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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. TheNidz
    A small (let's say Saga-sized) 20wpc Class AB integrated would certainly not be unprecedented.
    The 25wpc Perreaux SX25i is another example.
    Dimensions were: 216mm x 58mm x 192mm (8.5” x 2.3” x 7.6”)
    Only one input though.
  2. jimmers
    This is small too, uses same chip amps, also power amp only (+ volume controls) with external power.


    I intended to build a Jot sized, Vidar styled desktop amp using the same LM3886 chips (plus optional top with twin VUs in memory of ORT)

    but couldn't be arsed won in the end
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
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  3. shultzee
    FWIW Picked up a Freya S to give it a test run.
    It would be considered a downgrade vs.
    some that I have had and I can say I am totally thrilled with it. It does what a pre is suppose to without adding any kind sound signature. Running between my Yggy and some Salk Song 3’s I have a crisp , clear
    sound. I had a original Freya and did a bunch of tube rolling but never ended up totally satisfied. This Freya S is a keeper.
    Well done Schitt.
  4. Alcophone
    Do you mind listing some? Good, balanced preamps with a remote at an affordable price appears to be somewhat rare.
  5. shultzee
    I think they are rare. Latest I had was a emotiva Xsp differential that cost twice as much as the Freya s. First one I bought was a Apt Corp in about 1979 with a whole bunch since then.
    I just appreciate a outstanding pre that sounds this good at this price.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
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  6. yonson
    Lucky for you...

    I've been a car guy in 1 form or another my whole life and it's definitely an addiction I wish I didn't still have. Horsepower is an even more expensive "drug" than audio...

    However I did take the $$$ I was going to spend on a car, and dropped it in my home theater/2 channel system, so maybe I'm on the road to recovery. (Not really, I already had 2 toys and didn't "need" a 3rd)
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  7. Zer0.p0int.Zer0

    I would generally agree with this assessment as well. I thought I remember reading somewhere Jason saying it definitely had a “house sound” but I’m not really hearing that. It is crisp, very clean, and neutral in my system. Yggy sounds great (not a huge surprise) and I also think it makes Modi MB sound better in my 2-channel set up than it did before. It’s a great switcher and volume control.
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  8. earnmyturns
    In French: esprit d'escalier, what comes to mind as you slam the front door leaving after a big argument and start down the stairs. At least that's my way of interpreting the phrase, although Wikipedia has a somewhat more genteel and more philosophic origin story.
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  9. unsane69
    Finally got my Freya +. Just having a listen, checking it works as expected. Initial impression: I like it A LOT.

    Minor thing though, it seems the pot is a bit too tight for the motor to turn it (or something) ; @Jason Stoddard is that user-fixable? Sending it back seems a big deal...
  10. Jason Stoddard
    If it has a problem, contact us and we'll swap it out.
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  11. unsane69
    I bought from Sonority NL, and I live in Denmark, that's why I'm asking if I can fix it myself
  12. Dana Reed
    I don’t have a Freya + so I can’t comment if they’ve changed the knob that goes on the control vs what I have on the Freya and Jot, but I have run across the knob being pushed back too far on the post and then rubbing against the case when you try to turn it.

    You could try taking the knob off and then seeing if the motor can adjust the volume. If that works then just put the knob back on leaving a little more clearance between it and the case.

    If the resistance is in the case though, I’d take Jason’s advice and get it swapped out.
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  13. Derrick Swart
    How is your experience with Sonority NL? How much were the shipping costs?
  14. unsane69
    Shipping were a whopping €0.00

    Can the knob just be pulled off?!? Can't seem to spot a screw?
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  15. Ableza
    Someone sent me a PM asking why I like buying Schiit gear, and spoke disparagingly about the company based on some on-line comments they had read. They've never owned anything from the company. So here was my reply:

    "Hey (name redacted), I started buying Schiit solely because of the reputations and backgrounds of the two founders. Their design chops cannot be questioned by anyone with half an ounce's knowledge of this industry's history, and especially you representing the minions of The High End should recognize names like Theta Digital and Sumo and realize these guys know what they are doing. With Schiit they are free to do what they want to do rather than what their corporate managers think they should do. They can experiment and bring some of those experiments to the market. Some fail, some are OK, some are pretty darn amazing. And they talk freely about this process, which adds to the user enjoyment. I like going along for that ride. The fact that they keep their prices down is a plus - yes I know to you low prices mean it must be poorly made, and more power to you and to your bank account. But for the price you pay for a phono cartridge I can buy and sell and buy again several times over and play with some cool DACs and amplifiers and preamps and see what sounds good. You should buy some of their crappy cheap gear and try it for yourself. Hell for the cost of shipping those giant monstrosities you bought from Oswalds Mill you could grab a Freya and a Yggdrasil and a pair of Aegir amps and see what all the fuss is about for yourself. Peace out brother, and enjoy the music.


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