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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rensek
    I'm debating on Asgard 2 or Asgard 3. How hot does asgard 3 run. The hotter the better. I need a heater in my office. Company rules prohibit space heaters.
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  2. Ripper2860
    You want the 2 then!! :D
  3. Rensek
    Allrighty how about this. What change makes a bigger difference in the system.

    DACs or Amps.

    I have Modi Multibit& Bifrost 4490 > Saga > Vidar > Zu Omen DW (in the amazing walnut veneer).

    I can afford Bifrost or Aegir, but not both. Given the components listed above, which would make a bigger difference in my system? Bifrost 2 or Aegir?

    Public replies and PMs welcome. Maybe @Jason Stoddard would chime in.

    I'm currently leaning Bifrost then Aegir.

    Apologies if I've asked this here before. Let's avoid any of the typical audiophile wanderings. Bifrost 2 or Aegir. Only options for me.
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  4. Gazny
    From what I've heard, you want to work back from the transducers to the source components. So the amp. depending on what you currently have.
  5. yonson

    Deleted because was already answered. Which brings me to my next question, is there a location on the website where we can see the details for products that are no longer in production?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  6. Darthpool
    Well I am definitely still really enjoying the Hel! what a great product! Been using it for both music and gaming! Using either the LCD-GX or my ZMF Verite Closed...very cool solution!

  7. Dana Reed
    A pair of Vidars pushing a pair of mini Maggies could make a couple nice foot warmers under your desk
  8. tincanear
    my $0.02: looking at your recent posts, a) you said that you think vidar is running in class A most of the time (high speaker efficiency + low listening levels) so changing to Aegir may not gain you that much. Caveat: I have not heard either amp, but am basing my response on the product specs and circuit descriptions provided by Jason on this thread and Schitt.com. I speak engineerese, and designed some analog hardware, but have not worked for any audio companies. Are warranties transferable should you sell your Vidar? You might be able to find someone that bought Aegir, and then decided (after the 15 day trial period) that it isn't powerful enough for their system and listening habits, and would trade their Aegir for a Vidar plus/minus a small cash offset.

    b) your Bifrost was upgraded with 4490 upgrade bought from Schiit directly, so you are eligible for the $100 discount off Bifrost 2 (offer expires in Mar 2020, if I recall correctly) so that favors Bifrost2 while you can save some cash.
    if your source material is 44.1/16 or 48/16 native format, then the 8x oversampling of Bifrost 2 may make a difference. Bifrost 2 also has Unison USB (presumably your older Bifrost 4490 has either gen 1 or gen 2 USB module), so that would be a factor too. Are your DAC's powered up 24/7? Mike M recommends leaving multibit DACs on all the time. Not sure about Bifrost 4490, but you could experiment. I've owned Bifrost MB for about four months, and it sounded muddy and fuzzy straight off the UPS truck, and better the next day after being left powered up.

    c) other things to consider: how new are the Zu Omen DW? have they been broken in yet? how about fiddling with speaker placement relative to room walls / furniture and listening chair?

    hope this helps, or maybe muddies the water further.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  9. wout31
    For me the biggest difference was Vidar to Aegir. My DAC switch was from Gungnir MB to Yggdrasil A2. Amp change had far more impact.
    Also in line with the general idea of working back from the speakers.
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  10. unsane69
    So, I've got to wait ~6 weeks for my Omen mkII. Which gives me plenty of time to mull over poweramps. Initially, my C272 is gonna carry the torch, but I've been considering dual Aegirs... I guess that will be complete overkill. Or what?
    Pretty sure I'd want something class A, and maybe tubey in the long run.
  11. tincanear
    if considering dual Aegirs, you might want to check with Schiit as to which modes Freya+ will convert SE signal from Modi MB or Mani into differential balanced to drive dual Aegirs directly (cleanest signal chain, but no bass management for feeding SVS sub). Are you keeping the SVS SB2000 ? I don't know the function of DLS R55 mkii… otherwise is C272 handling bass management?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  12. tincanear
    what speakers, and approx. listening level?
  13. unsane69
    I think the manual covers SE/balanced conversion. Not even sure at this point if I'm keeping Modi MB or moving up.
    Probably keeping the sub as is, currently fed by the second SE out on Freya, xover @ ~50 Hz.
    C272 is the power amp for DLS R55 loudspeakers.

    Still interested in opinions from people who have tried 2x Aegirs w. Zu speakers. There must be some.

    As an aside I auditioned the Omens with 2 Cayin toob amps, cs-55a and cs-88a, and really liked the sound of those. I briefly toyed with the idea of using a cs-88a as a power amp, although it would cost 50% more than 2 Aegirs. (I've also toyed with just using the cs-88a, but I also love my Freya+). Maybe Schiit should just make me a toobed poweramp.
  14. wout31
    Qobuz is going heads on with the new Amazon HD Music service. It is called Qobuz Studio Premier
    This wew subscription form announced on Qobuz for only $ 14,99 monthly for CD quality and Hi-Res quality.
    Old subscriptions to Qobuz HiFi and Qobuz Studio will automatically move to the new and pay less

  15. wout31
    Speakers Quad ESL-57 (92 dB) on a single Aegir
    Speakers Quad ESL-63 (86 dB) on two Aegirs
    Max listening levels 80-85 dB

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