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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. wout31
    Sold my cassette deck, a Pioneer CT95 with Dolby B and C some months ago for $ 900, 00
    Way too much in my opinion, but if people are willing to pay.:)
    Have a look at all the bids on retro audio gear on Catawiki and you'll be surprised about what people are willing to pay

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  2. Mike Foley
    38F74598-89ED-49AA-845C-3478839E2D89.jpeg I
    still occasionally use this, as I like to dig out my old off air recordings every once in a while.
  3. RickB
    I've long preferred to choose FedEx or UPS for receiving packages I consider important, and that I don't want to be "lost" or mis-delivered or delivered late. That includes anything from Schiit.

    Not to get political (and I'm not anti-union by any means), but it is difficult to get good service from employees that are almost impossible to fire. It takes a lot to lose your job at the Post Office.
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  4. KoshNaranek
    I did not receive a credit card bill this month. I prefer to pay bills with a paper trail, rather than online but postal service unreliability is is reaching the point where is may be more trouble than it is worth even for me. I think a USPS mail run once a week for foreign packages is more than enough trouble for you Jason.




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  5. motberg
    I had a 707, made copies of my favorite records so no worries about record wear or damage...
    It seemed to require the high recording speed and quality tape to make a good copy.
  6. crazychile
    I like the idea of putting an additional surcharge on USPS shipments to make it less attractive. Also state that shipments could be delayed an additional 2-3 days, so that you can make a run to the PO twice a week instead of every weekday.

    I use USPS for 3 things:
    1. Send a birthday or condolences card.
    2. Send something cheaply, where tracking or delivery time is not important.
    3. Send something International. The USPS rates can be almost half of Fedex or UPS, with the delivery time only being a day or two longer.

    The first 2 obviously don't apply to Schiit, so that pretty much just leaves the last one.
  7. belgiangenius
    Interesting post.

    Here in Canada, from my perspective, Canada Post/USPS is a very reliable option. Yes, they are slow, but they get the job done at the lowest cost.

    UPS is the courier covered in the most crap. I am convinced no one at UPS in Canada cares. I often just refuse to order from companies that only ship UPS unless I really need the product and there are no alternatives.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  8. crazychile
    While we're on the subject of cassette decks. (Which is a HORRIBLE idea for a company to get into for the sake of retro)....The last time I checked you couldn't even buy blanks any more unless they were the super cheesy normal bias crap. I don't think any company has made Hi-bias or Metal blanks for almost 2 decades.

    I've got an old Nakamichi boxed up and sitting in the garage. I haven't been missing it at all.
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  9. decodm
    As an international customer (I live in Brazil), here's is my 2 cents: USPS is usually a bit cheaper, but not by much. Also, via USPS sometimes packages slip by customs without fees being tacked on, while when shipped via couriers like UPS, DHL and the likes, customs fees are always charged.
  10. jfoxvol
    I'm with you on that one.
  11. dieslemat
    I cant imagine how frustrating it would be for customers who follow Schiit. Worst case scenario would be:

    1. Schiit announces a product
    2. Schiit announces that it will be delayed on N months
    3. After N months, no word when it will be released.
    4. After another N months, product gets released.
    5. Customer orders
    6. USPS delays it even further.

    Luckily it hasnt happened to me.
  12. JohnnyCanuck
    Here are the shipping rates for a Vidar to my home address:

    Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 9.05.52 AM.png

    I would (and did) use FedEx over USPS even if it wasn't cheaper.

    Both carriers will charge me HST of 13%. Fedex adds a $20 fee for their brokerage costs, Canada Post charges $8 but this rate may have increased since I last used it. Both are expensive but I know that the FedEx parcel will get here, I'm never confident about the post office.

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  13. JohnnyCanuck
  14. SteveM732
    @Jason Stoddard My thanks and apologies to whomever made the Tuesday USPS run this week. For my recent order FedEx Home Delivery was almost exactly the same cost as USPS (my rates shown below for my order) and the end result is the same with USPS making the delivery. The difference being that Priority mail from CA to OR is typically 2 days while the act of FedEx getting a package handed over to the USPS is 2 days alone. For a little $99 Mani B-Stock it didn't matter all that much so I went USPS to save a few days transit time. If you made it clear that USPS shipments incur an extra 0-3 day delay then I'd no longer have an incentive to pick USPS. Of course now that I know your pain I won't use USPS for my Schiit orders.

    Shipping Options
    • USPS Priority Domestic $12.58
    • FedEx Home Delivery $12.60
    • FedEx 2 Day $19.38
    • FedEx Standard Overnight $38.66
    • FedEx Priority Overnight Sat Delivery $63.69
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  15. CAPT Deadpool

    The one caution that comes to mind with dropping USPS completely is that UPS and FedEx can't ship to APO addresses cutting off overseas military and government personnel.

    I recommend you keep it available for shipping APO and other niche cases that you determine. Add a FAQ explaining your decision and which shipping destinations/situations you still allow USPS service for. Further explain your policy of doing things such as: shipping when they do manage to show up and/or on one day a week (and name that day of the week and alternates for when it is a Fed Holiday, say the next open day) when you go to your Post Office. Might add an extra fee or just absorb it for troops. Shipping to APOs tends to be fairly cheap from what I've seen cause you are only really paying to ship it to like Delaware where the Military Postal System takes care of the rest for "free". Otherwise getting a package to some small outpost on top of an Afghan mountain would cost $100s vice shipping Prime.

    I liked to joke when in Afghanistan that even if no one else sent me a care package that week; Amazon would always send me exactly what I wanted. Amazon will always love you; as long as you have money.... :p

    1. My dad went through the IBEW apprenticeship (electrical) and made enough money to start a company with a partner after 12 years. Now he sits on both the IBEW Local Union board and NECA Board while running the family business.

    2. I also as a Federal Employee use the National Association of Letter Carriers Health Plan (Postal Union). They have the best plan for a family with large medical bills every year.

    I prefer shipping with UPS since they are at least partially Unionized and seem to do a better job.


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