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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Jason Stoddard
    A few problems with this: in a Freya S chassis, a passive-only preamp is still going to be $499 or so. And Freya S already has passive relay attenuation at $599 (plus gain). That chassis is not cheap to make. And I don’t see the point of removing the gain stage if it only saves about $100. The fact that the gain stage is there isn’t affecting the passive performance.

    Here are your real options for a cheap balanced preamp, based on educated guesses about costs:

    1. Saga sized, maybe $399 with a feature set similar to Saga, but balanced.
    2. Smaller than Saga in a cheaper chassis (that does not exist), with a motorized pot rather than relays, maybe $249. No way no how at $199. Maybe totally passive at $199 with no gain, but that’s still a pot. A motorized pot isn’t cheap, and relays + a motorized pot is super not cheap.
    3. Smaller than Saga in a cheaper chassis with just a pot and a switch for 2 inputs and no remote, $99.

    None of this is on the books, so we can keep talking about it, but those are the constraints if you want a preamp with good parts, made in the USA.
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  2. valiant66
    The Totem Mani-2s use a 2-way crossover, which I think contributes to their sound. Their "secret sauce", if you will, is that each speaker has two bass drivers, back to back.
  3. Jason Stoddard
    Cool. When you find a Canadian distributor that doesn’t want to mark up US prices 150%, send them our way so we can talk to them. The reality is that nobody has stepped forward and has been willing to sell at a rational markup. If such a distributor exists, I’d be happy to meet them.
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
  4. dmckean44
    Well, if you do end up doing a Freya++, I think HT bypass and an effects loop for Loki would be a good place to start. Those are the only convenience features that would make me consider switching away from my Saga 1.
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  5. valiant66
    I believe every generation will have "their" performer of the Bach Cello Suites. Mine is Yo-Yo Ma.

    I have a number of versions by other performers. The older versions seem too staid for me. The newer versions too frenetic. Yo-Yo hits the perfect pace. For me. And yes, his version makes great test tracks: but f that - they make great music.
  6. rkw
    @valiant66's post wins.
    Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 9.13.15 PM.png
  7. MtnMan307
    I have the Lyr 3 and Jotunheim, so I have to think the Bifrost 2 would be the perfect DAC to put under them. RMAF 2019 will be my second one as a Colorado resident. I will have to hear the Bifrost 2 and Asgard 3.
  8. MtnMan307
    Although I did recently buy a 2010 Tacoma for the mountains and what not. That leaves a lot less money for audio purchases lol.
  9. Karister
    Someone has real photos of new Schiit stack in comparison to old one? I have Bifrost 4490 + Asgard 2 + Loki Mini and I wonder if new Bifrost and Asgard finish is more like old Bifrost/Asgard or Loki Mini. Shape-wise they are more similar to Loki.
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  10. tafens
    Never had fatigue with DS Modi2U although I did with other DS DACs (e.g. NuForce, but I think there is a sabre in there).

    But multibit, it’s just.. better. More “musical”, more enjoyable, in all regards.
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  11. ScubaMan2017
    (99% shooting-the-schiit Question) = (Valhalla 2) + (Asgard 2/3 base model) ~ (Mjolnir 2) ? That Ether Flow C looks mighty fine to me (I tried its rival, the LCD-XC and was impressed... and that was just powering it with a piddly Fulla 2).
    "Target On The Surface" :ksc75smile:
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  12. ScubaMan2017
    Heh heh. Hard copy, sir. I (really do) appreciate the frank clarification, eh. :flag_ca:
    ...from your Canuck audio customers...

    {{{quick edit: your 150%-markup quip is actually damn close to how much Schiit gear sells on kijijji, CAM, and amazon dot ca.... yeesh}}}}
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  13. adydula
    Good Morning!

    I am sitting here listening to my original Bifrost with Gen 5 USB upgrade but with a "small" twist!

    Yesterday I got a surprise package from Schitt that had in it a "beta" Unison (tm) board in it for the Bifrost "1".

    I was one of the "whiners" that complained that I wish we didnt have to wait for Jan 2020 for the Unison update for the original Bifrost.

    Jason told me to contact them and see if they had any "beta" boards that I could try......I was a lucky guy and got the "last" one!

    Big THANKS to Jason and Schitt.....I never have run into folks that care about their customers, their products and listen to them, good or bad like Schitt Audio.

