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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. UsoppNoKami
    Have had a Freya and then a Freya+ shipped to me in Malaysia via FEDEX. Fast: they pre-clear customs documentation & advise duty amount before the parcel even touches down.. much better than UPS and DHL for your international express shipping. I don't know if you do USPS to Asia, but it would be handed over to POS Malaysia - slow & not any cheaper on brokerage fees vs express couriers.
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  2. Lurker0918
    Maybe it's time for Schiit to stop stressing out over shipping and for people to accept the fact that something ordered with regular shipping gets there when it gets there? If you want it there immediately, pay for over night or expedited shipping.

    I like this little gem when trying to order something from Schiit's site: "*Please note that USPS does not guarantee ANY transit times - a "USPS Priority 2-Day" package may not arrive in 2 days, for example." I'm guessing in that parlance, the color of an orange is ambiguous to the USPS. So, on top of being a government bureaucracy, the people picking up your packages or managing things are governed by a 480 page monstrosity of a collective bargaining agreement (on the bright side, the letter carrier CBA is under 300 pages). There's a probably a specific subsection in an article in that CBA saying they don't need to pick up packages every day from Schiit and that they're entitled to pick it up when they feel like it.
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  3. Daniel Johnston
    Amazon has created a system of near instant gratification. To pattern shipping practices after them must be daunting if not impossible.

    If USPS fills a niche that UPS or Fedex doesn’t, firing them will only hurt your customers. That’s what I’m gathering from the above posts.

    I’d second the notion to make it clear that USPS will take longer for delivery. If someone wants it faster, they’ll need to pony up a few more bucks. Make a system that’s fair to your employees but keeps USPS as an option.
  4. johnnyboy101
    Having worked for a freight forwarder which was 1 of the top 3 shipping partners in the US for DHL, and also a significant user of FedEx, I can say that that USPS simply don't give a crap. We wanted to give them a significant part of our business for Amazon packages coming from the regional hub so that we could get direct transport from the hub rather than having to go through the various local stations. They couldn't be bothered. Amazon ended up contracting trucks to run our packages direct. Now as far as Schiit's options, I'd increase the USPS option cost such that other options are more attractive. Also would be worth exploring what kind of discounts could be attained by giving all of your USPS business to a single carrier.
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  5. caenlenfromOCN
    All shipping services are dependent upon location. In my small town for example, USPS workers are small town folk and handle my packages with perfect care, never had an issue and always fast. Yet, Fed-Ex I have literally seen toss a computer monitor onto my porch and not gently to save 5 seconds. UPS is also 10/10 where I live very high quality people. I am sure if I went to Fed-Ex in some other part of Indiana it would all be fine.

    Honestly, if your paying for a service your not getting, then you have to go with the higher quality in your area. Fed-Ex has been getting a bit better though, all depends who is working that day I suppose.
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  6. valiant66
    As a Canadian I far prefer USPS. When I bought my Schiit I was happy you had it as an option. Why? They may be a few days slower, but they are far cheaper at the receiving end of US->Canada shipping.

    DHL is the worst, price wise and should only be used for cross-ocean shipping, and even then only if no other option is available. Why? In Canada, they charge you a $35 handling fee for doing the customs for you, and sometimes another $20 fee for something I’ve never worked out. So $55 to get your package, payable at the door.

    UPS USA is pretty good, I’m told, but UPS Canada is a wholly independent company - badly run and poorly paid. I once had an actual UPS driver tell me (over a beer, not on the job) that he would never ship UPS. Why? Bad service, shoddy box handling, and again a customs fee that, for me, has occasionally exceeded the cost of goods and shipping combined.

    FedEx is second-best for me, particularly if I’m in a hurry. Their customs handling fees are much more reasonable, in the range of $10 to free. I choose them when I need tracking, but I pay for the privilege.

    Finally, USPS usually wins for me. Why? They play nice with Canada Post, there is no customs handling fee, and, if a bit slow, parcels/packages usually show up undamaged. Sometimes there is no cross-border “tax” either. The downside is that tracking breaks at the border. Packages show up whenever, and if you aren’t there to sign, you may end up having to drive to your local P.O. for pickup. When choosing the USPS I need to feel confident that I can go back to the company if necessary and say ‘hey it never showed up’ without reams of (non-existent) tracking data.

    Just my 2¢. Canadian cents at that, which currently is worth about 1½ American cents.
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  7. wout31
    Thanks for the link. A very different and relevant way of reviewing in a way I can relate to.
    Mostly when I read reviews (not so much) I think like: every seven year old can write this as it says nothing about anything that is relevant to my EARS, and is obviously mostly related to CASH en LOOKS. So the review is mostly about how to impress people who want to know the high price, impressive non important numbers and extravagant looks. For this reason this review is quite different and appeals to me. Thanks again.
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  8. garbulky
    Well here's my experience. I've found neither me or my wife like being forced to click on something extra to add more money to the purchase price. It's hard enough deciding whether the purchase price is worth it let alone whether two day shipping is worth it. Because now the company is forcing people to put a price on how much they value their own impatience.

