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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. ev666il
    Do you know of any rock/metal albums whose CD pressing is notoriously phase-shifted? Curious as to whether I've ever listened to them and figured they don't sound great, and that was the reason.
  2. wout31
    (Almost) all modern recordings are multi mic recordings and hence have phase problems/issues/challenges.
    The more microphones used the bigger the technical challenge to get things right. Multiple microphones on one instrument (piano and drums most often) can have a big impact.
    Some more, some less. It is sometimes even used intentionally to create more impact in conjunction with expansion and compression techniques.
    Also as @johnjen mentioned your speakers are doing phase shifts as well, by means of multiple drivers (alignment) and cross-over filters.
    Only if you listen to recordings that are done Blumlein https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blumlein_pair or with Josephson C700S mic https://www.studiocare.com/josephson-c700s-stereo-pressure-gradient-microphone.html (Sound Liaison recordings https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/sound-liaison-one-mic-recordings-r813/) you get very little to none phase problems from the source. Checky and others have something of the same approach.
    But because we are so used to (over) processed (over) produced (over) mastered recordings we most likely find these pure recordings dull and flat although they have the highest dynamic range and very little phase problems.
    These are my impressions YMMV
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  3. johnjen
    In my experience there are no "notoriously" phase shifted albums at all since this issue is relatively unknown to most folks to begin with.

    Secondly rock and metal usually have their very bottom ends eq'd so that nothing below say 30-40Hz is left intact to begin with.

    Thirdly my collection of metal is very limited to Dream Theater and a Nirvana album and none of them are marked reversed.
    And my rock albums are quite varied but a few Dire Straights and Fleetwood Mac albums are reversed.
    However Daft Punk's Random Access Memories IS reversed and has some impressive extreme bottom end as well.

    Lastly I doubt that any album that is reversed would be the reason for it to not sound all that great in the 1st place.
    Because really we are not splitting hairs but looking for a few split ends here and there so to speak.
    And we are talking about less than the last 5% of SQ improvement is 'hidden' by this issue.

    And like I stated above, your system must also be capable of, let alone configured to deliver, these bottom 1-2 octaves (and lower) for this topic to have much 'substance' in the 1st place.

    IOW this is Audiophool territory and even then, unless you configure your system to deliver this extreme low end, it may not even be noticeable in the 1st place.

    Just a few bits to chew on.

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  4. FLTWS
    @wout31 and @johnjen


    One of reasons why the early days of stereo recording with labels like RCA and Mercury are so good, the simplicity of 2 or 3 microphones do the job with the best imaging, sound stage, and tonal balance.
    Easy to do? No.

    One reason why there will never be a "one size fits all" component or combination of components; different genre preferences, plus lifetimes of listening to canned music produced to impress rather than convey, skews our expectations. But it does keep the conversation on-going, LOL!

    I grew up with piano in the home and know what one sounds like. I'm approaching somewhere in the vicinity of 200 classical concerts over 5 decades in a variety of venues (but mostly Philadelphia) and know what an orchestra sounds like. I've also heard Jazz in clubs and bars and some rock concerts in my youth, (anyone know of or remember "The Fugs"?).

    Live versus canned, two entirely different listening experiences but with good recording practices can be a better representation of realistic sound. But maybe as a result of conditioning that's not what many expect or prefer anymore in an increasingly virtual as opposed to the real world.

    Maybe, but just my 2 cents.
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  5. wout31
    On this subject a good recent video by Paul McGowan

