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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Alcophone
    This is to boost the sales of their preamps. You see, you can connect a preamp between the Rag 2's preout and whatever device you wanted to hook up to it, set that preamp to max, and boom! You have an extra remote control to mute your subwoofer while using headphones with the Rag 2! Problem solved.
  2. Rattle
    So the pre outs only work on headphone only setting ? Is there a setting for speakers AND headphones at the same time ? Would it work then ? That's kind of a deal breaker.
  3. ZoNtO
    Yes, you can use both speakers and headphones on one of the settings. The problem is that if one hooks up subwoofers to the Ragnarok 2 preouts, they will always be playing when headphones are playing...
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  4. Snowpuppy77
    If I were in the market for a preamp I would have a super hard time deciding between the Freya S and Freya+. Would probably try both. It will take some time but hoping we will get several good comparisons from some thoughtful bros out there.
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  5. Rattle
    But will they only be playing when headphone only setting or setting for both speakers and headphones ?
  6. Alcophone
    The mode button cycles through three settings in this order:

    1. :white_check_mark: Speakers on, :x: Headphones & pre-outs off
    2. :x: Speakers off, :white_check_mark: Headphones & pre-outs on
    3. :white_check_mark: Speakers on, :white_check_mark: Headphones & pre-outs on

    The mute button is basically

    4. :x: Speakers off, :x: Headphones & pre-outs off

    Edit: Actually not sure whether mute turns off the pre-outs, but... it better does.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
  7. Rensek
    So yall are saying preouts don't automatically shut off when head phones are plugged in? Every other schiit component mutes the preouts when head phones are plugged in?


    And you cant run a subwoofer while your speakers are playing? Unless you have speakers and head phones both going.

    Sounds like everyone who wants a sub needs to buy better gear (subwoofer) and use the highpass filter.
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  8. Alcophone
    That I don't know... getting my replacement tomorrow, then I can check.

    But, elsewhere, Jason said:
    Nothing else (on this subject).

    Also, the pre-outs on my Jotunheim are active even with headphones plugged in. I expect the Rag 2 to behave the same way.

    To listen with headphones, I will turn my sub off, disable the speakers, lower the volume and connect my headphones.
    And reverse all of the above when I want to listen with speakers again.

    I got a 15 ft 4-pin XLR extension cord from Blue Jeans, and won't leave that connected anyway (though I was considering a longer cable for a more permanent installation... glad I didn't go there). Since I have to get up anyway to plug in the headphones, turning off the subwoofer is acceptable.

    In the worst case, the sound is acceptable without the sub running, so I could use the remote to turn off the headphone out and turn the speakers back on while my cat is demanding my continued presence on the couch.


    But basically the headphone out will stay on at all times, since I'm either using headphones or a sub.

    Theoretically I have another option by using the high power input on my sub, but last time I tried that (from Vidar, single ended), I did not like the sound, and there's a good chance it shorts the negative wire to ground, which the Rag 2 would not be too happy about.

    Ultimately, I would have liked three separate buttons to toggle speakers / headphones / pre-out on both the device and the remote. Covers all use cases, without having to cycle through possibly undesirable combinations.

    Edit: And with a programmable remote, combinations of the three could be switched to with just one click.

    Not sure how that would help?
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  9. Rensek
    I believe when you use a highpass filter input you use speaker cables and the information is passed to the sub via the speaker outputs, and speaker cable. Ergo, sub only gets a signal when the speakers do.
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  10. Alcophone
    Ah, I think you mean the high power inputs. If the sub shorts the negative wires to ground, and the amp is fully balanced (like Rag 2), this could end badly. But if the subwoofer is designed for it, it would work. I don't believe mine is, but generally, you're right.

    My subwoofer has a high pass output, which can be used to only send frequencies above 80 Hz to a power amp (preamp > sub > power amp).
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  11. valiant66
    Personally I prefer not putting a crossover of unknown quality into the signal chain between my power amp and the speakers.
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  12. Rensek
    I don't currently own a sub, so I might be mucking this all up. I thought rel's and other subs just had you hook up a second set of speaker wires. Bi Wiring as it were. One set to speakers, one set to sub.

    I think Pietro does this in his gen 1 Ragnarok.
  13. Ableza
    There are many ways to integrate a subwoofer into a system, including using line level signals and using speaker level signals. Beware that when you use either method you are limited to whatever bass management is built into your subwoofer amplifier unless your preamp has bass management built in, which none of teh Schiit preamps do. Properly integrating a subwoofer into a 2-channel setup can be challenging, but in my opinion very rewarding no matter what type of music you prefer. It is really not an endeavor for the novice if you want the best results.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
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  14. 33na3rd
    That works great on a "conventional" amp where the negative speaker post is tied to ground, but on many "balanced" or "differential" amps the negative speaker post is not tied to ground and can cause problems depending on the design of the sub.

    I hook up my sub to my Vidar that is being used in stereo mode with great results. If I were using a pair of Vidars in mono mode, I would be forced to use the RCA outputs of my preamp instead.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
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  15. reddog
    Not much pirate stuff happening in my area. But I hope some pirate stuff starts to happen again soon. However Key West passed some liability laws and everyone is staying away from that venue lol. I am hoping Saint Augustine will hold a festival. Arg I hope you have been doing good.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
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