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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. exdmd
    Turntables of this quality used to be sold only at audio salons who mounted the arm and cartridge for you and included the labour in their markup. And charged a lot more money. If you watch the video and think the setup process is too involved for you just don't buy it. If you balk at tying a knot in some fishing line or moving a belt on a pulley Sol is not for you.

    That was a great video and the setup is pretty straight forward, anyone who works with their hands can do it. Turntables are not for everyone but people who like vinyl accept the maintenance that comes with owning a turntable and enjoy the setup process. I bet Schiit sells all the Sols they can make.

    They won't ever sell a ready made version, not with that tonearm and isolated motor. The best you could hope for is a cartridge pre-mounted on an arm. You would still have to mount the arm, set up the motor pod and belt and do final adjustments. We have not even got into proper record care yet. And cartridges go out of alignment, have to be changed. Sounds like you know your limitations and should stick to streaming or CDs.
  2. Robert Padgett

    I know my limitations, and patience with the set-up of a new turntable would not be my forte. When I first looked into going back to vinyl, I was dissuaded by the price of a record cleaning system--long before the cost of a good TT and a cartridge was factored in. Plus, the capital outlay to buy a new vinyl collection was going to be a no small sum. I am grateful to have FLAC files and electronic playlists.

    The new SOL will help define a new generation of Vinyl lovers, but I will be watching from the sidelines...

    My hope is that this turntable will exceed your expectations, and Enjoy the Music
  3. RCBinTN
    I agree 100%. With the quality of the True MB DACs these days, thankfully there is no reason for me to consider a return to vinyl. :)
  4. Balthazar B
    And in the interest of equal time, it's a well-known fact that dogs love cat Schiit.
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  5. tafens
    Speaking of decrapifiers, how’s the good old Wyrd doing?
  6. Jason Stoddard
    Dead after they sell out.
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  7. RCBinTN
    Jason, I just love the way you hang around here, post-product launch, to answer questions in real time.
    Truly great customer support, IMO. Thanks, man. :)
  8. Paladin79
    I still own plenty of vinyl and have a functional turntable that my son used to use a lot. I may get him a Sol, his cat is a lot less active and less likely to go after moving parts.
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  9. GearMe
    Yeah...but then they puke in the Asgard! :astonished:
  10. Tim van der Leeuw
    I don't really have a strict budget but around €100 - €200 would be in the "Okay" range and fit with the Asgard price.

    The cans I have are Sennheiser HD58X, and Philips SHP8900.

    Anyway if Jason himself says that the built-in boards are good enough for him, then I guess they're good enough for me... :D :wink:

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  11. Tim van der Leeuw
    I guess that if it's good enough for you, it should be good enough for me! :D

    I don't need more inputs, just USB.

    It's just all that talk of Gen 5 USB or Unison USB sounding so much better than older, gen 2, USB... That it sometimes makes me wonder, shouldn't I go for that?

    But probably I will hardly hear hear the difference anyway.... :D

    Thanks for the answer!

  12. leonthebumme
    Hoping for some tube advice/info. I am really enjoying my Freya +, especially with a pair of the 6SN7 Tung Sols on the left side and a pair of the 6N8S on the right side.

    The 6N8S matched quad I bought from Schiit included 3 6H8C tubes and one SovTek 6SN7 tube (which sounds great as one of the right pair).

    I am a tube noob, trying to learn. But I am confused here... How is it that 6N8S can also mean 6H8C and 6SN7? For example if I buy the 6SN7 Tung Sols, I am getting 6SN7 tubes, obviously. But if I instead buy the 6N8S tubes, I am still getting basically 6SN7 tubes. They all seem to be more or less the same thing but with varying names? I don't understand how to draw distinctions here, would greatly appreciate some input...

    Also, I've read that you should only use matched pairs of tubes. But I am curious.......what happens if someone doesn't use matched tubes?
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  13. Paladin79
    6n8S and 6h8c are Russian tube numbers and or European numbers that correspond fairly well with 6sn7, a US and possibly British designation.

    If the tubes are not matched you could have one channel being slightly louder than the other I would think and tube life might not be similar. You can have different brand names on the same tube and yet the characteristics of the tube could well match.

    The Russians and Chinese are currently making reissue tubes and often they will stick with US tube numbers.

    I have not really researched this a lot, just using bits and pieces of info that I have gathered so if I misstated anything here, mea culpa.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  14. garbulky
    I can appreciate that this is a nice looking turntable. But look, I know you would do your research, read the faq, click on the video link, figure it out and click buy. But what do you think Schiit's user base is? I'm imagining relatively young people looking for high value stuff who don't have a lot of experience with TTs that aren't going to be doing all this planning. They just click buy. If you're lucky they figured out they need a phono preamp. Returns/support calls galore!

    I do currently use a Pioneer PL-570 turntable. Cost $5 garage sale. There was no setup. It had auto return and a button press to switch between 33 and 45.
    I'm not saying Schiit needs to be a cheap garage sale find - but I'm just cautioning that the average buyer might not be that research oriented or patient when they click buy.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  15. PioBeer
    Any plans to make a reverse Eitr? I have a chromecast audio with toslink and would be cool to get USB out to go into a Schiit Unison DAC
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