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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. valiant66
    Adcom SLC-505.
  2. Dana Reed
    Does anyone know if the Freya S has a shorter startup time than the original Freya? I use the original pretty much in tube gain mode only with LISST tubes and am thinking of upgrading to the S. If it started up faster, that would be also be a plus.
  3. Jheal
    Wiki says it was developed by Sun and Fujitsu. Presumably the latter is because they eventually took over the ‘indigenous UK computer manufacturer’. Ah, the days of programming System 4 and DRS6000 servers is a long time ago for me.
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  4. Rensek

    Funny (not really) if you type gumby on another site. The website changes it automatically to Gungnir Multibit. Mmmmm censorship.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  5. Darthpool
    I also mostly use/create acronyms to be funny or on the nose...

    Created the following for my favorite lil DAC/amp the Nano iDSD Black Label.... the NiBL pronounced “nibble” lol...but it also became a forum meme to some degree to the point that it is auto linked to the Nano iDSD Amazon page when typed out lol! This is on a different forum of course =)

    But I’m also a bit confused by some acronyms... but I just straight out ask when I am, either in-line forum reply or direct message (DM) not to be confused with dungeon master, or dick move, etc. :wink:
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  6. Alcophone
    I've always enjoyed receiving DM, though these days I prefer EUR or USD...
  7. wout31
    Freya-S startup time is 30 seconds.
    But it might as well be 3 minutes. Turn it on when I get up in the morning :grinning: and turn it off when I go to bed at night.:zzz:
  8. bcowen

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  9. bcowen
    But those cost less than the shipping on the Shun Mooks. How can they possibly be any good? :slight_smile:

    Seriously, I have heard differences in different footers back when I'd throw money at such stuff. I've never spent 3x the cost of my whole Schiit stack on a set of feet though. LOL! I have Herbies Baby Booties on my Loki, Modi, and EITR. Can't say I heard any difference in the sound, but they are a little more "grabby" than the stock feet and keep things from sliding around when stacked. For that reason alone I like them.

  10. Zer0.p0int.Zer0
    I just leave my Freya S on all the time
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  11. golfbravobravo
    I don't get the smile reference, but then I was on the other side of the fence in this days!
  12. golfbravobravo
    The DRS 6000 was the machine I was referring to. There are a few things in the wiki I might question, including how much Irvine was involved in the hardware. That was the CCI division that STC bought, and did do the hardware for the (earlier) big iron that we sold. The Fujitus connection, I would argue, was stronger through the relationship where Fujitsu built the cubes for the 3900 mainframes. At that time I ran the 3rd party software group in Bracknell; we were all brought in from outside ICL so that we didn't inherit the mainframe/min culture! Though we were in the same building as the team that built System 25 and there was a lot of crossover with them: we jointly put a UNIX co-processor in S25 and I think the co-processor that the wiki refers to was an attempt to carry S25 OS and programs forward into the new range. After that I ran the OfficePOWER Applications Product Centre - again in Brackell - and in 1992 I had a full office automation suite with fully inverted indexing (via ICL CAFS - decades ahead of its time), workflow and imaging. All before Windows, oh how we have advanced!!!! Not!

    Hard to believe that OfficePOWER had 15% global market share, ICL had 100% of the directory enquiries market (through the CCI acquisition) and a significant retail POS presence - even in the USA where we manufactured in Utica, NY.

    How times change!

    BTW, the National Computer Museum in Bletchley have a bunch of DRS machines and no-one with expertise to run them. They got to Jody and she constantly chides me to write down my recollections of the history.
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  13. Ableza
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  14. Robert Padgett
  15. Ableza
    In the 70's I punched machine code for IBM 360 and Burroughs 9000 machines into 80-column cards, spun tape drives for storage and had fun printing out Einstein and Snoopy images using the big chain-drive line printer. Today my phone has 100X the computing power of an entire 1974 room. No, I don't miss it.
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