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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. RCBinTN
    Exactly the beauty of the HD800. They are able to deliver that experience :)
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  2. RCBinTN
    HA - good one. My daughter just bought $350 Beats because they are the Mickey Mouse anniversary edition (go figure).
    The first pair failed after 2-weeks, so she got a 2nd free. Too bad, they still sound like Schiit :)
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  3. Brubacca
    My insanity is having multiple sets of gear including speakers that I rotate in and out. I ended this with finally getting Floorstanding speakers a month ago. Although I still switch in my integrated amps. I go back and forth with a tube and SS setup. I like the tubes better, but prefer the convenience of the SS. I'm nuts. Always with Gunby as the source.
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  4. Mike-WI
    Right. I can also send some LH Labs IEMs... :)
  5. Mike-WI
    I'm feeding my insanity by helping my friend update his work audio and condo. Fun to use my knowledge to help someone else discover music again.
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  6. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Follow my lead. Be poor and happy.
  7. muffins
    I've found a lot of this to be true in my case, and honestly idk how much more I enjoy my music than when I was listening to a pair or Vpulse out of my phone than now my current setup.

    Thanks to a change in circumstances I was able to purchase a Mjolner 2 and a Gungir Multibit recently with the intent of finding out for myself if they were really gonna rock my world. Aaaand... I'm still not sure. Admittedly I haven't done 24 straight hours of A/B testing with all my equipment, but honestly I shouldn't need to. So now I don't even bother drooling over amps and dacs as I'm far enough up the chain I'm content, and from this vantage point I see I was pretty content back in the day too.

    And yeah I'm getting an itch to get something shiny, and yes those Stellia are looking damn lovely... but my HD600's sound jaw-dropping as it is. I think this is the kind of thing almost all audiophiles go through, and most either find contentment or never stop chasing the dream of perfection. Which is sad in my opinion. I think I'm pretty honored to have a setup that costs several grand, and I can't even imagine one costing $30,000+.

    And truthfully, I don't want to :p
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  8. rkw
    What a question to ask on head-fi. The answer is, "Yes of course, don't be silly".
  9. sam6550a
    I think that many of us meet this criteria, but are too preoccupied to recognize it.
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  10. RCBinTN
    Welcome to the Gumby world ... a great DAC, IMO.

    I started at the transducers and worked backward. Once I'd heard the HD800, properly driven, I was hooked on them.
    That with Dan Clark's (Mr. Speakers) rigs - Yggy A1 + Rag and WA5. Killer SQ. At a Nashville headphone meet (thanks @Theogenes).

    Took me several DAC + amp iterations, but finally got there and mid-priced as well. Gumby at $1,249 is a real value.
    Once you're happy enough with the music to be happy - a good place to stop. Just tweak from there, eh @Pietro Cozzi Tinin :)
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  11. ashirin
    I love this, and I'm definitely the same way. It's fun changing gear, opening boxes, doing comparisons, and relating my experience to what others have said on the internet. The big caveat for me personally is that while it's always fun to open something new, the joy of that particular experience is short lived. I've found that whether or not my money feels well spent has significantly more to do with how often I use a product that how it compares in terms of "value."

    The Modi 3, Vidar and the Saga connected to my LS 50s and Tekton subwoofers get used almost every single day. Sure, on many of those days, I might just be playing some video games, watching a couple episodes of TV, or browsing Youtube. You could easily argue that the setup is completely overkill for those tasks, and it is. But it really doesn't matter, because it brings me joy when I use it, even for those mundane tasks. And when I watch a movie (I'm a huge cinephile) or listen to music more intently on the weekends, it becomes an absolute pleasure to hear what all my gear can really do. I love the music, I love the movies, and I love the gear. None of them have to come first or last.

    I also find this true with any product, not just audio. If I buy a high end version of something I use all the time, even if it's not great value, it makes me happy every time I use it. On the other hand, if I buy something with a lot of bang-for-the-buck, but it sits around most of the time, I doesn't really mean anything if it's a "giant-killer."

    I can definitely relate to the side-grading Jason talked about. I used to do it a lot, mostly with really inexpensive gear. I eventually put a stop to it, partly so I could start saving up for better gear, but mostly because I realized I only need one of each particular item, and by and large I end up using my favorite product for the job every time. So everything else just ends up being a waste. I suppose if you're really good at buying AND selling gear, and can keep everything moving, it could definitely be worth the cost to experience all those different permutations. But honestly that's just not me. I do always find my unused or old gear a home with friends or family, because I don't like things sitting around unused, but financially, I have to be careful with what I buy.

    So really the two important questions when contemplating a purchase are: Will this get used a lot? Will it relegate something expensive that is currently used a lot to the closet? If the answers are Yes and No respectively, I find I rarely regret my purchase.
  12. RCBinTN
    Well, that is for sure - the Stellia are lovely cans, and only $3,000.
    However, they are closed-back cans. May not provide an equivalent listening experience to your HD600.
    Perhaps consider the Focal ... they're only $4,000?

    ps. I've never heard either of those HPs. Always best to try B4 you buy :)
  13. GearMe


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  14. yonson
    That's a GREAT price and an amazingly fun car (in the right conditions)...
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  15. yonson

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