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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Ableza
    I say just say no to going cheaper.
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  2. jsiegel14072

    Sounds like a great back to school special for new college kids. about the time the metal is done, they will be getting home sick and deep in studies!
  3. Zojokkeli
    Here's a low effort meme I modified whilst waiting for my Bifrost 2 to arrive.

  4. treecloud
    I bought a Saga S sight unseen, and while I didn't compare it to Saga + or either Freya I did compare it to other good preamps I have on hand, tube and solid state. And I like a little 2nd order harmonic seasoning as much as the next person! Still, I found the solid state Saga S as good or better as any pre I've used, and the form function of it works for me in this 2 channel speaker/room system. I also have a Magni 3 and Loki Mini in this system, and it sounds Wonder-Full...
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  5. garbulky
    So, I think what you did is fair. Perhaps, not what you promised, but about as good as you can make it. The people getting a discount on the bifrost 2 is basically an "upgrade" for $600. Rather steep but it does provide a better dac and new features.

    I am VERY happy that you finally included a REMOTE! As I've mentioned I plan for Ygdrassil to be my final purchase for DACs but all I've been waiting on is a remote for input switching as I use my DAC as the center for a family use home theater and work. It has multiple inputs which are switched numerous times a day from the couch. So the remote was a must have for me. Hopefully you will get around to doing the same for your Ygdrassil.
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  6. gljus
    I say: go cheapest.

    There could be a need for a plain and simple ($99) XLR splitter / switcher with an even simpler volume control which would just get the work done. A quick google search gave some pro (read: ugly) results in that price range with more or less functionality so there may be a targeted market out there.

    I also don't see much point in doing a low-to-mid priced balanced "preamp", as people who decide to go balanced have an excelent, capable and bargain choice in Freya S (and Freya +).

    And it could be called "Big Sys". :ksc75smile:

    Edited for product name.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
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  7. adydula
    Depending on your amp used the Unison "affect" or "sound" is heard better on some than others.

    The magic is very apparent on most of the amps. Some more so than others, but its a good improvement here
    across all amps and headphones...

    The clarity or blackness to me allows for stuff to be heard, it seems to add an ability to resolve and thusly articulate all the minutia in
    a recording...I think this leads to being able to have a great overall musical presentation.

    My favorite combination so far is the Vahalla 2 with the HD 600's...also the Mainline does fine as well.

    If its in the recording you will hear it.

    USB has come a long way here....

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  8. QueYo
    Does anyone know if there is a Bifrost 2 at the Schiitr? I was resigned to wait until January to get a Gungnir with Unison, but January seems further away now than it did before Bifrost 2 was released.
  9. garbulky
    I change source all the time. For me the reason for multiple inputs on a dac is to upgrade all your digital devices at the same time to high quality audio. Therefore my DAC acts as the nerve center for my home theater (and work) all in the living room. I have my 4k blu ray player, Fire TV 4k, PC via BNC, Denon PCM 61 multibit cd player and Pioneer turntable (via analog inputs) all hooked up to it. My family and I switch devices at least 15 times a day depending on the needs.

    Half the time the input switching is done via voice with Alexa and Logitech Harmony.
    It doesn't mean much on a desk, but when you incorporate into a two channel setup in a living room with all inputs used, a remote becomes kind of essential.
  10. MtnMan307
    I was surprised to find out that RMAF 2019 is September 6-8 this year!

    I've really enjoyed the Modi Multibit but this Bifrost 2 could be my new DAC. Might have to sell the Mimby and my LCD-2's though...
  11. ScubaMan2017
    a. Did you try different players (example: Foobar, VLC, Clementine) = perceptable differences?
    b. Replay Gain (i.e., loudness control): on/off?
    c. WASAPI: set as "event" or "pull" or "disabled"... Did you percieve a difference with this on/off?
    I'm pleased you got a chance to play with the beta-board and chose to share your musings, eh. :smile_phones:
  12. ScubaMan2017
    Expensive hobby & choices... :triportsad: Hope you can find a 2nd option...
  13. MtnMan307
    Yeah everything I'm into is expensive. I still need to put license plates on the Tacoma. And I think the right side driver just went out on the LCD-2 unfortunately.
  14. caenlenfromOCN
    My Asgard 3 just arrived!!!! I didn't know Fed-Ex delivered on Saturday, tracking number said Wednesday originally... wow

    Will take picture of black and silver themed setup and report back on sound as well!
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  15. Lurker0918
    I don't own either product, but I think functionality might have won out here. Again I don't own either product, but the value proposition might have been the determining factor. Especially in light of the fact that Freya incarnations cost significantly less than other competitor's preamps which more or less do the same thing.

    On a tangent, my little Sys preamp is still one of my most useful purchases.

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