    Also read some of the remarks
  6. bobbmd
    hello everyone: I don't know if this is the proper thread for this if not let me know. Did anyone have problems when ROON automatically downloaded ver 1.7? It took a long time to resync my database-did it twice then I lost recognition of my new Yggy GS and ME2 DACs on ROON and all my services ie TIDAL and Qobuz and on A+3. I disconnected the DACs shut down everything on my mac mini and did a 'shutdown' waited a bit repowered the mac reconnected everything and it all came back BUT in ROON my Yggy GS only plays in 'high quality'(little green light) not lossless and in the signal path at the bottom it says 'OS mixer' not Apple core audio as before any ideas why and more importantly how to fix that? Qobuz plays 24/192 etc if that is what the album is/Tidal plays Masters etc and A+3 plays 24/192 or 24/176 if that is what is playing.
    Ver 1.7 looks pretty interesting but i bought ROON( at 499$ lifetime subscription) for lossless not high quality
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  7. yonson
    I'm a HUGE DT fan (they are one of my top 2 favorite bands, some days #1, some #2) however I've never really been that impressed with their CD Mastering. Their Albums sound great (although I only have a couple of them, I have all their CD's though), the CD's leave a bit to be desired IMHO...
  8. golfbravobravo
    Interestingly, for me, this is the first Roon upgrade that went smoothly (though when I turned on my MacBook this morning Roon upgraded, so I may not be done yet!). The database upgrade DID take a long time, but things seem to work well so far.

    I would suggest the excellent support forum on the Roon site. There is a wealth of good, supportive advice on there and if you tag @Support they respond promptly in my experience.

  9. Paladin79

    I just redid the solder in the pins on this Melz 1578 from 1981, 6sn7 equivalent, for a gentleman on here and it is now a functioning tube. PM me if any of you pay the $100-$120 these tubes sell for and have issues. There is no charge, just glad to help. This is an incredible tube for the Freya and Lyr 3 and even the Vali 2 with proper adapter but the original solder was pretty bad.

    Later today I should know results of two days of cooking a headphone cable, (the recommended cook time as pointed out by @bcowen), please PM me if you want to know my impressions so we do not interrupt this thread.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  10. yonson
    Post them here, it's more relevant to this thread than a lot of what is posted...
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  11. Roy G. Biv
    No need for that. I've already ripped 1000ish CDs to FLAC but I see your point. Amazon already lets one download the MP3 version of purchased albums. Wouldn't take much to give consumers the option of MP3 or FLAC.

    Not everyone has fully transitioned to streaming services. Probably 80% of what I listen to at home is what I've ripped from CDs or downloaded from various sources. Roon keeps those 30,000 tracks organized better than anything else I've tried. Audirvana comes in a close second. In fact, if I had gone to purchase a lifetime Roon license and found the price had gone up $200 overnight with no warning, I probably would have purchased Audirvana instead out of spite lol
  12. porchwizard
    Even though I buy as little as possible through Amazon, some things are only sold through them :frowning2:
    They are clearly fooling around with non prime shipping. I recently bought a $20 item, the size of cigarette lighter, and the cheapest option to send it to one of their lockers was 2-day/$9. If I had it delivered to my house I could pick 5-day/$5.
    I prefer the locker since it's very close and the home delivery drivers tend to just throw things at my door. I had a belief that the locker should be, and was, the cheaper / cheapest alternative. I was bouncing back and forth between paying the $9 and canceling the order and trying again some other time. Finally, as is obvious, I checked non-locker / home delivery and went with the cheaper option. And in came in two days anyway...
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  13. PioBeer
    I appreciate your enthusiasm for Vandersteen. I love that company, too. Richard really make some fantastic speakers. In fact, I heard the Treos and they are no doubt among the best I've heard. That being said, I've had a chance to demo the Tekton's a couple times and in my opinion it's no contest. DI's are the best speaker I've ever heard regardless of price. They earn their reputation to complete against 30k speakers (again, my humble opinion). They do everyting right and the Dynamics are just incredible. Eric Alexander doing something special with that mid range tweeter array.

    In regards to amps for the Vandersteen, I don't think the Aegir has enough juice since the Vandys are so inefficient. (I like to listen at high volumes, too) Vidar would be the better choice here. Tekton's are very efficient, so Aegirs would still deliver even at high volumes.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  14. Rensek
    Were you demoing the DI's in your current listening space with your current components?

    If not keep in mind you were also demoing the room and all the components in the chain.
  15. Ableza
    I had a nightmare last night. Woke up in a sweat while dreaming of trying and failing to get a cartridge aligned on a turntable. Nope, not going backwards to that world.

    re: Tekton VS Vandersteen. Tekton makes lots of big sound. Vandersteen makes coherent sound. IMO.
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