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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rensek
    Yeah, it's hard to convey it via typed messages, but I found the dislikes amusing, albeit suprising.
  2. johnjen
    Dislikes to me are like merit badges.
    If I'm trying to please everyone, all the time, I'm doing it wrong.

    The diversity of motivations, and sensibilities is vast and wide.
    There is no way to please everyone, and yes it can be a delicate act of balancing the pushes and pulls.

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  3. dieslemat
    I dislike this. You are welcome :D
  4. johnjen
    Yes, and now I have demonstrable proof, I'm doing it right.
    And how did I just KNOW that there would be timely independent proof succinctly supplied?

  5. adydula
    Drinking a cup of Joe here and I was thinking on how good the Schitt Unison USB interface is working here and the realization came to me that the actual interface and what it is doing or not doing seems to be so much more important than the actual USB cable used.

    I have never been a real believer in cables make a profound difference, having conducted many listening tests over the years with some high end systems etc. That said I am always open to new technology and trying etc..

    So when I got my original Bifrost dac, it to me made a very nice difference in that it seems it presented a more musical experience. I tested all three inputs, USB and Optical and even used a good CD transport bypassing the PC stuff altogether. I did not hear or perceive a real difference, this is with USB 2.0 and then along came Gen5 USB. Testing again to me no real super difference in the inputs but the convience using USB in my setup won out. (no digital outputs from the PC)...and I didnt want to buy an EITR or USB to SPDIF dongle and have more cables etc...

    Then along comes this new Unison USB from Schiit. A really very noticeable and pronounced difference in the positive. Another "good" improvement

    in musical presentation. So I wonder what Schitt is really doing with their new USB magic. I have some thoughts from other posters on other sites but its still guess work and we may never know due to its properitary-ness.

    But whatever its doing its a step in the right direction.....

    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  6. CharlesC
    My idea of a perfect USB interface is that it would make all USB sources sound equally good, so USB on a Raspberry Pi will sound just like USB on a $5000 streamer. Well, nothing is perfect but my hope is that Unison moves the ball in that direction. This might imply that Unison is not of much value to anyone with a $5000 streamer but I could live with that.
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  7. Paladin79
    tube shootout.jpg This is the group of items I am shipping to @Jason Stoddard for the September 12th tube shootout. 6sn7 equivalents that would work in a Lyr 3, Saga, or even a Vali 2 with the proper adapter. The tubes are concealed in ventilated pvc pipe so this will be a totally blind listening experience. The tubes could work in a Freya but they are not matched, or even the same brand in most cases.
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  8. 45longcolt
    Hi guys, thanks for all the helpful hints in regard to my tongue-in-cheek post. For those who thought I was a simpleton (mayor of, XTC fans?) for asking what D/S is, it came to me yesterday while I was out taking my constitutional. Delta/Sigma, D/S! Facepalm. It's just that, as a Ygg(drasil) owner, I hadn't thought about delta/sigma in years. Except as a college frat, of course...
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  9. tafens
    ROFL! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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  10. tafens
    Yeah, that was my first thought too :)
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  11. JamminVMI
    @Jason Stoddard, Bifrost manual might ought to include the remote in the “What’s in the box”.
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  12. Gazny
    lettice mayo and onions
  13. Jason Stoddard
    Nah, we want to keep it on equal footing with Yggdrasil, right?

    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  14. Ableza
    The manual correctly referred to the remote included with my Yggdrasil.
  15. internethandle
    Well, I pulled the trigger on Bifrost 2.

    Was fun to go back through my Gmail to find all five order numbers to give to the shipping dept. for my $100 off, from pre-order through Uber Analog, Gen 2, Multibit, and then Gen 5 (I know I didn't have to do all five, just wanted to do so for kicks - saw that my first Bifrost pre-order e-mail to Schiit about a shipping issue in 2011 was handled by Jason himself! Ha.)

    Am excited, although to be honest I have enjoyed my current set-up with the Bifrost 1 Gen 5 Multibit enough lately (w/ Valhalla 2 and newly purchased HD 800's) that it was hard to muster the desire for much more! Still, couldn't resist the latest in Bifrost after having enjoyed the OG for so long.

    One question for Jason & co.: since Unison USB now is taking advantage of Windows 10's post-2017 UAC2 adoption, I take it that there won't be any "native" ASIO functionality in Windows sans maybe ASIO4ALL, right? No big deal if not, I'll likely just run WASAPI. Fully admit that maybe I need to read up more on Windows 10's UAC2 implementation and this is a nonsensical question, though.

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019

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