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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Brubacca

    I am not a fan of artificially inflating any price. I don't think you should do that with the USPS cost. You are quite clear on the website that USPS shipping time is flexible.

    Side note: it took fedex ground 10 years to find my house after I moved here. House had literally been here for 18 years before I bought it. They kept on delivering the the other street in my neighborhood (our neighborhood has two streets and they are both different names.)
  2. Varejao17
    Correction: I just went to the Schiit website and put a Magni in the cart. For my zip code, the 2-day/overnight options raised the prices by 25-50%!

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  3. judson_w
    To be honest, I was not aware of the "Song of the South" references for it. I had only read Br'er Rabbit stories as a kid, and then some Anansi stories which was likely inspiration for a number of Br'er Rabbit stories.
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  4. jnak00
    You can usually track USPS/Canada Post packages through Canada, by using the same tracking number at canadapost.ca.
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  5. Jason Stoddard
    Oh, believe me, we've "raised the issue." All the way up to regional level. Hence now contracting the various federal representatives.

    Agreed, it's very sad. I never thought I would see the day when USPS was simply not reliable enough for business.

    Thanks for the input and confirmation...we're continuing to do that for now.

    Yeah, the only way you're getting "free" shipping is via a drop-down option that increases the price 10-20%. Free 2-day? 20-30%. Free next-day? 50-100%. That's the reality.

    Again, thanks to everyone for the input so far. We're still weighing our options. In more fun news, we'll have the summarized results of the Amp Thunderdome soon. I think Tony may have shot video of that one as well.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  6. valiant66
    Thanks for circling back to that. I had started reading the article, but found the writing just a bit stilted so quit reading about halfway through. You are right, the latter half rewarded persistence, thank you.
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  7. Robert Padgett
    I am purposefully trying to avoid making this political because problems within the US Postal Service are endemic and it is neither a Red or Blue issue.

    I believe that you are following a path to resolution by contacting the elected representatives. Congress is always running for re-election and one of the two Senators may be up in 2020.

    Politicians respond to issues which a majority of their constituents can identify with. The USPS is a perennial whipping boy.

    If you talk to the person with whom delivers your mail, you will find that they are overworked, under pressure, and have issues we cannot even imagine due to management making decisions, and forcing them upon the workers.
    Their morale is low, they see the Amazon Mercedes vans delivering parcels, many are resigned that maybe daily postal delivery--and their jobs--might have a limited shelf life.
    From a more Macro perspective, that is no excuse for not picking up parcels from an established business, on a consistent and regular basis.
    As I suggested, applying pressure from the Politicians will result in a good outcome. They may come to think of Schiit as another thorn in their side, but it cannot be worse than walking to every house in the neighborhood with a handful of junk mail.
  8. 45longcolt
    First, a vote of thanks to Jason (and Mike, best wishes!) for enduring the BS that comes with being in the business of enabling our audio addictions.

    Speaking of BS, the mention of "free" shipping - or "free" anything, should set off your BS Meter. The customer always pays, one way or another. Only if you know the total cost of the transaction will you know if you are getting a good deal.

    As a fan of choice, I'd ask Jason not to entirely abandon the USPS. Just let buyers know that there may be delays, which you seem to be doing, and let them decide. I like having things sent to my P. O. Box. No worries about "porch pirates." And I can pick up on my schedule.
  9. ghasley
    There were issues at my office years ago and all you have to do is have a set time you want the pickup to occur and then plan a nice snack time/social moment and invite the USPS (or Fedex or UPS) person to attend and partake. You build a relationship and there has yet to be a pickup/delivery person created who will miss a free donut or specialty coffee. If its a different person each time, they will talk to the others. Additionally, morale for all involved spikes, employees and the external representatives in attendance. Make sure they have a free Schiit hat or t-shirt, make sure they know you are building cool gear, let them listen. An appropriate holiday gift, etc. We do a dinner each year for fire/police/first responders. Some of the delivery people eat lunch with our staff in the staff lunch room. Everything old is new again. Back in the day, we all knew our postman, the tv repair guy, neighborhood policing, delivery men.

    Hey, it might not work but I promise it can't harm the relationship. If you try to make it personal in a positive way, maybe they will do their part.
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  10. valiant66
    My experience with that has been very hit and miss - neither consistent nor reliable. That being said, packages show up eventually.
  11. CAPT Deadpool
    That is an excellent solution to the problem. My dad's Electrical Company always offered the delivery personnel stuff too.
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  12. Robert Padgett

    I know for a fact that this works. I had a McJob in retail where we bought and sold used camera gear (back when cameras shot film) and we knew the vacation schedule of our regular UPS guy, and the mailman.
    Both were essential to the success of our business.

    If you ever see a UPS person in the Christmas season, shoving a hand truck stacked taller than him or her, you know they are hard working folks, and in the summer time, a cold cup of water, or a hot cup of coffee in the cold weather pays huge dividends.

    It appears that the problems Schiit is experiencing is a management issue, not a driver issue. The only way to help a manager is to make sure their boss has been reamed by their boss, who was reamed by...you get the picture.

    Always start at the top of the food chain. I call the CEO, who is really none too happy to have to do anything, his annoyance drips down through the ranks.

    Had to do it yesterday at the pharmacy. When the supervisor came to the window, in a calm manner I told him of the experience his predecessor had experienced when I stirred up a Schiit-storm. I said that pharmacy managers were not a protected species, and the person in charge of the Region was not going to mind a bit finding his replacement...

    Immediate management attitude adjustment, because my reputation preceded me. Fellow workers had said, "Trust and Believe--he is retired, has a phone and will make your life miserable, we know..."
  13. garbulky
    The idea that 2 day shipping has to increase the cost of a product by a huge amount doesn't apply to everyone. Amazon's 1 day shipping and 2 day shipping are being pushed heavily because they seriously promote sales. The boost in sales helps to reduce the price increase. So though 2 day shipping is not free in the least, it's perhaps not as costly as everyone thinks. Even with 2 day shipping, the prices I pay online are for the most part very cost competitive with their competitors, often beating their prices. Don't underestimate the power of quick gratification!

    Clearly Schiit is not amazon and have completely different sales volumes, so only Schiit knows whether doing something like this will actually boost sales to make it worthwhile. They are a comparatively small company producing for a niche market compared to a humungous company with a large, wide and varied market. So they have different cost considerations in deciding whether "free" two day shipping would drive up or hurt sales. .
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  14. leonthebumme
    Speaking of more fun news, wondered if there are any updates you can share on Unison USB? Any ballpark idea of when and how we'll see it?
  15. wout31
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