    To find out how much more it is, we'd go through the hassle of creating accounts, then "calculating shipping" only to find out we are going to be paying $10 more than we intended...and waiting over a week, or $25 for two day shipping. Then the question becomes - well is the extra $15 really worth it? About 80% of the time I simply cancelled my order. I'd either do without or just pop down to the store.

    I can guarantee you when I purchased my heavy 70 pound monoblock amps, if I had realized that shipping was going to be another $120 for two day shipping, I wouldn't have bothered. But it wasn't. It was "free" two day shipping and I got that amp in two business days and I was thrilled. I did not think twice about how much I paid for shipping.

    Once my wife and I moved to a website that offered free two day shipping and now one day shipping, our number of purchases have risen by a lot! It's because it removed an extra step of thinking - "yeah but what about shipping?" or "well what's the slowest speed I want it". It's taken out. I've got "free" two day or one day shipping - whether I like it or not - and I couldn't be happier. The number of trips to the store to "save on shipping" have gone down a lot too.

    I suspect you'll sell a good bit more if you simply do just that. Increase the price - blanket fast speed delivery - increase customer satisfaction.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  9. EricDH
    Ship it to me then :wink:

    I won't be picky in the choice of shipping company (to stay a bit on-topic)...
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  10. Jheal
    When I was a youngster, many moons ago, my uncle had a complete set of The Beatles albums on pre-recorded reel to reel tapes which I would frequently listen to. Many years later I asked him if he still had them and he replied that he had thrown them in the bin some years previously because “nobody would want old tapes”. I could have cheerfully throttled him.
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  11. unsane69
    @Jason Stoddard et al
    So, just an update on my knob issues. Not that I don't trust Jason, but I popped Schiit an email too, to ask whether it was something I could fix myself. Unbelievably, I got the exact same reply: "Send it in for repair". So I mulled it over for a few days, preparing to be Freya-less for an unknown time. Then I popped Sonority an email. After a lot of mails back and forth with Dennis (it took a bit since he assumed that the knob was fastened in the same way as OG Freya), he suggested that I should pull off the knob, since it might be to close to the chassis. When that didn't help, he asked me to loosen the hex nut on the shaft slightly.
    And that was that: After loosening the nut about 1/5th of a turn, it works perfectly. Very happy I don't have to send it back.

    And a big cheer to Dennis and Sonority.
  12. Varejao17
    Sorry, I don't agree. Consider someone buying a $99 product from Schiit, and doesn't need it overnight/2-day. You seriously want Schiit to raise the price by 15-25% just to cover shipping this customer don't need? Not everyone can afford this - and Schiit was founded to play to the high-value/cost-conscious segment of the market!
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  13. CAPT Deadpool
    I'd like to second that. I don't want shipping lumped in to the product price. I typically order the cheapest shipping option to save money. When shopping on Amazon I almost always choose the slow boat from China option to get the $1 digital credit towards ebooks, movie or music (almost always use for kindle book).

    I don't need to be subsidizing other peoples impatience. Getting the package in a week or two is just fine for me, it saves me money, and hopefully reduces the carbon footprint of the shipping by avoiding air transport.

    If you need really need it same day, next day, 2 day then you should pay the price individually.

    I recommend you pursue an option that informs the customer and lets them decide how to spend their money.

    Schiit's web metrics can provide only limited insight if shipping is causing people to skip out on carts.

    For Example I am known to price out the shipping on multiple items in various combinations before eventually going ahead with a purchase in a month or two. The cost of shipping is not a deterrent to me just a factor to be considered. This web metrics measurement (items left in cart after shipping calculated) does not provide causation only correlation.
  14. Th3Drizzl3
    totally agree. i very rarely pay more for faster shipping. i would rather wait a few extra days i don't need it next day.
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  15. CAPT Deadpool
    That's cause Disney self-censored the movie "Song of the South"; it has never been released on home video in the US. Something about Uncle Remus... Despite the fact that much of the movie was about Br'er-Rabbit being smarter and wiser and constantly getting one over on "the man" aka Br'er-Fox.

    Further tangent/trivia: James Baskett was the first African American to win an Oscar of any type/category; for his role as Uncle Remus.

    Further further tangent/trivia: Disney made another movie called "Coal Black"; That one doesn't belong anywhere but in museum exhibits on racism.

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