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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. rkw
    Actually it was from high profile chefs and restaurants in the US that much of the public gained awareness of sous vide cooking. Many restaurants in the US have sous vide machines in their kitchens. Heck, even the cafeteria at my workplace uses a sous vide machine to prepare soft boiled eggs. If you dine out much (especially at higher end restaurants) there's a good chance you've had dishes prepared using sous vide.
  2. Derrick Swart
    aim for the Gungnir MB (I am doing that for years now) then Bifrost2 is the little brother kicking the old-chap
    Kind of made the decision to go for a pre-amp first

    My TC electronics BMC-2 DAC is awsome, even has a volume control and remote too after a big upgrade to HD (by LC Audio of Denmark if you want to know) but I think the Freya S can do a better job with gain and in transferring my balanced signal to rca too. For the near future i hope to do this purchase, actually the first time i would have a proper pre amp. Investigated it many times and simply found them too much money; never could find one for less than 1200 euro. Let see what the future brings me, our rebuild is delayed in portuguese style, but the new electrical system has been installed but can’t hear it yet :) first things first and dreaming is for free!
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  3. CAPT Deadpool
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  4. Paladin79
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  5. HumanFly
  6. RCBinTN
    Wow, check that out, I done been schooled - thanks! I do like soft boiled, and also fried, eggs LOL.
    Maybe in San Francisco, but in Tennessee we like our meat burnt or smoked :)
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  7. RCBinTN
    It's always a good day when a $20 headphone can elicit such happy emotion!
    Imagine the possibly magical experiences that may await :)
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  8. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Just as costly HP's can be a big disappointment.
    I have a pair of Grado's that even @HumanFly wouldn't take for free.....
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  9. Alcophone
    Decided that I like the look of the clear ones after all:



    The regular feet can be pulled out without damaging them, so I just put the cone ones in the same place as the regular feet. In hindsight I could have put them further out and hide the screws on the Bifrost 2 chassis...

    They are very soft, I can wiggle the Jotunheim around quite a bit, but it's not a concern. Squishy amps are fun!
    The feet did not all have quite the same length, I had to swap some around a few times to make sure there's no wobble. Luckily it seems like you can remove them and reattach them a few times without killing the adhesive right away.

    Let's see whether this keeps things a bit cooler.
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  10. tincanear
    Thanks for the tip about not enlarging the holes. Was thinking about poking them with a strand of steel wire :frowning2:
  11. RCBinTN
    Yeah mate ... it's always smart to try 'em B4 you buy 'em :)
  12. adydula

    I have spent many hours searching for really great recorded and mastered demo material....October Road is a well produced example of good stuff out there....and the Unison interface really helps in enabling you to appreciate whats in a good Redbook recording.

    Heres a link to something I started a few years back:


    Its full of really great recordings...over the years many folks have sent me their "demo" suggestions and some of those dear friends arent around anymore....and I appreciate their sharing and great music
    with me and us all...

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  13. adydula
    Those KPH30i's are indeed a minor wonder in this hobby....

    They work well with Schitt!

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  14. Timster
    Try soaking it in citric acid. Lemon Juice would be a good place to start. Or try using one of those espresso cleaning tablets/powders
  15. bcowen
    Credit where it's due: I think it was @ilikepooters that originally posted that pictorial.
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