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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Derrick Swart
    Nice during xmas but no i prefer less bright and other colours.
  2. Brubacca
    Any reports from the Shiitr last night?

    How did Sol, Aegir and Rag2 sound?
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  3. schneller
    I currently own a Mimby (April 2017). I've heard Y1 extensively and loved it (over Gumby V1). I've never heard Y2 and don't really know how it's different. My chain is SE but can do Balanced > SE. I assume Y2 is really what I want but always wonder if there's a better way for my wallet. My application is in a 2.0 speaker setup.
  4. rlow
    Many people have said the latest Gumby with B serial number (unofficial A2?) sounds much closer to the Yggy1. Where as the Yggy A2 is more similar to Gumby A1. I can attest to at least that 2nd part having owned the original Gumby, a B-serial Gumby, and a Yggy A2 at the same time. Yggy A2 was more similar sounding to the original Gumby. So a recent Gumby B might be right up your alley if you really liked the Y1, and a lot cheaper.
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  5. schneller
    Interesting. Yes, I preferred Y1 to GMB1. Have not spent serious time with either Y2 or GMB"2". Does anyone else agree with that? @Torq ?
  6. Torq
    Yep, I'd say that's broadly my take on it. Yggdrasil A2 is still better on the technicalities, but signature wise its closer to the original Gungnir MB than Yggdrasil A1 was.
  7. schneller
    My impression of GMB1 was that it was more syrupy, laid back, thicker wheraaw Y1 was more energetic, nuanced, yet still with a sweet mid-range/bass authority. If this describes GMB2 then yeah, I'd be happy.
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  8. EELawson
    No word from the Schiiter last night? Cmon cmon....
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  9. rlow
    While I would never personally classify Gumby1 as “syrupy”, laid back I would agree with. It was a pleasure machine, slightly warm and a touch rolled off in the highs and sweet through the mids yes. The current generation Gumby is more energetic with lower noise floor and punchier dynamics. It still doesn’t have the technicalities and resolution of Yggy and the ability to bring as much in the way of soundstage and spacial queues, but it has better separation of instruments and more even tonality than Gumby1 - not as warm and not as euphonic. But definitely not cold or bright or hard sounding either - more neutral in a good way, if you don’t tend to like the warm/euphonic sound from your DAC.

    I’m curious about this as well...looking forward to any info or impressions!
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  10. ScubaMan2017
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  11. dieslemat
    I have been waiting for the Aegir for so long that if Schiit does a preorder I would buy it now. First time for me to be an early adopter
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  12. theveterans
    If Schiitr meet happened on Saturday which would be right now, I would've been there for sure
  13. Mr Rick
    Same here. I refuse to drive from the O C to the Schiitr on a Friday evening. I would have to leave at 2 PM.
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  14. JamminVMI
    On thursday.... (405)
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  15. Brubacca
    This whole concept of a voicing change for Gumby intrigues me. I wonder if it is a hardware change or change in the filter code?

    I wonder if I sent in my gumby v1 for the new Gen 5 usb board, if it would come back voiced like gumby v2 ( which i would like)?

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