norm.

    In any case, Schiit is probably the only audiophile company that'd make me consider upgrading dac/amps as often as I have. Not many times, but it's always Schiit that gets me like a sucker. I love the company's swagger. It makes me want their stuff.
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  4. ScubaMan2017
    You make a good point, @ev666il . I'm no marketing guru. My armchair-ruminations make me wonder if they had to backtrack on that position. Expand, expand. Observe. Contract. To me, that makes no-never-mind.
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  5. US Blues
    Dude, that's a trade secret! :smile_cat:
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  6. wout31
    @Ableza This one I couldn't resist.
    My own in room speaker measurements made with the MiniDSP UMIK-1 microphone (electret 6 mm diaphraghm) and open source REW measurement software. Microphone at 1 meter on axis in centre of the speaker.

    Average distortion 0,15% - 0,2% and max 1% overall 35 Hz - 22 kHz. (37,5 Hz is the lowest the speaker goes) This is THD (up to 2th harmonics)
    Lang sweep = most samples per frequency


    Same up to 9th harmonic, still max 2% and average 0,5%

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
  7. 33na3rd
    Freya S is wonderful. I'm still a bit surprised that it doesn't get more love around here.

    I've said this before, but this is the first time in over 30 years that I have no tubes anywhere in the signal path of my main system, and I'm not suffering from withdrawal symptoms!

    I hope Freya S doesn't go away, but I do understand if it does.
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  8. bcowen
    Just to clarify, I'm a collector. @Ripper2860 is the hoarder. But I still suffer from Tube Acquisition Syndrome. I've experienced brief periods of remission, but there is no known cure. :stuck_out_tongue:

    And as strange as it may seem, the solid state components in my HP rig outnumber the tubed components by a 2:1 margin. Now if Jason were to introduce a Loki with tubes sticking out the top, I'd buy the first one. LOL!
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
  9. wout31
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  10. caenlenfromOCN
    I don't care about volume, so much as sound signature. Does heresy increase soundstage over asgard 2, sub bass hits, etc..
  11. Paladin79
    Only DACs and an occasional HEL lack tubes for me, and the HEL is mostly hanging around to break up the silver atmosphere.:smile_phones:
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  12. bcowen
    I *like* silver. But not as much as purple, of course. :relaxed:
  13. Paladin79
    Of course, that is a given:ksc75smile:

    I have multiples of most equipment so I could put together three or four solid state systems if I had the mind to, mostly Class A. Tube DAC's are few and far between but that is something I wish Schiit would build but it may not be in the cards. I own four but they do not stack up to the Gungnir and Bifrost 2.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  14. Zojokkeli
    Regarding discrete design vs op-amps, think of it like watches. You can have a nice mechanical watch, with automatic or manual winding, perhaps with an in-house movement. Or you can get a quartz watch or a smartwatch, which will out-perform any mechanical watch out there and have more features, but for a WIS (watch idiot savant) it’s just not the same thing.
  15. Ableza
    I'm not familiar with REW or how it measures THD (or THD+N which is the most common standard) but those numbers seem quite unrealistically low to me. To get 0.2% THD+N would have to be > -50db below the signal.

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