    I have about 5 hours of solid listening with it using the new Unison USB interface to a HP 27" AIO using Jriver MC 24 and Foobar 2000.
    Both are setup for WASAPI. All my music is ripped to its various native bit depth.

    I have had my Bifrost since July 2017. Its the only dac I use anymore, the others just sit around gathering dust...

    Its a pretty easy install, remove screws, remove pcb from the internal case, unscrew the 2 hold down screws, be careful not to loose the "silver button"..
    Remove the Gen 5 board and push in the Unison board. Then all things basically in reverse. Good snug fit in the sockets.

    First power on, watch the "traveling" light show, then wham it stops on the USB light.

    I dont use any exotic boutique USB cable, just the $20 one from Schitt, which IMO is very nicely made, and Blue Jeans interface cables.

    I listened with several amps I have ( 9 in house at the moment), some DIY, some retail. The first amp was my Bottlehead Mainlne and then my Schitt Vahalla 2.

    Headphones used were my Beyer T1. 2nd gen and Senn HD600's.

    First impressions are a lasting one to me.

    The first thing was what is going on with this setup...its was a immediate something is indeed very different. An audio "slap in the face".

    Several of those adjectives come to mind..."Clear, Open, Clean, Transparent, Articulate, Quiet, and Holographic".

    I have a number of "demo" cds collected from various sources that are very, very well recorded and mastered and used by several vendors to show off their
    equipments attributes. I rolled thru them and was constantly hearing my "jaw" drop on the floor....how could a simple USB interface upgrade affect the sound I was
    listening to....

    One word to me "Mike Moffat" "Magic"...

    I think he said "Use the USB!".....

    Their is an uncanny quietness that allows for extreme articulation of "stuff" on the recording....thing that were abit clouded are now crisp and you can hear all the stuff, the noise in live demo
    recording rooms, small noises that are there in the recordings, things that never really stood out before. Uncanny resolution via a new interface...and we are coming from Gen 5.

    I thought Gen 5 was it, what more could one do, I guess Mike knows better, because to me this new Unison is a major reason to get the upgrade when it comes out or a new Bifrost 2.

    One benefit from this new "clarity" is its like listening to your stuff all over again, it does indeed bring the pleasure of listening back ....and I like that.

    The bad thing is your still medicore recodings will still sound mediocre.

    I switched to the Vahalla 2 to make sure what I was hearing was not tied to that TOTL vacuum tube amp...so in the circuit went the Vahalla 2.
    In the past the Vahalla 2 and my Senn HD600's is about as a perfect match one could have, especially at this price point. I could be very happy with this setup.

    The experience was basically the same. EXCELLENT. "Musical"......the way I think music ought to sound..kind of like almost being there experience.

    Up first was Emmy Lou Harris: Mark Knopfler, All the Roadrunning, Love and Happiness....wondeful wide open performance, holographic.
    Followed by LeAnn Rimes, Sittin on Top of the World..you may not care for this type of music, but the recording here is superlative.....great for
    demo and hearing the width and depth of the soundstage..clear, holographic again.

    Eva Cassidy's Live at Blues Alley..."What a Wonderful World" Absolutley amazing...Holographic....melt in your mouth good!

    The entire spectrum bass to treble is all there good or bad depending on your source.

    Ok for now...I could rant and rave on this one, buy one word here...is just buy it! I really think you will not be unhappy with thie new interface...

    Here is a few pix:



    Again many thanks to Jason and Schitt Audio for the beta board...I dont know if anything will change between now and Jan 2020 in the upgrade, but to me its perfect as is!

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
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  14. Brubacca

    Your offerings have left me debating between Saga+ and Freya S personally. I really can't decide. Also throw in Ragnarok 2 and my love of Integrated Amps, sometimes customers like me get decision paralysis.

    I like tubes so Saga+ works for me, but if I went Freya S then I could go balanced from my Gumby. Maybe Freya+ , but I really don't want to fuss with 4 tubes. ..... Ragnarok 2 so then no IC between pre and Amp..... And round and round my mind goes.

    Maybe others like me and similarly decision frozen.

    Congrats on the new product launches
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  15. DACattack
    Thanks for sharing your impressions. Unison plus the upgrade to the DAC chips plus the convenience of Autonomy (and the added sweetener of $100 off for Bifrost 1 owners) made the purchase a no-brainer for me.

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