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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. mp29k
    What song, I must try
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  2. RCBinTN
    Yeah man, the Prion4 is like the Rolls Royce of the cable industry :)

    Just for calibration folks ... a 4-ft base Prion4 headphone cable is $1,800.
    You can imagine the cost/foot to go longer.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  3. ImagesbyMurray
    I like it!!! If they made both a balanced and unbalanced version then we could choose wich Schiit Switch Witch ......
  4. Ableza
    I am sure it is worth every penny. To someone. :)
  5. Whazzzup
    Hey im happy but not boasting either, just the scope of this hobby
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  6. ZoNtO
    I found this gem of a post today, and the bolded builds perfectly off of the posts about the "beastly" Sumo amp from a couple pages back. I think the 250/500W would be interesting, but not killer. Someone could still get that from Emotiva, etc. Maybe if the Class A bias was relatively high like how Pass does it.

    The Class A amp on the other hand... How feasible would that amp be now that you have released Aegir? I ask because of all the speaker amps I've demoed at dealers recently--my Ragnarok 1.5, Parasound Halo Integrated ($2,500ish), Luxman LX-550AX Mark II ($5,500), PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP ($4,300?), Naim Supernait 2 ($5,800), Marantz Reference PM-10 ($8,000), and Plinius SA-103 (~$10,500)--the Plinius was by far my favorite. Massive heatsinks, 83 pounds, massive transformers, 125W/220W Class A (stereo), with a rear switch to select between mono/stereo via either RCA or XLR, with a button on the front that switches from Class A to A/B. Plenty of power for inefficient speakers. No harshness or bleached sound at higher volumes (90dB+ SPL at listening position on moderately efficient speakers), very resolving and nuanced.

    If you could do something similar using Continuity, higher Class A bias than Aegir, with the standby switch that debiases, at 25% the Plinius' price that would be incredible and worthy of the name Odin. Could have a classic on your hands. :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  7. liamo
    A straight triple dog dare if I ever saw one. Good luck!
  8. RCBinTN
    They already have a few classics, and doubt they're going to the $10,000 region :)
  9. jimmers
    A 10' foot speaker cable has 20' of wire, so the resistance is double what you have and the DF you calculated should be halved (approx.).
    I'm not making any judgement on whether the change is significant though. :)
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  10. sennsay
    Brilliant sanity, Jason :) In all my experience of 45 years in hifi/audiophilia, I will totally agree with you! The sheer level of outrageous pleasure/joy/St Vitus dance jiggly fun that comes from the QP1R/Mimby/Magni 3/Senn HD540 Ref1s and some very nice cabling, is so far beyond what the system price might suggest that I am in no hurry to 'upgrade' any time soon. I've heard 'superior' headphones that don't come anywhere near the sonic balance and holistic integrity of the HD540s with their upgraded cables and pads .. they're 30 years old now and I'm the original owner too :) Sure, I'd love an Yggy one day, it's just that the Mimby gives me the essential emotional communication and organic life and rhythm that tickles my fancy plentifully well! With anything. I have other gear for different flavours and I must admit that the Mimby fed into the upgraded Elekit TU8500 valve preamp is astonishingly transparent and a joy to listen with.
    Love your work, Jason and Mike. Cheers!
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  11. Lurker0918
    Wasn't meant as a dig at Jason, he as usual wrote a thoughtful piece with utmost candor regarding the Vidar and the Aegir. However, sounds like someone here is eagerly awaiting the future fork chapter...
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  12. porchwizard
    Good catch! I updated my original post to use 20' of wire in a 10' speaker cable. The new table is

  13. marvinfickle
    To Jason and many others:

    As a retired physician and wannabe audiophile, I have enjoyed this latest interchange better than nearly any other series of posts. With multiple SUMO amps and INFINITY 9/6 Kappas in the garage, I listen these days to 25 year old headphones (AKG K280 etc.) with a Bitfrost Multibit and Asgard 2. The wife is very pleased that she does not have to look at "tombstones" in the living room (except for the family room TV setup). The multiple comments about "people hearing differently" is very relevant, and like other neural pathways, it is only in the past several decades that people have begun to appreciate the vast differences in "taste" that are normally present. Whether it be alcoholic beverages, colors, smells, touch perception, or hearing, the notion that "preferences" exist has been late to the game. "Golden ears" was a catchphrase from 50 years ago; Eric Asimov has recently recognized that his taste preferences may not be everyone's choice.

    I laughed out loud when I read Jason's comments about upgrading. As my hearing, sight, and other faculties have deteriorated over the years, I need to recognize that aging will nearly always rob one of the high frequencies, the ultraviolet, and speedy recovery from debauchery.
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  14. artur9
    I use a Little Bear for this. How does that one compare do you think?
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  15. gmahler2u
    Thank you for your point Jason!!

    I should stay with my set up and shut the hell up!! LOL, I meant to be happy..

    Thank you

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