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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. rdaneel
    While I'm not a patent attorney, I do manage IP litigation for a multinational company in the tech/software field. I think what Jason means is that the costs in both money and time (which is often in even shorter supply) are very high if you want to purse patent infringement suits. Generally speaking, you don't see many operating companies focusing a ton on offensive patent cases (though it certainly happens) because the work is highly disruptive and costly. Most patent suits are filed by trolls (sorry, "non-practicing entities") who do nothing other than hold the patents and sue people who use any similar tech.

    Plus, anyone in the consumer electronics space is painfully aware of the flood of, ahem, "sincerely flattering" products produced on the other side of the Pacific, where the gov't doesn't make it easy, to say the least, to enforce your IP rights.

    Sure, someone can reverse engineer Schiit products, but I'm guessing that Jason will rely on 1) branding and reputation; 2) first-mover advantage; and 3) constant development to preserve the value of his designs.

    Anyway, just my two cents...
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  2. wink
    The Baldr the better......:ksc75smile:
  3. r2muchstuff
  4. johnjen
    Multibyte, Multibite…

    ÷0≠BOOM, (just kidding).

    OTT-filter (OverTheTop-filter)
    DBDR (DigitalBitsDoneRight)

    That’s all I have,
    for now…!:ksc75smile:

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  5. winders
    I guess we should not be surprised by these uninspiring name choices considering your choice of Yggdrasil nickname...
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  6. Mike-WI
    Thanks. Makes sense. So, I still don't understand why anyone would seek out a patent if it is not helpful.
    Sounds like the whole system is broken.
  7. wink
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  8. eligeotro


    I join Multi Schiit. Multi Schiit is extraordinary. It has originality, is immediately related to the manufacturer, and has the self-confidence to use Schiit. If you created an enterprise to manufacture audio equipment and you had the courage and the disruptive way to call it Schiit, then a filter can not be less!
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  9. Taverius
    Continuum™ filter. Yes, I am a huge space nerd.

    I've got nothing on the multibit, so please stare at these vaguely relevant dilbert cartoons as a distraction while I escape:


  10. CAPT Deadpool
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  11. RCBinTN
    Well, that would be in keeping with other interesting product names like Mjolnir, Ragnarok and Yggdrasil :)
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  12. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Just number them SA-001, SA-002 until infinity and put a table of descriptions on your website.
    Very mature.
  13. GumbyDammit223
    [QUOTE="Jason Stoddard, post: 14834644, member: 153898"
    Patents actually afford zero protection, while showing exactly what you're doing to everyone. Add a large legal budget and a team of lawyers and lots of time, and sure, you can protect your patent by suing infringers into submission, but that's not a viable business model for us.[/QUOTE]

    Exactly. When I first started in the laser industry 28+ years ago, the owner of the business I worked for and my mentor refused to patent any of the things we did and wanted them left as Trade Secrets™. Once you patent them, everybody can copy your design and then all of your development budget, sales budget, etc. goes to lawyers. Nope, he'd rather pay us to develop cool lasers rather than a bunch of lawyers. So would i!
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  14. garbulky
    I still haven't seen an issue with current digital transports per se. Does Unison USB require a driver? Because that's going to be the sticking point now that Windows supports plug n play USB 2 audio.
  15. golfbravobravo

    So, in each case (Yes, granny I know I'm teaching you egg sucking here) when a TM is used to distinguish a from b or make your product stand out in a crowd, there is a requirement for education. Both of the market and of the consumer (are they the same thing? Maybe). Until Microsoft came along we all knew that a window was something we looked out of (or into if you are of a particularly pervy nature). After MS spent literally millions of dollars, we came to know that Windows was no longer a generic noun, but in fact meant this special computer operating system. They did such a good job that they managed to achieve the impossible - they got a generic noun registered as a trademark.

    [As an aside, buy me wine and I can tell you how my business colleague and I observed one of the partners of one of the largest IP firms in Lincoln's Inn consume a hat when we got "The Open Group" registered as a trademark]

    My point here is that there is ALWAYS an education job to do. Sometimes it's huge, sometimes more modest. Deciding the form of that education, and as part of that, the description of what "IT" is, is key. I hate that my profession (I'm a recovered Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the professional institution) has allowed clients or employers to take the easy route in many industries (notably computing (speeds and memory) and digital photography (megapixels, et al) to define their approach to their consumers. So my tack is always the opposite. Let's talk to (that is, educate) our potential market about the benefits [Note, marketing 101 readers NOT THE FEATURES]. In simple terms, what will this deliver to me that nothing else will.

    Of course, there is always the opposite point of view: namely that if one knows the language (I still can't work out many of these abbreviations and/or acronyms - yes there ARE different :) (for my American readers)) then one is clearly a member of this special club. I still prefer the former approach and it seems that Schiit does, looking at the web site.

    So Continuity, Coherence and Nexus all seem to pass that test - you have to educate me for them to have any meaning in context. Unison USB, I get it but it's veering techy :). And when we veer techy, there is a natural trendy to take the easy route: "everyone knows USB, do we need to do more?" Yes, clearly. This is a superdooper benefits up the wazooo USB.
    Is there no restriction from the USB IF to using USB in a TM claim?

    So to the "that which shall not be named". I hate Janus. Primarily because it's overused and overabused - that is it fails the distinctive test. For those wordplay people like me, we'll always ask if you are being two-faced. :) YMMV.

    So, this forum being full of old farts (relevance follows), I'm surprised that I haven't seen TAFDO (or given your certain success Tafdo. I note that TARDIS is now defined by at least one dictionary as "tardis: something that appears larger on the inside than the outside" ) crop up. I quite like that, it rolls off the tongue, it's unique, etc, etc. as the King says.
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