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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. JohnnyCanuck
    +1 for Cheap Thrills. I'm still playing the original copy I bought back in the early 70s, and it still has silent surfaces.

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  2. r2muchstuff
    I was listening to Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills, the 2018 compilation, a very nice sounding CD.
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  3. alpovs
    While we are kind of on the subject of retro gear, I wonder why in the era of digital records people come back to disk phonograph records a.k.a. vinyl but not to cylinder phonograph records? They might sound just as good/bad if not better/worse.
  4. rkw
    I've seen some very high quality exhibits at SFO, including this:

    Just unfortunate when they are past security and you can only see them by going through TSA with a boarding pass.
  5. KoshNaranek
    Albums must be listened to from beginning to end. They are to enjoyed like a multi course meal.

    What you did is the music lover's equivalent of snacking.

    20 minutes of BonyM for you.
  6. r2muchstuff
    That is harsh.
    I Love snacks :wink:
    However, multi course meals are great too.

    Some of both last night. Sometimes the snacks lead to the meal.
  7. earnmyturns
  8. jmarcusg
    This article [1] showed up in one of my news feeds yesterday. I am unfamiliar with the turntable and speakers but the ARC SP-3A and D-150 are near and dear. Back in the mid 80's I worked at a small High End shop in Leesburg, VA called High C Stereo. ARC was our main line of electronics and we had a fair number of SP-3 preamps come through our doors for re-tubing and repair. One of the highlights of my time working there was when a customer brought in a D-150 recently upgraded with new tubes and caps by the founder of ARC, William Zane Johnson. It still resides in my memory as one of the best amps I have ever heard.

    [1] https://cnet.co/2tKL8ec
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  9. Miguel Barone
    Please, listen to a good analog system and then post again your opinion.

    "Digital era" improved many aspects of music reproduction, but not in 2 basic aspects: sound quality and reproduction experience.

    In the sound quality aspect i repeat, listen to a good analog system. Don't suspect ... do it.
    And in the experience aspect, some can agree, some don't, but the experience it's different and can be more close to the artist work.

    Digital it's better in all the other aspects, but i still listen to Vinyl when i want that experience .... and i don't have less sound quality.

    Only mi opinion but maybe adds another point of view about it, not a right or wrong fact.
  10. FrivolsListener
    These are:
  11. winders
    alpovs made no comment about vinyl versus digital. All he wondered is why people listening to vinyl are using flat records and not cylinder records.
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  12. mp29k
    Maybe I read too much into it, but it seemed like a not so hidden jab at vinyl. The question seems disingenuous. Why don't people listen to cylindrical records? Because they are not made anymore, and similar technology in LP Vinyl records still are, and offer the same benefits and none of the limitations of cylindrical records.
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  13. Robert Padgett
    Love "John Barleycorn" and "low-spark"
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  14. Robert Padgett
    You will find "Vinyl vs Silver disc" along with "Hi-Gain or Lo-gain" in the compendium of audio forum dust-ups... I would be interested how the Smithsonian is preserving those early cylinder recording, I am betting they are ripping them to Digital...
  15. mp29k
    Same two I love. Especially Barleycorn
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